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    Version: See thread title for bukkit compatibility (usually RB)
    Test Server:


    Implements everquest style npc spawngroups using the npc library allowing you to make persistent npcs/rare npcs spawn around your map. Npcs will fight back if attacked and even talk on right click. They will sell items and can even have loot assigned and be given factions and paths to walk and npc trading

    Install / Changelog / Commands / README

    All of this has now moved to


    I will be updating NPCX in the future with a rewrite for 1.9 bot functionality
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    Wow. First of all, let me thank you for this really nice, well done mod. This is exactly what i was searching for.
    A few things I'd like to now:
    If a NPC walks along a path, he is 1 block above the ground most of the time. Did I do something wrong?
    The NPCs double when I /reload the server. Any way to fix that?
    /npcx civ givemoney gives positive feedback but no changes are made to the players balance. Why is that so?
    How do you assign players to factions? If you can't, how does the NPC know who he should attack?
    Even if I assign NPCs to factions, they still only attack players when attacked.
    When I restart my server, the merchant NPCs Items reset to the start value, so the bought/sold item numbers are gone, too. How can I prevent this?
    How much land is claimed with the /civ buy command?
    Is it somehow possible to edit the standard texts (like "npc says to you,")?
    Is it possible to put the money a NPC merchant earns onto a players bank account?

    Thanks in advance!


    edit: I figured out the problem with the NPCs walking in air. It's the snow block which causes this.
  3. it doesn't appear so.
    you can remove the spawngroup, but the NPC remains in the database.
    however when i asked mixxit he recommended a mysql browser.
    i am using HeidiSQL myself and it works pretty good.

    oh and to add a new NPC suggestion:
    clone-NPCs.... clone npcs could be NPCs that have a players name, however they only spawn when the player with their name is offline and varnish again when the player logs in.
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    2011-04-05 01:33:52 [INFO] Done (1.343s)! For help, type "help" or "?"
    2011-04-05 01:34:06 [INFO] kitkits [/] logged in with entity id 165
    2011-04-05 01:34:28 [INFO] Ziggylata [/] logged in with entity id 1110
    2011-04-05 01:34:37 [WARNING] npcx: error: null[Ljava.lang.StackTraceElement;@46fdb413
    2011-04-05 01:34:37 [SEVERE] java.lang.NullPointerException
    2011-04-05 01:34:37 [SEVERE] at net.gamerservices.npcx.npcx.onCommand(
    2011-04-05 01:34:37 [SEVERE] at org.bukkit.command.PluginCommand.execute(
    2011-04-05 01:34:37 [SEVERE] at org.bukkit.command.SimpleCommandMap.dispatch(
    2011-04-05 01:34:37 [SEVERE] at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.CraftServer.dispatchCommand(
    2011-04-05 01:34:37 [SEVERE] at net.minecraft.server.NetServerHandler.c(
    2011-04-05 01:34:37 [SEVERE] at
    2011-04-05 01:34:37 [SEVERE] at net.minecraft.server.NetServerHandler.a(
    2011-04-05 01:34:37 [SEVERE] at net.minecraft.server.Packet3Chat.a(SourceFile:24)
    2011-04-05 01:34:37 [SEVERE] at net.minecraft.server.NetworkManager.a(
    2011-04-05 01:34:37 [SEVERE] at net.minecraft.server.NetServerHandler.a(
    2011-04-05 01:34:37 [SEVERE] at net.minecraft.server.NetworkListenThread.a(SourceFile:100)
    2011-04-05 01:34:37 [SEVERE] at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.h(
    2011-04-05 01:34:37 [SEVERE] at
    2011-04-05 01:34:37 [SEVERE] at


    Oh, the support staff were very kind for banning me from the chatroom after not responding for an hour.
    Yeah, thanks for that.

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    Bill Warner

    Everytime I reload i get duplicate npcs, any way to clear them without a server restart?
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    Sorry if i seem really basic here, but do i have to add each table by hand? I have never used mysql before, and managed to follow your instructions alright, but when i change the config file in \plugins\npcx to true, i load nothing.
    I know little to nothing about mysql, or bukkit for that matter. and have only had minecraft for about 3 days, i manged how to get certain .jars working on a server.
    It seems whenever i run my server, that update value changes back to false.

