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    RealTools - Choose who can and what tools can break which blocks
    Version: v0.2

    Just put in plugins directory and setup your config. Example config files included.
    Built and tested with Craftbukkit 670 and Permissions 2.6
    This was built by request, so there may be similar plugins.

    • Allows admins to assign permissions to control what tools players can use.
    • Can assign certain tools to be able to break certain blocks.
    • Requires Permissions. Permissions information in archive.


    Version 0.2
    • Added permissions and customizable message strings.
    Version 0.1
    • Initial Release
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    levelcraft has this option if you have the premission to level a certain skill. but everbody else who can't level this certain skill is allowed to use every tool which the other person can't (okey a bit confusing)
    here an example:
    if u are a miner you need to level your mining skill to be able to use an iron pickaxe. But a farmer for example can't level his mining skill and because of that he can use every kind of pckaxe he wants (but he should only be able to use a wooden pickaxe).
    this is the problem i am facing right now and i hoped to solve it with this plug in.
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    Hi! I just want to let you know that I'm also interested in more restriction features! So keep up the good work and I'll be watching this place :)

    On my server, we want people to be able to use things according to their Roles so that they have a few exclusivity.
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    To keep thread alive, ill tell about my server, and my ideas to use this plugin.
    I devided players into 2 oposing factions. These are Settelers and Bandits. Settelers have 2 classes which are Warriors and Workers. Bandits have only one - well, Bandit\Thief\Pirate\etc are all the same. Using restrictions, i allowed warriors only to craft and fight, workers to build and mine\gather\etc. So, for settelers its a game of cooperation. Bandits can fight and work, exept for using an oven and using a pickaxe, so the can make simple weapons, but in need to steal even a stone, to make stone weaponry. The main sence in this - Workers can be attacked by thiefs, and only way to protect themselves is recruiting a warrior, to protect them. Because thiefs are weaker than warriors (cant craft metal armour, cant craft metal swords, cuz have no goods) its better for them to use stealth to avoid being killed. Also, making an armour restricions would prevent apearance heavely armed miners, who can just run away.

    Basicaly game turned into "Thief" game (google it, if you havent played), with added multiplayer and a bit more roleplay, than simple thiefs\guards. Also, i play with my friends, its about 5-6 of us (3 workers, 1 warrior, 2 thiefs), so i cant add more classes, but dividing classes a bit more would be great, but also would make gameplay a bit more complex.
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    My server is a "bit" more complex. We also have a 2 factions - the townspeople and the dark fox clan. We have around 15 classes or so, each with it's own restriction. The main reason I want more functions to this mod is to let only smiths to create tools, swords and armor, only an innkeeper to make food, only a designer to make things like paintings. If this plugin was capable of this our whole server could run with this one plugin. It'd be a revolution to all RP minecraft servers, as classes would be easily customizable.
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    Yeah. Tons of plugins which work randomly at times is a real problem. all in one plugin would be great.
    15 classes? omg. How much people has your server?
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    Around 140 members, usually about 14-18 online. Most of them from the US. It's actually 20 classes, you can read more about it here: http://aetadomain.lolwut.net/
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    Ok, ill check it out. :)
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    Would it be possible to limit what can be burnt? Granted, this would make things a bit less realistic, but would keep people from burning down large wooden structures.

    E.g., I built a "Forest Temple" that's basically a ridiculously large tree. Would hate for a Flint & Steel to undo all that work.

    Would also make Smokey the bear happy by preventing forest fires. :p
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    Oh yeah, adding a permission to use flint and steel would be great.
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    Wondering if your planning to branch this out to other usable items (swords, armour, bows etc)
    If not my friend is up for it, but just wondering if you'd consider an "official" one (or if not do you want him to send you whatever he does?) - He is attempting to learn how to do plugins and the armour blacklisting is something we want, so using yours as a basis is a good start for him :)

    I think WorldGuard does this? not sure though, but I know you can say "fire doesn't burn X item" or something :p its in the config.

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    I think this is abandoned. Could someone please take over? :S
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    yeah its bugging with latest build, A lot of players are having trouble with destroying anything (iron doors, glass etc).
    Its a shame because this is probably up amongst the MOST useful plugin on our server, to the point I was thinking of donating to help towards the full blacklisting. My only issue was the default config file, I just want to stop players using the tools not change what tools do what so I set everything to zero...
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    Pls update its so usefull.
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    My friend @Thug319 is looking into updating this but we can't promise anything. We have the source but its his first attempt at a plugin.

    Right now he is working on making it so if you hold a block, that counts as using a hand - great news for any ControllerBlock users out there! After that hopefully he will start work on weapons and then armour, and hoes would probably come after (he is doing this for our server but we will post it up here to if he gets it all working)

    RealTools does still work on 740 by the way. Also, a suggestion: There is a plugin out there called Superheat. Get that, and then set up a jobs system, and only a miner would get a gold pickaxe etc.
    The plugin makes gold tools mine ores as bars, get sand as glass and somehow cut trees as coal. :p
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    CB 670 - inactive

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