[INACTIVE][MECH/FUN] Vampire v1.4.1 - Add the horror of vampires to your server [617]

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    Olof Larsson

    Vampire - Add the horror of vampires to your server :)

    Current version: 1.4.1
    Download: https://github.com/oloflarsson/Vampire/downloads
    Source: https://github.com/oloflarsson/Vampire
    Read the full userguide here: http://mcteam.org/plugins/vampire <--- [cake]

    This plugin add the horror of vampirism to your minecraft server.
    Any player may turn into a vampire if they contract the infection and doesn’t manage (or doesn’t care) to cure themselves in time.

    Turing into a vampire
    To become a vampire you must first contract a certain infection. This infection will make you sicker and sicker until you finally turn into a vampire. If you want to stop the infection you can either eat bread or use a good altar (read more about altars further down).
    There are three ways to contract the infection:
    1. Fight against vampires in close combat. For each attack (from either you or the vampire) there is a 1/30 risk that you will contract the infection.
    2. Use an evil altar. Any player can build such an altar (read more about altars further down).
    3. Ask a server operator to infect you. There is a server command for this.
    After you contract the infection you have one hour (real time not game time) before you turn. This is about 3 minecraft day night cycles.

    Being a vampire
    • Burn in sunlight.
    • Take no fall damage.
    • Can breath underwater… or rather does not need to breathe at all.
    • Has a reservoir of blood between 0 and 100.
    • Must drink blood from humans or animals to not die from starvation.
    • Can not eat normal food.
    • Regenerates health automatically. (costs blood)
    • Won’t be attacked by monsters unless the vampire attacks first.
    • Can jump and fly using a red rose. (costs blood)
    • Deal more damage in close combat.
    • Take less damage in close combat except for attacks from wooden weapons which hurt them a lot.
    • Occasionally infects others in close combat.
    A vampire is considered to stand in sunlight if it is daytime and the blocks above the vampire is too transparent. So for example a vampire will burn under a clear sky but be safe under a cobblestone roof. If the roof was made of glass the vampire would burn. It is possible for vampires to take cover under trees if they are thick enough. It takes 4 leaf-blocks to block the sun… etc.

    To drink blood a vampire must damage other humans or animals. So if you are a vampire you will find that it is possible to go the vegetarian way… however humans are much more tasty (you get much more blood from them than animals). It is important to keep track of your blood supply. Use the v command every once in a while. If blood is over 50 the regenerate ability will work. You will slowly heal your wounds automatically at the cost of blood. However if you blood is below 50 you are thirsty and will slowly loose health. If blood is below 20 you are very very thirsty and will loose health fast.

    Curing a vampire
    The only way to cure a vampire (except for the admin cheat command) is to use a good altar.

    There are two types of altars. Good ones and evil ones. These altars can be built by any player. The evil altar can be used to contract the infection that after a while will turn you into a vampire. The good altar can stop the infection and even cure already turned vampires. The altars are made of one main block and 20 nearby blocks:
    Note how I wrote nearby. To be more precise nearby means within a radius of 7 blocks away from the main block. This means you may design your altar how you like. Put the secondary blocks in any way you think look nice [​IMG]

    To use the altar you right-click on the main block (gold or lapis).

    The base chat console command is /v or simply v. This means you don’t need to write the forward slash if you don’t feel like it. [​IMG]

    The base command v can be used by vampires to display their current blood reservoir. There are also the following subcommands for server operators (OP):
    • v infect [playername] *[amount from 0 to 100]
      The player turns into vampire at infection 100. 0 means no infection.
    • v turn [playername]
      Instantly turn a player into a vampire.
    • v cure [playername]
      Instantly cure a player from vampirism.
    • v list
      List all vampires on the server.
    • v load [config|players|all]
      Load data from disk.
    • v save [config|players|all]
      Save data to disk.
    • v time [ticks from 0 to 23999]
      Set the time. 0 means sunrise. 1 ingame hour is 1000 ticks.
    • v version
      Find out which version you are running.
    1. Download the latest release: https://github.com/oloflarsson/Vampire/tree/master/releases
    2. Put Vampire.jar in the plugins folder.
    A default config file will be created on the first run. You don’t need to modify it. The default file is good. But if you feel like it you can alter all ingame messages and a lot of the game balance from there.

    Plugin integration: Help and Permissions
    This plugin support the help plugin. Make sure you install that plugin. Otherwise you will have no ingame help menu.

    This plugin supports the permissions plugin. Note that the server operators (OP's) always will have access to all commands.
    To get started fast:
    • Add to the default group:
    • Add to the admin group:
    These are all permission nodes:
    • vampire.default.command.blood
    • vampire.default.command.version
    • vampire.admin.command.list
    • vampire.admin.command.infect
    • vampire.admin.command.turn
    • vampire.admin.command.cure
    • vampire.admin.command.save
    • vampire.admin.command.load
    • vampire.admin.command.time
    Current ToDo list:
    • Reduce CPU load
    • Create better permission nodes.
    • Raw porkshop should restore some blood for vampires when eaten.
    • Add the option to allow vampires to walk in the sun when using full armor.
    • Add the option to make vampires more vulnerable to fire.
    You tell me! :) or even better help me code it :)

    Version 1.4.1
    • For CB602 -> CB617 and upwards...
    Version 1.4
    • Better jump and fly ability for vampires :) Now using red rose instead of feather.
    Version 1.3
    • Permissions Plugin Support
    • Help Plugin Support
    Version 1.2
    To update: You should rename config.json to config.json.old. Then start server and stop it. Then paste your custom messages and changes (if you made any) into the new default config.json file.
    • There is now altars that can be built to infect and cure vampires.
    • Some bugfixes.
    Version 1.1
    • Important bugfix. Players did not get infected correctly.
    Version 1.0
    • The first release
    Fork me on github!

