[INACTIVE] [Fun / Survival] (Sombies) Zombies Survival - Game - Player vs Infected player

Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by Magestickown, Feb 21, 2012.

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    I've started development of a zombie survival plugin.
    It's going to be similar to the zombie survival in Minecraft classic.

    At start, a random player will be chosen to be the alpha zombie.
    This zombie will have increased performance (speed, etc).
    The zombie has to infect other players by punching them three times (configurable) with a slimeball in their hand. (See: Planet Terror).
    Once the other player is infected, he will be the beta zombie.
    He will be slightly slow, etc than the alpha zombie, but will take less hits with the slimeball (also configurable.
    No mobs may spawn while Sombies mode is enabled, EXCEPT Zombies. They will not damage you.

    If a zombie does not have a slimeball in their hand, it will damage them. Once the die, they will respawn infected.

    So far the plugin is about 20% finished.
    If you have any other ideas, feel free to share them :D

    If you would like to help develop, please do tell :) I need all the help I can get

    Guess no one has any interest? :(

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    awsome plugin! ive experianced this plugin first hand!
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    About 50% done. Should be ready for beta release soon :) Hope you guys will like it.
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    Plugin status: On hold

    No one is showing and serious interest in the plugin, so I've decided to stop development for a while.
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    Sounds fun,is it just worldwide or arenas i would prefer arenas and like i said with any other zombie plugin spout would be a nice addition.
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    Hi! I am extremely interested in this plugin!!! I would like to test ANYTHING that is functional at the moment! Perhaps we could chat a little bit through skype chat? (My skype: ZakarSmith)

    Anyways I have great ideas for this plugin and you are seemingly the only one who has started developing anything like this!
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