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  1. GrowingOre
    Version: 0.6

    With this plugin, you can make public mines easily with ores that respawn after a set time.
    It also has a small chance of baby ores to be born in 5x5 around the ore.
    It makes use of the build-in OP, not by permissions

    • Registering specific respawning ores
    • Set-able respawn time
    • Chance of new ores to be spawned in 5x5 area around the ore
    • Timer keeps counting after the server has been restarted (!)
    • Selecting blocks in a radius around you (0.3)
    • Respawning all ores in the world if configured (0.5)
    v0.6 - Download

    /ore add <itemID> <minutes>
         remove <radius>
         count <radius>
               radius <size>*
         register <radius>*
    * = Heavily lags server when used with too high parameters

    Settings file:
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    ######General settings######

    ######Default values for ores######

    How to register ores:
    When your an OP, you can select ores using the <ToolID> as tool.
    Whenever you think you have selected all the ores you need, you need to register them:
    use /ore add <itemid> <minutes of delay>
    as example: /ore add 56 15 - respawns diamond ore (ID 56) 15 minutes after it is mined.

    You now can register ores in an radius around you using /ore register <radius>

    Frequently asked questions:
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    Q: How do I need select the ores I want to respawn?
    A: Using the tool "seeds" ( /give seeds ), you can right-click the blocks you want to register

    Q: Where do I get the itemID's that I need to use for the ores?
    A: http://www.minecraftwiki.net/wiki/Data_values

    Q: How do I register the selected ores?
    A: using /ore add <itemID> <minutes of delay>

    Q: My ores don't respawn, they just turn into cobblestone/smoothstone
    A: The script calculates the time it needs to change into a specific ore, You'll just have to wait longer

    Q: What happens if i /reload or stop the server?
    A: The script will save all timing / ore data, and will start counting again after the script starts again.

    Q: How do i remove my selected ores?
    A: /ore select

    Q: How do i select all ores around me?
    A: /ore select radius <size>

    Q: I get errors with "OutOfMemoryUsage", should I ignore them?
    A: Please report the error in here, with some information when it happens, how much ores you have registered, selected etc (details helps me improve RAM usage)

    Q: Hello!
    A: Hey :)


    • Fixed all radius effects
    • Fixed wrong folders due to capitals in linux
    • Added /ore register <radius> - registers ore with the default time in settings.txt
    • performance tweak (i wonder how many i can find more of these, they seem pretty common)
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    • Support for explosions like creepers/tnt
    • Settings file (auto-generated on load)
    • Possibility to grow all ores in the world
    • Improved RAM usage again (forgot that we don't need timers with 0 delay at startup)
    • Changed the way that /area select radius <radius> works, and its now at least 2x as fast. (also changed limit to 200 radius now)
    • DRASTICALLY improved RAM usage (2500MB to 440MB, anyone?)
    • added /ore select radius <radius>
    • Changed timers to only eat RAM when they are activated
    • fixed baby ores overwriting registered ores
    • Fixed a lot of other major stuff.
    • Fixed using /ore without any parameters
    • Fixed timers if you do /ore remove
    • First release
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  2. you must use /stop before closing the server, else plugins won't save
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    John Garettt

    Thank you so much :D
    Now i see it helped, you are a great support for me MineCraft fabular Let's Play series :D
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    I second that one, would really be nice!

    I have been playing around a bit with the "/ore register [radius]" command and am not sure whether I understood the meaning of 'radius' correctly. Let's take an example:

    I've placed a block of iron ore on a plain field of sand. Then I jump on top of the iron ore so that there is only one block close to me (namely that said iron ore below me). I now issue following command:

    /ore register 1

    It says:

    Found 7 ores in 1 radius, registering....
    This will take around 0 seconds.
    Registered 7 new blocks in 1 radius with default time.
    0coal, 4iron, 0gold, 0diamond, 3redstone, 0lapis
    Now, what I don't understand why it found 7 blocks (4 iron and 3 redstone)? Where are they; I have only one iron ore below my feet so what is happening here? Have I misunderstood the meaning of 'radius'?

    I think I got it. Have been looking at "registered.data" in the /growingore directory. 'radius' means a cylinder of a radius of 1, i.e. it takes the whole vertical height (0 <= y < 128).

