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    Hidden Doors - v1.1.0
    Remember how in RuneCraft you could make hidden doors? Well now you can via command.

    1. Create/Delete/List Doors and Trap Doors
    2. Anti-grief on doors (indestructible)
    3. Saves doors to SQLite Database
    4. Permissions (not the plugin Permissions(yet))

    /hd c name - creates a door with that name. Aim at the block above the two blocks you want to be your door.
    /hd t name - creates a trapdoor with that name. Right clicking it makes it disappear, clicking the 4 touching it makes it come back.
    /hd d name - deletes the door with that name.
    /hd l - lists all door names.
    /hd h - help.

    Download Hidden Doors v1.1.0
    Download SQLite Dependency (Put in server root)
    Download Source Code

    Version 1.1.0
    • Traps doors
    • Auto named doors
    • Fixed minor bugs
    Version 1.0.0:
    • Released
    1. Redstone.
    2. Configure sizes on doors (larger then 1x3).
    3. Open door by top block or any block on the door. (I see a flaw in this)
    4. A password/lock system.
    5. Permissions plugin support.
    6. Private/public doors
    ** Ones in red will be in next update

    Known Bugs:

    Contact me:

    Disclaimer: This is my first plugin, expect this to be flawed. I've been working with Java/Bukkit for a day and a half do not expect perfection. My source is not pretty to look at and IS flawed. I did borrow code from people and credits are in the source zip. I'm tired right now, I probably forgot to mention a lot of things in this post. I probably should have waited till morning to post this. Also I'm not responsible if somehow your map gets corrupted, not that it will. ALWAYS KEEP BACKUPS.

    If you have any ideas, suggestions, tips, tricks, ways to improve my code, things to teach me, etc etc. Please post them or pm me. Thank you.
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    Maybe try a trap door like this?:

    Looking Down:


    D = Trap Door
    X = Surrounding block

    To close trap door click on anyone of the surrounding blocks. Maybe even just the north, east, south, west. I'd stay away from console commands too bulky.
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    Yeah, I didn't want to add in too many console commands but there are some that're necessary and some that are requested. I like the idea though. So whatever block you specify the ones surrounding it will close it? I would've never thought of that xD
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    Glad you like my idea :) because I like your mod.
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    You could use more than one block for opening/closing.
    It would need a console command, I guess, something like "/hd c trapdoor 1" and /hd c trapdoor 2", where the numbers are for the stones which are used for opening/closing.
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    This is already going with customizable doors. I'm gonna go ahead and use what Truncale said for trapdoors though.
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    quick question to give someone permission to use this in the code i would add there names like this ? like to give bob, dumbbunny and albert full permissions ?

    #Minecraft Properties File
    #Wed Jan 26 01:46:35 EST 2011
    can-list-doors=bob, dumbbunny, albert
    can-delete-doors=bob, dumbbunny, albert
    can-create-doors=bob, dumbbunny, albert
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    No spaces between names and there has to be a comma behind the last name, so it should look like this:
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    Thank you sir :)
    Thank you for the help :)
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    how can set Private or Password?
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    Read the first post. It's on the Todo-list, so it has obviously not been added yet.
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    Just so you guys know: i'll be updating it in a couple of hours, probably after dinner. Waiting on my tester to answer me so I can make sure no errors popup.
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    I can't wait to start adding trap doors EVERYWHERE!
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    Thanks for the heads-up Raito, really looking forward to it :)
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    Took your advice. It's the north,east,west,south blocks that'll close the door. But unlike the regular doors that can't be broken, only the main block of the trapdoor can't. I think i'll leave the blocks that close it breakable for now.
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    That might be a good idea, it would make finding the doors harder. Is the new version up yet?
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    Well after redstone anyway. :p
    MOTD: Watch your step.
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    UPDATE: Make sure you have the Sqlite dependency. If you get any type of error then post here, pm me or contact me via windows live.
  19. haven't seen this in a while... 2 questions

    1) how long until permissions?
    2) is there a way to make a door only certain people can open? will that be in permissions?
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    1) Obviously, the next update will have Permissions support. If you're talking about a time frame, then don't expect anything really soon because Raito is taking a break from working on the plugin right now. He's worked really hard many days in a row.
    2) That would be todo #4 and #6.

    Just so you people don't bombard me with "OMG HAX LIAR HOW DO U NO TAT RAITO IS TAKING A BRAKE!!!!!111!1one" posts, I'm that tester. That's how I know all of this information. xD
  21. thanks so much seth, thats awesome:D
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    if plugin LWC installed on the serve, Hidden Doors plug shows error when accessing sqlitejdbc-v056.jar

    [SERV] CraftBukkit 238.

    [MECH] LWC v.1.491
    [MECH] Hidden Doors v.1.1.0

    [GEN] Essentials v.137
    [ADMIN] Permissions v.2.0
    [MECH] Minecart Mania Core v.0.77 alpha
    + Minecart Mania Plugin Stations v.0.16 alpha
    + Minecart Mania Plugin Sign Commands v.0.13 alpha
    [MECH] Wormhole X-Treme v.0.59
    [MECH] TreeHugger v.0.7a

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    Personally I would like to be able to close it by switch (not using redstone dust) or by clicking another user-designated block bc typing a command is a pain...of course I am uber lazy like Urahara. *yawn* typing too much...need to rest.
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    Richard Groot

    What about like The plugin block door he used trigger events to where when you were in the area it opened when you left it closed. It was the best addon I've seen. After you set it up you could either click to open a door like you have. Or for the trap doors you just walked within the set perimeter and it opened and well you fell.
  25. A command to delete the door you are looking on would be nice if you dont remember the name
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    that or an info command that gives you the name of the door you are targeting.
  27. Or maybe both?
  28. how is this coming?? i haven't seen it very much in the forum :(

    Can we have permissions support/iconomy support so we can charge people to open a door?
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    Is this plugin still being worked on?
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    Request update :(

    LOL -Opens a door and walks through into your house-
    You have used 10 Coins.
    -Opens the door to get out of the house-
    You have used 10 Coins.
    -Goes back in-
    You have no coins. You may not enter your house. :D
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    I, too, wonder whether this is still being worked on. The author should know that his plugin is liked and wanted. That's the last one of my plugins that keeps me from updating to a more recent version of bukkit. I would _love_ for this to work again. Please!

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