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    Stats and Achievements

    This plugin will be found at dev-bukkit soon
    sockenklaus will manage this project in the future (thank you!)

    • Stats
      • Logs many actions that players do!
      • Block Destoys(for each block), Item Uses, Damage Dealt, Deaths per type, Kills per type, Played-Time (with AFK flags!)...
      • '/stats' shows basic stats and more
      • '/played' shows your play-time on the server
      • Keeps all stats within a SQLite or MySQL Database
      • Your plugin can support Stats!
    • Achievements
      • Give users achievements when they have completed something!
      • e.g. MintyAnt mined 500 obsidian. Message "You have no life!" Appears, and they recieve the "No Life" achievment and 10 Diamond as a prize
      • Achievement-Conditions:
        • <achievement-name>
        • New in 0.9:
          • group <group-name>
          • permission <permissionstring>
        • can be multiple seperated by ;
        • each of them can have a inverting '!' (!group jailed;!badachievement)
        • can be none of course :)
      • Reward-Commands:
        • /item <name or id>
        • /money <negative or postive amount>
        • /group <group-name>, /warp <warp-name>
        • New in 0.9: Native console commands:
          • /op *;/time 13500;/god *;/kick *
          • use any console command that works on your console
        • New in 0.9 (GroupManager):
          • addsubgroup <groupname>
          • removesubgroup <groupname>
          • addpermission <permissionstring>
          • removepermission <permissionstring>
    Newest (Fix for updated plugins (iConomy, BOSEconomy, Essentials, Permissions 3)
    Old (Tested with #617 (works up to 1000!))
    If you still have problems with CraftIRC or iConomy + Achievements try one of the following version:
    Outdated versions:
    Permissions for v0.9+:
    Show Spoiler

    achievements.check - only players that have that permissions will be checked + awarded
    achievements.view.own - grants access to /achievements (/ach)
    achievements.view.list - grants access to /listachievements (/listach)
    achievements.admin.check - grants access to /checkachievements (/chekcach)
    achievements.admin.reload - grants access to /reloadachievements (/reloadach)

    stats.log - only actions of players that have that permissions will logged
    stats.view.own - allows a player to watch his own stats with the /stats command
    stats.view.others - allows a player to watch other players stats with the /stats <player> command
    stats.view.playtime - allows a player to watch his play-time with the /played command
    stats.admin - grants access to /stats debug + /stats set + /stats list

    Latest Changes:
    Show Spoiler

    Stats v0.99
    • Fix for Permissions 3.0
    Stats v0.985
    • Permissions fixed
    • Code cleanup
    • More settings, to disable logging of some events
    Stats v0.98
    • Attempt to fix plugin dependencies
    Stats v0.972
    • Attempt to fix Classpath and Updater... again
    Stats v0.96 (03-04-11)
    • Forgot to update internal version
    • Forgot wolf
    Stats v0.95 (03-04-11)
    • Updated to latest RB (617)
    • Better Permissions/GroupManager plugin handling
    • removed the usage of os-specific sqlite libraries. (lets see what happens)
    Achievements v0.99
    • Fix for newest Economy plugins
    Achievements v0.981
    • Attempt to fix plugin dependencies
    • fixed a typo with the 'achievements-definitions-sql'. Check your config!
    Achievements v0.972
    • Attempt to fix Classpath and Updater... again
    Achievements v0.96 (03-04-11)
    • Forgot internal version
    • Forgot wolf
    Achievements v0.95 (03-04-11)
    • Updated to latest RB (617)
    • Better warp-command handling for Essentials

    full Stats changelog
    full Achievements changelog

    Supported plugins:
    Please donate --> [​IMG]

    Please read the Wiki before posting:

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    When a player disconnects from the server without logging out (i.e. player closes the minecraft window instead of clicking log out), the lastlogout time does not update.
    Either that or the lastlogout time does not work.
    I haven't had time to thoroughly test this.
    I'm running 0.10.

    Can anyone confirm? (I'll be away from my minecraft for another 12 hours at least)
    You can log in my server in minecraft using earthiverse.ath.cx and check http://earthiverse.ath.cx:8000/minecraft.php (Takes 30 seconds to update) to see if it updates the login/logout times.

