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    DailyBibleVerse displays the BibleGateway.com VOTD in Minecraft at a set interval or when a user logs in. It also responds to the command /votd.


    Download - https://cr-wd.com/minecraft/plugins/DailyBibleVerse

    Change Log
    • 1.1 - Fixed pull pointer on server shutdown. Code clean up. dl
    • 1.0 - Initial Release dl
    Source - https://github.com/croemmich/DailyBibleVerse
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    How about just a file you put all the quotes or whatever you want in, then the plug in just pulls one out at random?
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    Nice plugin.
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    Hmm, sites? Well, a site of lists:


    Score updates (Soccer, Baseball, Football)

    Notches Twitter and Blog

    A story:

    A custom made HTML Page with text

    The rules of aquisition
    Other religious texts

    This is just a list of ideas really. I think the most important..
    Live Feeds
    Custom HTML or XML page (Or notepad, like that Tips plugin)

    Hah, I know what you're saying :p
    Well i'm afraid im still learning programming, and I had very little experience XML. What I used to do what program an XML by taking a log file, and converting each line into a line with variable names and static text :p very straightforward work. However, if you want any help, feel free to PM me and ill gladly help. I'd love to get into programming for minecraft a bit more..
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    Normally I wouldn't use a plugin like this but since some people seem to be so ragey about it, I'm going to add it to my server for whoever would like it and just to support both the plugin creator and the good stance the bucket forums team has taken on this.
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    Nice plugin, thanks for the work! :)
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    I hope you do not mind, but I have already done this. You are welcome to contribute, but I felt that a generic one was a separate plugin and thus worth working on. I did it from scratch in the interest of helping the community as your plugin seemed to spark some controversy, and I felt it was the only way I could help both you and the community out without dragging on the drama.
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    /chucknorrisquote ftw =D
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    someone should make this but with notch quotes
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    My experience, any thread relating to Christianity seldom goes un-noticed.

    Good idea for a plugin, might even use it when I get my home server up and running again.

    Think though for the rest of the community that you provide a way for them to change the web site, even though the web page structure might be different. Or modify it to use an RSS feed.

    +1 for the "Book of Eli"
    +1 that this community is better than religious flame warz (well I hope so)
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    Could be useful if the quotes were triggered by location instead. I have a beautyful church in my server town, and it would be right to get thoses quotes when entering the building.
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    This is a great idea croemmich!

    Any way to select random verses, or quotes from a Text document? Maybe have the verses on different lines? Just so it can work in offline mode? Or even an XML Document?
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    I loled
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    Thanks. Nice to know there are good people in the world. [​IMG]
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    feature request:
    i would like this plugin to run at login, but i'm sure others that get on my server wouldn't be as open to the idea.
    could you make it user-configurable, so it shows the quote for users who have it enabled?
    (or not for those who disabled it, depending on the default in the settings file)
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    Eric Lim

    So Awesome.
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    using latest recommended build, i get this [​IMG]
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    ajay xalaxaaxax

    Any plans for an update?
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    can you updated this for the newest craftbukkit build?

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