[INACTIVE][FUN] WeatherControl v1.2.0 - Advanced WeatherControl at your fingertips [860]

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    WeatherControl - Advanced Weather Control at your fingertips [860]
    Version: v1.2.0

    WeatherControl lets you create storms and use lightning to your advantage.

    Please Note: /lightningpick is now /lightningwand!

    [diamond]Permission 2.7 is useful, if you don't have it or GroupManagerBridge it will use OP.[diamond]
    Permissions Nodes (Click To View) (open)

    weathercontrol.lightning.lightningstrike - allows use of /lightningstrike
    weathercontrol.lightning.strikeplayer - allows use of /strikeplayer
    weathercontrol.lightning.strikepig - allows use of /strikepig
    weathercontrol.lightning.strikecreeper - allows use of /strikecreeper
    weathercontrol.rainstorm - allows use of /startrain and /stopstorm
    weathercontrol.lightningstorm - allows use of /startstorm
    weathercontrol.lightning.wand - allows use of /lightningpick
    weathercontrol.lightning.row - allows use of /strikerow

    • Drop it in, setup permissions(optional), and go!
    • Feature complete. - This plugin has everything we could think of to add! Not just one or two things!
    • Strike a player with lightning!
    • Strike a block you are looking at with lightning.
    • Start lightning and rain storms.
    • Create super creepers nearby as well as zombie pigmen by striking them with lightning.
    • Lightning wnad! Right click a block with a user defined wand to strike it!
    • /strikerow - Strike lightning down in a row!
    • Realistic Lightning! Lightning now strikes highest blocks and metals based on user defined weight (config file).

    • /strikeplayer {target} - Strike a player with lightning. If no target is given, it will strike you.
    • /strikepig [radius] - Strike all pigs in a radius.
    • /strikecreeper [radius] - Strike all creepers in a radius.
    • /lightningstrike - strikes the block you are looking at with lightning.
    • /startstorm [duration in sec*] - starts a random storm in the current world. (random because you can't set the location of a storm.)
    • /startrain [duration in sec*] - starts a random rain storm in the current world.
    • /stoprain - Stops rain/snow and storms. (alias /stopstorm)
    • /lightningwand - Toggles the right click lightningwand(id set in conf file).
    • /strikerow [length] [direction(north, south, etc)]
    * If you set Duration to 0, it lasts forever. Or until stopped.

    Version 1.2.0
    • v 1.2.0 - Added Realistic Lightning, Changed /lightningpick to /lightningwand, Added Configuration file for block weight and wand id.
    • v 1.1.0 - Added strikerow and lightningpick, removed permissions requirement.
    • v 1.0.0 - Initial release to the public
    PLEASE, only use this thread for support related questions. Or for thanks/etc. All feature requests and bug reports should be officially submitted through the bug tracker linked below.

    Bug Tracker:


    IRC Info:
    irc.rawrirc.net #craftrepo
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    This looks like a fantastic plugin that compliments Beta 1.5_01 in the best way possible! Very creative commands, I will absolutely be installing this on my server!
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    So many weather plugins...

    But this one is great! :)
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    I don't see any issue with plugins having the same name, so we're going to step out of this dispute until we absolutely have to get involved.
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    And since this is in submissions:
    please remove the spoiler tag from changelog - the last changes should be visible, older ones can be spoilered.

    And personally - why would you name a plugin "weather control", that's like naming it "a plugin" really...
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    Favorite weather plugin because of the complete lightning control. I do want a plugin where I can have rain in the desert though...
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    That's not possible with current Craftbukkit.

    Any other weather plugin have lightning control too :D

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    This one includes not only striking players and blocks, but also pigs and creepers.
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    Hmm when you strike a pig it spawns zombie pigmen but how do you get rid of them? The worldedit //butcher command doesn't seem to do it and I can't seem to kill them with normal weapons. Eeep :p
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    The PC Tech Guy

    Because 2 of them are client-side, only you see them until you reconnect.
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    I would prefer to use this Weather control mod than others, but perhaps can you help the other side out by also having a Non-permissions based version?
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    This is a great plugin, but could you make it so you can use a tool to strike locations instead of having to tupe /lightningstrike each time?
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    I agree with above poster. I see a spider and type /lightningstrike, by the time I am doing it either moves or it's beating me senseless.

    Also /stopstorm command shuts down my server. /stoprain works perfectly for both.
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    I reported this post. Don't push your luck in our thread.
    It'll be in 1.1.0. We are testing it all now. ;)
    We plan to alias stopstorm to fix that. It's a bug in bukkit.

    I will remove the requirements for Permissions. As the commands check for OP already. Expect it in 1.1.0 tomorrow.

    Correction, released it tonight.

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    thank you for this plugin you're awesome! :)
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    MANY many thanks! It is flawless.
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    I love the new /strikerow command. But i wondered if you noticed or perhaps intended this...

    If I type /strikerow 10 up then a constant 9 block storm of lightning will strike in place for about 3 seconds ("down and self" does the same as "up"). If I type /strikerow 100 up then a 9 block storm will strike in place for 25 seconds. Also when I type /strikerow 20 south_east it will actually strike in a row for 20 blocks. Thank god for the /startrain command because I did a /strikerow 100 south and I lit like 20 trees on fire in a row lol.

    Maybe the directions are bugged but I actually like the option to create a stationary lightning storm AND a row with the new update, awesome update!
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    Could you add the permission for certain users (Admins) to be invulnerable to lightning strikes? So far that is basically the only feature that I have found that another weather plugin has and you do not, from as far as I can tell.

    EDIT: Sorry I did not see your REQUEST link going there now. :)
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    Apparently /stoprain causes the server to think you want to stop the server could you change it to something else -.-
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    bad gateway on the dl link
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    CraftRepo is aware of this issue.
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    Good to here.. for some reason it rains/snows entirely too often on my server (like 3-4 times in an hour) and we can't stop it.
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    what i do is just /startrain 2 and it will stop it in 2 seconds or around there
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    Can you make it snow, too?
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    Add snow?
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    Snowing is part of rain. It's based on Biomes. This is a limitation in the server, not the plugin.

    Also, we are working on some cool new features!
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    Hey, first off, I would like to thank you bringing THE best weather control plugin I've used.
    I have slight question/problem; On my server I have around 4 worlds. On the main world I can control the weather on that, but it seems when I go to the other world I have no control of that world.
    E.G. World 1(Main), World2(Secondary)
    Complete weather control in World 1 when I am in World 1.
    No weather control, whatsoever, in world 2, while I am there.
    Any solution?
    Thanks in advance.

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