    Maybe type /who, to make sure I'm really not there.
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    thanks a lot for these!
    There are two issues, and one request:

    - When the user inventory is full, they do not seem to get the achievements
    - The HeroChat plugin disables the Chat counter
    - Is it possible to make a sign/lever/button/whatever that has to be clicked to receive the rewards? I want people to go somewhere and "claim" the rewards instead of having them just teleported into their pockets.
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    Cosmic Break

    using any commands just shut down the server with version .3
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    Nathan C

    Same problem here.

    /stats shuts down the server.

    EDIT: Downgraded to .2c and it works fine.
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    sry guys, will have a update tomorrow
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    Triple confirmed.

    Awaiting update =)
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    sweet thanks! Love, love, love the plugin!
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    Stats + Achievements - Build v0.2
    CraftBukkit - Build 239

    Build v0.3 /listach and /stats crash/ shutdowns server

    Not Getting Achievements. I found a Program that generates the txt file needed for the achievements.

    Heres my Test txt File.

    #Achievements Loaded!
    1:Cobble Stone Placer lvl 1:1:blockcreate:cobble:10:Placed 10 Cobble Stone:money 5
    1:Cobble Stone Placer lvl 2:1:blockcreate:cobble:20:Placed 20 Cobble Stone:money 10
    1:Cobble Stone Placer lvl 3:1:blockcreate:cobble:100:Placed 100 Cobble Stone:money 50
    1:Cobble Stone Placer lvl 4:1:blockcreate:cobble:200:Placed 200 Cobble Stone:money 100
    1:Cobble Stone Placer lvl 5:1:blockcreate:cobble:500:Placed 500 Cobble Stone:money 200
    1:Cobble Stone Placer lvl 6:1:blockcreate:cobble:1000:Placed 1000 Cobble Stone:money 300
    1:Cobble Stone Placer lvl 7:1:blockcreate:cobble:2000:Placed 2000 Cobble Stone:money 400
    1:Cobble Stone Placer lvl 8:1:blockcreate:cobble:3000:Placed 3000 Cobble Stone:money 500
    1:Cobble Stone Placer lvl 9:1:blockcreate:cobble:5000:Placed 5000 Cobble Stone:money 600
    1:Cobble Stone Placer lvl 10:1:blockcreate:cobble:10000:Placed 10000 Cobble Stone:money 1000
    I will be posting on the thread of the program as well. http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/admin-achievement-generator-v0-7.2642/

    Also when i first generated the achievements the program has Cobblestone as 'cobblestone' but in stats file when u place or destroy block Cobblestone shows up as 'cobble' so i've tried both and i'm still not getting any achievements to pop up.


    while creating this post the achievements just popped up. Looks like theres a delay i need to change...
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    /Stats also brings down the server for me.
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    FIXED (hopefully :p)
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    Something is wrong with new version of Stats..

    That I didn't had before:
    Hot-fix with this thing removed would be nice..
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    Update update update!

    You should all update to Stats 0.3c + Ach 0.3b as soon as possible!
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    Heinz Harald