    But then, the meaning of 'radius' in the "/ore count [radius]" is differnt as "/ore count 1" only shows 1 growing ore but "/ore count 64" shows 7 growing ore.

    I am a bit confused now...

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  5. Your right about that, it takes the whole vertical line with the register parameter, but the count parameter uses the Vector.getDistance() for the blocks, thats why it just finds 1 if you do /ore count 1

    basicly, the radius in register is x-radius till x+radius, highest block on xz till 0, z-radius till x+radius
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    Thx for the explanation!
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    make it 818 compatible.. i've been looking for a public mine plugin but they all use every ore in the loaded chunk instead of select ore... i really want a good one for my server please and thanks
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    Runs fine here with b818.
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    i love this plugin and would like to see how you did that, could you please release the source?
  10. going to make a clay pit. Thank you very much
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    Hey, do you plan on updating to 860? :) My coal mine is dry now!
  12. Its supposed to work with 860 as there weren't any API changes, tell me if it isn't so i'll check it.
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    It isn't :p All the coal in my mine is no longer there from being mined

    It was workign in 818.
  14. i'll be investigating

    edit: seems to work perfectly here, are you sure the ores are still registered in the plugin memory? (/ore count 99999)
  15. ive been using it fine on 860.
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    Ah, maybe it was a memory problem. I'll re-register my ores.
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    I am having a problem with players on my server not being able to obtain the materials from a mined ore. Myslef and all admins can mine the ores fine, but when the players mine them they get no ores from the blocks at all, they just turn into cobble. The plugin was working fine about 2-3 days ago and i was wondering how could i find the source of the problem as this is a great plugin which is ideal for my economy server.
  18. Try disabling other plugins and see if it still happens, if your sure its this plugin, i'll check it out
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    I removed all plugins that were recently installed. Also, i removed your plugin and re-installed it again and made a fresh mine. The problem is still there. I dont think its a server lagg problem as the server is using 11% CPU and 645/2048mb RAM. Any ideas would be great

    EDIT: I am using ownblocks as part of my antigrief. The plugin was working fine with it when we first installed your plugin but i was wondering if it was something to do with that? Could you check to see if protected blocks and your plugin conflict with each other as this may be the problem
  20. Can you try 2 ores next to eachother, of the exact same material, one registered with growingore, and see if the problem still exists. Also, could you send the IP of the server over an PM?
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    I've got two feature requests for this great plugin:

    - Would it be possible to make the time between mining an ore block and the appearance of the cobblestone block configurable? I think presently the time delay is something like 4 or 5 seconds. It would be nice if this time could be changed (perhaps via an option in 'settings.txt').

    - Would it be possible to make the cobblestone and the stone blocks which appear in place of the original ore blocks configurable (again via options in 'settings.txt')? Me personally, I'd like to use glass instead. :)
  22. @maystorm @all
    I think i'll be rescripting this plugin using the BukkitScheduler instead of Timer(), first of all this would perform much better, have less lag, and i could add features a lot easyer
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    Don't know if you looked much into the Anti-Xray plugin, but they use an ore database to 'hide' the ore from prayers, maybe you could use something similar to that holds all the position values for ore? Might add mysql support for easier management? Just food for thought, wanted to say how great this plugin is, works absolutely fantastic. But your right it does need better Ram usage support, especially for those servers who don't have an exuberant amount of Ram to spare. ;-)
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    They can mine the ore that is not registered with growingore but not the ores that are registered. The server IP is mcuk2.servercraft.co:3011 but i am off out at the moment so i wont be able to give you admin unless you reply within the enxt 5 - 10 minutes.
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    This mod would be awesome for my Adventure world where some of the quests require mining. Thanks!
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    When i mine an ore, cobble stone appears :|
  27. thats intented, it grows slowly from nothing to cobble to smoothstone to ore
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    Sweeeeeeet :) That's awesome
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    Let me start by saying this is, by far one of the most useful plugins ive used. Thank you so much for creating and supporting it!
    Its used to a huge degree, regrowing long grass or even rooms and such! So that bing said the new updates have started to cause hiccups and ill post more info on the error messages once i narrow it down.

    So just wanted you to be aware. Thanks again for such an epic plugin
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    Status on this? does it still work on CB1000?

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