    I would be glad to code on this plugin together with you :).
    Please fork me on github and do a pull request. Read more here:
    There will be cake if you join me in the coding [cake] :)
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    Any chance you could add Flying and the thing where mobs don't attack as a Permissions node?

    I know this is meant as a mini-game type thing, but I want to add a Vampire race to the server, but turn those two things off.
    Additionally, we have a Summoner class who can summon mobs, so i'd give them that mob not attacking perk to finish their class :)
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    This works with 670, but the red rose doesn't make you fly/jump. You get the message, and it deducts blood, but nothing happens.

    What plugin are you using for the Summoner class?

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    bug: vampires don't drop below 50 blood. Is this known?
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    Essentials. it has a Monster spawner command :) Purely coincidence that it was there, we had essentials before we decided on this.
    Also Spells has a monster spawning ability, but its a single random mob whereas Essentials is a chosen amount (configurable limit) and you also select the type of mob
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    Its not a bug, its set so you cant lose blood from health regen or jump abilities at 50 blood(thus you cant use either). To get past that you have to set the bloodDecreasePerMinute to a negative value. it has to be negative for it to decrease, as positive regens blood.
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    ah, thank you.
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    Alright cool, so, I want vampires to lose 0.4 blood per minute, and as such have set it to this
      "bloodDecreasePerMinute": -0.4,
    Is that right? It doesn't seem to be working at the moment, but I've probably set it up wrong :p
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    How can i up the sun damage? because sunlight does nothing to me, i lose half a heart then gain it back straight away..
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    Thats probably something to do with Health Regeneration. Turn the health regen off and you should die nicely :)
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    wrong, remove the negative sign and it should work nicely.
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    Great, thanks man! I'll go test it out now!

    edit: I still don't seem to decrease past 50 blood, with no console errors.
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    Really nice plugin !
    But I don't understand something : Is there any vampire in nature ? I mean, how could someone get infected first if there is no vampire on the server ?
    Sorry for my bad english. Thank you !
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    Hi I'm having troupble with both the blood not going below 50.0 and the red rose not jumping, some assistance would be Awesome thanks
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    Thomas Näss

    Hi there! for some reason my vampires can't seem to jump nor fly. why is this?
    The blood still gets drained but nothing happends.
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    Keep up the good work Olaf - please make pork heal blood soon :)
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    this blood reduction issue seems to be a common problem!

    Could somebody with working blood-drains-over-time settings post that portion of the config file?
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    Erich T. Wade

    On our server, ghasts remain hostile to vampires. Has anyone else experienced this?
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    Yeah this would be a great help thanks
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    Umm i noticed my players arnt turning into vampires for some reason. I think theres a plugin interfering but my host sucks and i dont want to have delete all my plugins and re upload them all over again. I think it might be mcmmo though...? does anyone else have problems?

    actually i realised the permissions arnt working? For some reason even though i added the permission node.... 'vampire.default.*'

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    I am running MCMMO and have no problems my only provlems are with the config file, blood does not drop below 50 and you can't fly
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    Weirdddd. Well my vampires arnt getting any of the features or anything like that. it says they are a vampire but they dont get burnt, they cant breath under water, all that stuff.
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    i cant seem to get the altars to work, im on Cbuild 677 which is the only thing i can think of on why the plugin dosnt work, i can infect people with the admin commands but thats boring i want people to randomly find the vampire altar and accidently become a vampire lol
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    Think you could at some point add individual altar pricing? Would like an altar in town that charges extra
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    I know its been mentioned, but what about a way to give Vampires night vision. I know that Mod packs exist that are client side which allow users to see during the night, not sure if the effects can be replicate server side, but it would be nice if they could. This would encourage more Vampire activity outside at night.
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    Wow Thanks Mate! It Works Like A Charm!
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    I've got a question about how exactly it determines whether you're standing in sunlight or not. On my server, I used worldedit to put a giant obsidian disc in the sky above an island, to block out the sun for a vampire city underneath. It worked... at first. now for some reason, even standing in the shadow below the disc, vampires will still burn, even though it's pitch black and zombies and skeletons have no problem spawning. It's a great plugin, except for that problem of vampires burning even when standing in what should be safety of shade. Anyway I can fix that? or is waiting for the "vampires won't burn when wearing full armor" going to be added soon?
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    i still have the problem that mine dont burn or anything that the vampires apperntly do. even though it says they are 100% vampire.
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    I had that problem in my home base, I had trees and cobblestone and Stoneslabs blocking the light, yet in one specific area it burned me. I realised this would only start to happen once I TP'd any long distance on the map (like respawn) I finally figured out that there was a conflicting mod (cave in) which was screwing with the sunlight, once I removed that mod I have had no problems since.
    Also if you download the Firelord mod it can make gold armour protect you against heat and fire (perfect for VAMPS)
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    I swear it's way too easy to kill vampires with a wooden weapon even if they are wearing diamond armour.
    Also, a lot of the vampires are burning in glitches in their own cobblestone house. Later on the glitch disappears
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    This mod is awesome! Very well balanced, and tons of fun! Keep up the good work!

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