    thx for fixing

    works fine!
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    Are the Death, Itempickup, and Itemdrop still not working?
    Also, Fall damage is being reported as NULL.
    Using Craftbukkit 254
    --- merged: Feb 5, 2011 11:52 PM ---
    It also may be acting extremely picky about case sensitivity, which would be fine except it seems like it flipflops between having lowercase and uppercase characters.
    Like it seems as if mobs require the first letter to be uppercase while everything else requires lowercase.
    It may just be my imagination.
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    death is working. was quite tricky to implement it
    falldamage/drowning is not added to stats rigth now (next version will at least fix the broadcast, if you use it)
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    None of my death by monsters are working. :/
    I've tried both lowercase, uppercase and just the first letter uppercase.
    Right now this is how they look, see if I'm doing something wrong.
    ########## DEATHS ###########
    1:&6[Don't Stand In Fire!]&3:1:deaths:fire:1:Died in fire.:money 10
    1:&6[It's Dangerous to Go Alone]&3:1:deaths:total:1:Died once.:item woodsword 1
    1:&6[It was Lag! I swear!]&3:1:deaths:total:10:Died 10 times.::money 10
    1:&6[Phoenix Downed]&3:1:deaths:total:100:Died 100 times.:money 10
    1:&6[AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!]&3:1:deaths:FALL:1:You made quite the mess, didn't you?:money 10
    1:&6[Creepers on My Roof!]&3:1:death:Creeper:1:Killed by a Creeper.:money 10
    1:&6[Boned]&3:1:death:Skeleton:1:Killed by a Skeleton.:money 10
    1:&6[STTTAARRRRSSSSS]&3:1:death:Zombie:1:Killed by a Zombie.:money 10
    1:&6[Venom Strike!]&3:1:death:Spider:1:Killed by a Spider.:money 10
    1:&6[Waterworld]&3:1:death:DROWNING:1:Drowned.:money 10
    1:&6[Short Fuse]&3:1:death:tnt:1:Died from TNT.:money 10
    --- merged: Feb 6, 2011 12:14 AM ---
    It's Dangerous to Go Alone worked.
    I just spawned 20 zombies on top of me and died and it fired the Dangerous achievement but not the zombie one.
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    when you type /listach, the help on top of what prints says "type /achlist page#", but it should read "type /listach page#", just list and ach mixed up :)
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    it should read 'deaths' not 'death'

    and once again. fall/suffocation death is not yet working!
    --- merged: Feb 6, 2011 12:58 AM ---
    you could type /stats deaths ingame
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    Yup, I got that, but it doesn't stop me from preparing achievements for it when it does work!

    Thanks, I'll make the correction.
    --- merged: Feb 6, 2011 2:10 AM ---
    Oh, what about itempickup and itemdrop?
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    Hmm.. I keep getting my achievements over and over again when I log on the server after a few hours.. Its kinda annoying when someone with 42 achievements logs on and get all the awards at once (again!).

    Seems tho this only affects me and one other friend. Im using MySQL and there everything looks fine... Any ideas?

    The error codes are:
    2011-02-06 11:17:50 [INFO] Kattlan [/] logged in with entity id 2
    Player count: 2
    2011-02-06 11:17:50 [SEVERE] [Achievements-v0.3b] SQL exception
    com.mysql.jdbc.exceptions.jdbc4.CommunicationsException: Communications link fai
    The last packet successfully received from the server was 230á899 milliseconds a
    go.  The last packet sent successfully to the server was 0 milliseconds ago.
    Caused by: java.io.EOFException: Can not read response from server. Expected to
    read 4 bytes, read 0 bytes before connection was unexpectedly lost.
            ... 21 more
    and I also keep getting these from Stats.
    2011-02-06 11:31:30 [SEVERE] [Stats-v0.3c] com.bukkit.nidefawl.Stats.PlayerStatS
    QL SQL exception
    com.mysql.jdbc.exceptions.jdbc4.CommunicationsException: Communications link fai
    The last packet successfully received from the server was 28á473 milliseconds ag
    o.  The last packet sent successfully to the server was 0 milliseconds ago.
    Caused by: java.io.EOFException: Can not read response from server. Expected to
    read 4 bytes, read 0 bytes before connection was unexpectedly lost.
            ... 12 more
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    hard 2 tell
    to solve this i need your achievements.txt + mysqldump of 'playerachievements' table + your mysql version + info bukkit version and installed plugins + version. you can pm me these infos if you want me fix this
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    I'm not sure if this has been asked yet - forgive me for not wanting to sift through 6 pages - but is tracking of PvP kills a possibility? There's tracking for pretty much every mob, but I'd like to make an achiev based on how many players you've killed.
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    Ah, cool. I knew about damagedealt and damagetaken, but couldn't see kills: player anywhere. It doesn't show up in-game under /stats kills.
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    Kills Player doesn't seem to be firing for me. Tested last night.
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    I can't confirm if achievs trigger from it, but the stat tracking works for me.
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    --- merged: Feb 7, 2011 3:43 PM ---
    will fix that case sensitivity
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    I tried both. :/ I just don't see anything in the stats that shows kills for players.
    Deaths I see, kills I don't.
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    It doesn't show up in game, but it's definitely being tracked. (At least for me it is.)

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