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    Before the new version, If you had use newIsland then the old island has not been removed and has no owner anymore.
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    I'd love to translate it to Portuguese-Brazil. If you want, please contact me: [email protected]

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    hey I have translated the plugin into Spanish, it would be possible that could be another translation?
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    just PM him with a link to the translation and he will PM you back.
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    you are not the true owner of the plugin.
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    Hey. You can send me a pm with the download link to the file.I do not want this thread will be spammed because of language files.

    Thanks you very much,
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    perfect, it takes me to send you the message with the download
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    wtf dude I didn't say that, I only said what I did instead of posting it here.
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    I've found a bug. Starting an island with '/skyblock start' and then returning to the tower with '/skyblock tower' removes enchantments from your tools and weapons.
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    Fixed, that, thanks you very much.

    new version 0.56 alpha:
    • fixed teleport
    • fixed schematic file paths
    • added setting removeCreaturesByTeleport (by true): If player teleport to island, creatures (enderman , creeper, zombie, skeleton and spider) will be removed.
    • added alias skb for command skyblock
    • fixed a problem with inventorys (enchantments)
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    Whats the node for /skyblock home commands I dont see the nodes.

    Make it so you can use /skyblock quit to remove your skyblock forever because some people mess up and wanna restart. I also recommend you make it so when people make obsidian it takes them back in time a few seconds bfore the obsidian making. Also make it so if someone has not played their skyblock for a configurable amount of days it removes their skyblock land.

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    Bug Report: :D

    I started the map, 3 friends joined. I decided I wanted to reset. I did the following:
    /skyblock tower
    /tpall (to get everyone to me)
    /skyblock set offline
    /skyblock reset
    /skyblock set online
    /skyblock join

    When I tried to join it would give me the join message but I would not be in skyblock. I reset the server and their was generator floor instead of just having people fall through the world.
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    Um... Works great, only theres land... Flat land with villages... (Not everyone, just in some places, its really weird)
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    You are using multiverse? If yes please try this:

    /mv remove <world name>
    /mv import <world name> normal -g SkyBlockMultiplayer

    If you do a reload, then please look if you get a message in the console with:
    "... & generator: SkyBlockMultiplayer"

    If you do not get that message please redo the steps with CleanRoomGenerator.
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    Hello, great plugin, but just 2 quick things: How do I make it so that it doesn't keep stopping people from falling in the void? It keeps putting glass underneath them everytime they fall in the void. I want it to be real skyblock. Also, how do I make it so that you don't need to be at the skyblock tower or in the skyblock world to perform skyblock commands? Also, PLEASE ADD AN OPTION WHERE WE CAN DISABLE THE INVENTORY SWITCH WHEN MOVING WORLDS! IT CONFLICTS WITH MY OTHER INVENTORY SWITCH PLUGIN!

    I will try this, thanks!

    I didn't see a single please in either of your comments! How DREADFUL! :O

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    In the config file there is a option named allowContent set it to true, then the inventory won't be anymore swapped.
    My plugin should only swapps the inventory in the skyblock world, not outside.
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    Thanks, also, is there an option to allow skyblock commands to be performed out of the skyblock world and tower?
    If so, what is the config option? Thanks!
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    The reason is why I do not allow to use commands like:
    start, newIsland, home, ...
    is that there is a the problem with inventories by the plugin multiverse inventories.
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    OMG I CANT BELIEVE I DIDNT SAY PLEASE!!! IM SOOO SORRY!!!!!!!!! Actually all I said is fine I figured stuff out but pleeeeaaaasssseeeee add 1 wheat seed to the chests! You can prob config that cant u? idk il check. SRY FOR NOT SAYING PLEASE!!!!
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    If you are in build mode, the player can use /skyblock newisland to get a fresh island.
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    Ya i figured thats out thats y i said i didnt need what i asked for sorry about that.
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    Help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    People join my server and try to enter the command "/skyblock join" But it says there not authorized!!!! Help PLEASE
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    For some reason there is still tons of land everywhere, and I did see the message in the console.
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    IS there a sand island like a big one? Or are the only things the players islands and the tower
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    You need to add the proper permissions for skyblock.
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    Thanks :) works now :) ty
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    Hi, players on our server really enjoy this plugin. Thanks for creating it!

    We have had a rather severe problem though, it is that we don't get island numbers larger than 4. This means that we can't reset any islands above that number.

    Is this a known issue? If not, what can I do to fix it?

    Thanks in advance.

    Edit: Numbers work after restoring a missing piece of bedrock for island no. 5.
    The wonderful island counting code needs a rewrite... it won't work if I remove an island id 8 when there are 10 islands, for example since it'll stop at 7.
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    Yes I use the bedrock to count the islands. The bedrock is also needed to have a secure spawn location. Please do not remove the bedrock. I will rewrite the code for that.
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    Thanks for your response.
    Everything else works very well, thanks!
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    could you pls make that i can change in the config if there is an extra inventory or not, because i need that for my server

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