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    There shouldn't be a ground. If you have a ground you need to use a different world generator.

    I am working on it this week as much as I can. Hopefully I will be able to test it on my server first and make sure I have fixed all the bugs I can find. Some tend to be a little harder to reproduce than others but my players have experienced a lot of the bugs mentioned here, even the one where they are spawning below their islands. So I will hopefully fix it up too.

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    What world generator? I would like to know so my friends can have a good go at it!
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  4. SkyBlock needs a confirmation command for when you type /newisland. I am a moderator on a skyblock server, and I was telling someone how to reset their island, and my keyboard missed the "." infront of the command and it reset my island. You should make it so you have to type /ok or /cancel before it does anything
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    Does anyone know if its possible to generate a sand island or at least an island in the nether? like if I create a portal to nether on an island will it port me to a nether island like in the single player or will it generate a new regular nether....or will it just do nothing?

    Also your griefprevention plugins should still work fine in the skyblock world I think. I havent tested but I dont see why not as some of my other ones worth there.

    I just tested it and Griefprevention does not work in SKB I do not know if there is a way to change that but currently it wont allow me to use it...

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    Is it possible to make it so players don't lose their items when they leave skyblock or go to the skyblock tower? I have some shops I would like them to be able to buy and sell their stuff but their items disappear.
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    Ok, When I try to reset a players Island, Example name"Suzie123" I type

    /skb newisland suzie123 and it resets my island? please fix:)
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    I am trying to add/fix these last things people have mentioned and some more bugs I have encountered along the way but it's coming along nicely, just taking a little longer than expected.
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    i have the problem that if there is a skyblock the world is good generated but how further you go off spawn you see a flatland????????? is that a big problem? or is it getting removed after somons skyblock is made on top of it ?
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    I make russian translation to this plugin you can use it if you want.:)

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    What are the permission nodes to let players join skb.
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    Does this plugin Allow Faction/PvP? allowing players to have infinite lives so i can base my server so it orientates Factions and raiding, re-building and wars? we use skySMP atm but it has allot of bugs, i'm just wondering about this so i can fix the server...
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    I just start on the ground, and not on the skyblock... Why?
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    Hello I am getting a bug from Using the Plugin when i try to sell stuff to people They are able to duplicate their items.

    Here is a list of the Plugins i Have;

    Permissions Ex
    Plugin metrics
    Skyblock Multiplayer
    World Guard

    I have checked and they are All Up to date and so is the Craftbukkit Version. I am using Essentials Shops and Economy. And i have tried selling the items at the Tower and at the world Spawn And Still able to Dupe


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    How about we can see on wich island were standing becauce a lot of people let there idland alone end didnt go further i wanna delete them but i dont know wich it is.
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    HELP WHEN I TYPE /skyblock start IT SAYS [SkyBlockMultiplayer] This Command Only Works Inside Of A Skyblock. AND I TRIED: /mv import Skyblock normal -g (Both CleanRoomGenerator And SkyBlockMultiplayer
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    Plugin development stopped.

    md_5 or any other moderator please move this thread to the "Inactive/Unsupported Plugins" - section thread.

    Reason: I have a few problems:
    - possible big memory leak
    - problem with conflicting plugins
    - problem with saving mechanism and its to inefficient...

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    The plugin was working fine, then some guy said that he cant build, destroy or have acces to chests. And it doesnt even say anything to him... Help

    Why?? We need help!

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    There are lot sof other skyblock plugins who you can use. I have the problem:
    - needs to much ram
    - player saving mechanism is a disaster and to inefficient
    - problem with a famous conflicting plugin...

    I am sorry...
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    So i used the download from github, i get a zip that has a bunch of files in it but no .jar can you help me find a way to get the right download?

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    Forget this skyblock, I removed the downloads. I need to fix a few problems and I do not know how long this will take.
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    Dang, i know somebody that got it working great, wanted it on my server too. got any old download files? the other two skyblock plugins suck
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    I need to rewrite the saving mechanism and other things too. With that I hope to fix the ram problem.
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    Ok, how long do you think it will take?
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    Damm was looking forward to doing one of a kind skyblock

    Was looking very forward to making use of the new .schematics function for both tower and islands
    (If thats the case Tekkit skyblock ready with limited ores and trees)
    Keeping in mind tomorrow/today is Wednesday and 1.3.1 come out Hope you can still compile for 1.2.5 due Tekkit will be still waiting for a month after for all the mods to play catch up
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    Please can you update this to 1.3.1?? I am trying to make a Skyblock Survival Server. It would be a bigger advantage instead of using WorldEdit to copy and paste all islands. Anyway, have a cake! [cake]
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    i want to report a bug!!!!!!
    i got sometime that the skyblock world got a flatworld underneath them and players spawn on that and leave because they don't see there skyblock!
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    Where are the downloads. I clicked on the github downloads link and it said no available downloads. It just has the source code download.
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    Hello everyone,
    I have server by GAMEHOSTING
    I have 1.3.1 R2.0, but I have BIIIIG Problem, when i had 1.3.1 R1.0, so it make it ,too.
    So my problem is CHUNK ERROR , when i am on skyblock so there are very much chunk error, When i have 1.2.5, so it dosen't make so i dont know how i delete CHUNK ERROR. Please HELP ME :(

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