[INACTIVE][INFO] HelpCommands v1.3 - Help Command [818 - 860]

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    [INFO] HelpCommands - Help Command [818 - 860]

    Version: v1.3

    A player must type /help and then he see the first page.
    For the second page he must typ /help 2 etc.
    For ask help for a command ( menu ) they must typ /help <menu> example /help tp.

    Help Commands:

    /help <pagenumber> - show you the help
    /help <namemenu> - show you the help of the menu ( 1 line only of help )

    Edit help.properties ( .../plugins/HelpCommands/Help.properties ):
    # page 1
    line1:&9page 1 of 2
    line2:&eColor Yellow
    # page 2
    line6:&9page 2 of 2
    # menu 1
    menu:This is the discrip&etion of the menu
    You need to count the lines sorry for that.
    Example of menu:
    tp:/tp <player> - tp to a player

    • Players can ask help by /help
    • You can edit the help by change the properties file

    • &0 : Black
    • &1 : Dark_blue
    • &2 : Dark_green
    • &3 : Dark_aqua
    • &4 : Dark_red
    • &5 : Light_purple
    • &6 : Gold
    • &7 : Gray
    • &8 : Dark_Gray
    • &9 : Blue
    • &a : Green
    • &b : Aqua
    • &c : Red
    • &d : Light_purple
    • &e : Yellow
    • &f : White
    Download HelpCommands

    Source Code [coming soon]

    Version 1.3: ( 06/06/2011 )
    • Changed default color of the title now you can change the color of the titles
    Version 1.2: ( 04/06/2011 )

    • Added Sub Menus
    Version 1.1: ( 04/06/2011 )

    • Added Colors
    Version 1.0: ( 02/06/2011 )

    • Releasing my first plugin
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    Nice, Simple help :) I will try it out :D
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    This is exactly what I needed, I will install it on my server after school!
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    The only thing i would need is sub menus, so you can do '/help teleporting' to find out how to do it.
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    Thanks Kiim and ParkerReno for install my plugin.
    Nazerb , I will try to do it but first color.

    Color is done now I go start with sub menus.

    If someone has some thinks I can add tell me pls.

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    how do i use sub menus
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    fletchmanjr, if you want to add a sub menu then edit in the HelpCommands dir, help.properties and typ under # menu
    <name of menu>:<description of the menu>
    example: tp: /tp <name> - For tp to a player
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    [[is there anything wrong with this cause it keeps saying page 7 doesnt exsist and for some reason page 8 is light blue..]]

    # page 1
    line1:&b Basic Commads (Page 1 of 8)
    line2:&c Type /help for rules and help:Help
    line3:&c Type /help <page> for fliping pages:Help
    line4:&c Type /Empty Line
    line5:&c Type /Empty Line
    # page 2
    line6:&b Magic Commads (page 2 of 8)
    line7:&c Type /cast spellbook <spell> looking at bookcase:MagicSpells
    line8:&c Type /cast teach <target> teaches player a spell:MagicSpells
    line9:&c Type /cast <spell> to cast a spell:MagicSpells
    line10:&c Type /Empty Line
    # page 3
    line11:&b Quest Commands (page 3 of 8)
    line12:&c Type /q for quest options and other commands:Uquest
    line13:&c Type /Uquest stats shows your stored info:Uquest
    line14:&c Type /Uquest give Gives you a random quest:Uquest
    line15:&c Type /Drops drops your current quest:Uquest
    # page 4
    line16:&b Economy Commands [Global]:1 (page 4 of 8)
    line17:&c Type /money for your current cash amount:iConomy
    line18:&c Type /buy <item> <Amount> buys an item:iConomy
    line19:&c Type /sell <item> <Amount> sells an item:iConomy
    line20:&c Type /list buy <item> <Amount> Buys an item from list:iConomy
    # page 5
    line21:&b Economy Commads [Global]:2 (page 5 of 8)
    line22:&c Type /list sell <item> <Amount> sells item from list:iConomy
    line23:&c Type /list <page number> list of Item you can buy:iConomy
    line24:&c Type /Empty Line
    line25:&c Type /Empty Line
    # page 6
    line26:&b Economy Commands [Local] (page 6 of 8)
    line27:&c Type /money for viewing cash amount:iConomy
    line28:&c Type /money <player> pay for paying players cash:iConomy
    line29:&c Type /money for your current cash amount:iConomy
    line30:&c Type /Empty Line
    # page 7
    line32:&b Economy Chestshop [Local]:1 (page 7 of 8)
    line33:&c To use this plugin put a sign above your chest and type
    line34:&c your <user name> number of item <#> for buying price type
    line35:&c B <Amount> for selling price type S <Amount> and then type
    line36:&c the name of the item:iConomy
    # page 8
    line37:&b Economy Chestshop [Local]:2 (page 8 of 8)
    line38:&c Heres what it should look like [Starman87 1 B 10:4 S]:iConomy
    line39:&c /Type Empty Line
    line40:&c /Type Empty Line
    line41:&c /Type Empty Line
    # menu 1
    menu:This is the description of the menu
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    You don't have line 31
    always the first line of the page is bleu I will change it in the next version 1.3
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    ok thinks man if you wan you can be a moderater on my server for the help cause i been spending all day tring to figure out what was wrong with that text...:rolleyes:
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    Ok Great!
    Looks great to be a moderator on a server.
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    Hamachi ID: jeremy suks
    Hamachi Pass: 123

    the magic spells are currently down but were working on geting back up at the moment.. oh and whats your minecraft user name?

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    matjer :D
    Is the server 24/7 ?
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    i am also making an EPIC trailer for it to sadly its not public yet but it well be VERY SOON.

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  15. what are the permissions for this?
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    so , where do i write all my helps in ?
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    Here's a BIG thing you could fix: make the lines per /help <page#> entry unlimited (as in let it be more than like or whatever it is), also, when you access one page, don't make it load part of another page to fill space...I have help per-plugin set up per-page...so I don't want other plugins help to interfere with that...this is kinda a big problem. If you could fix it, it would make the switch from the regular Help that doesn't work with P 3.X worthwhile. Thanks :D
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    Deleted user

    Very basic help menu. Just what I needed.
    Works fine now.

    Though, can you not add more lines? I've seen other help commands that supported up to 9 so that'd be nice.

    (i know this thread doesn't get much traffic, but i don't like to be a total leecher so i'm posting on it. since i use it)
  20. Can you add a command that you can reload the config file? I seem to be reloading my server a lot just to change the config file.

    Example: /help configreload
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    Can be done so that you can add more than 1 lines in the sub? btw. Great job :)
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    Still works love this plug-in.
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    Man, if only every bukkit plugin was as simple and effective as this one.
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    I was just wondering if you can tell me if I can add admin and mod commands? Like if I type /helpmc or /helpac for moderatorcommands or admincommands and add permission to the commands? I want the mods to type /helpmc and then the mod commands will pop up... But only for the mods and admins... not the Builders or noobs... Thank you :)
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    update? xD

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