    In the begining I created 2 spawngroups and spawned a Trader and a guard, they worked perfectly, i didn't really want to add everything by hand and so noticed someone had asked if they had to do the same thing, just change the update to true, but that soloution doesn't seem to work for me.

    Also, i have Iconomy and Uquest running, will i be able to intergrate all of them together?
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    Do you have downloads for older versions anywhere? I tried your github but only found the latest. Im looking for a build of this working with CB 556
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    They do provide MySQL for you, you just have to send in a ticket and they will set one up for you. They don't take long to set up either since they responded quite quickly.

    If you ever feel the need to wipe & recreate your npc tables, open '' and change the following two properties:

    I agree with some of the previous posters when they say that adding npc directly from the db and restart the server is more convinent, since you get more precise coordinates at '#.0' or '#.5' . Easier if you want to create a static npc. My question is, is there a way so that npc can't be attack so that they don't move, and instantly recover to full health if attack?

    I use Stored Procedures (, also known as Routine) to create my static npc. It does everything within a single commandline from the database. All I really need is to call the '/getpos' for the coordination with yaw +90 since it is off, and call the stored procedure.

    Here's my stored procedure example:
    CALL database.CreateStaticNPC( 'CaptianBlarg' , -232.5 , 112.5 , 63.5 , 180 , 0 )
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    They made the database, but they didn't give me some info like the table name and what-not, it still errors out when trying to connect to the database. I made a ticket asking if they could configure it for me and they haven't replied in 7 hours.
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    fugue2005 20.00 a year if they don't offer it
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    Dear Developer,
    I've installed your plugin and successfully loaded.
    However, somehow I cannot apply your plugin in my server.
    e.g. There is no response when I type any command.
    Yes, ABSOLUTELY not response at all.
    Even no logs at my server console/log file.
    How can I solve this problem? Is there any permission option for admins?
    I'm using ubuntu.
  12. i am renting myself from brohoster, don't worry, great support.
    i opened up a support ticket asking about it and linking the plugin for reference.
    2 hrs later i had the mysql database and npcx installed and configured for the database... i didnt have to do nuttin' :p
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    Can you please add examples in your README, im currently stuck on:


    I think you mean i should type it like this:
    /npcx merchant add 1 320 1 4 8
    but i have no way of knowing if that is correct. my merchantlist have the id=1, i want it to sell 320(grilled pork) i want the stock to be 1, i want him to buy it for 4 and sell it for 8..... have i missed something?
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    Is it possible to upgrade the .jar without wiping my database?
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    I can't do anything with this plugin, all the command i try give me :

    An error occured.


    Does this plugin requires Citizens, or anything else ? :O
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    Hello i have the same problem like Pomme72. Do you have resolved the problem ?

    Thanks a lot

    (Scuse me for my english i'm french, comme toi Pomme 72 !)
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    How do i setup a MySQL table for this????
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    I'm having serious compatibility issues with this regarding EpicZones(and maybe factions also). If an npc is in an "epiczone", then when attacked it gives very bad laggy errors about passing the [attack value]? into epiczones etc. Should I be talking to EZ guy instead? Thanks I REALLY want to get this running but atm I have it off. Let me know if you need to see some errors and i'll put them up.

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    This is awesome, I agree most of the time their support is great.
    However... I created a ticket 20 hours ago and it is still open with no replies right now, I am super pissed off.
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    why dont you use sql-lite like other plugins do? or make at least an option what kind of dp the ppl want to use. on my hoster a sql-db costs 3€ extra monthly.
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    I tried creating a spawngroup using /npcx spawngroup create test but it said an error occurred, any reason why?

    *EDIT* nevermind got it working. But how do I remove a group?

    *EDIT* I found how to delete a group or NPC in the MySQL Workbench, but it gives me an error about deleting a 'parent row'

    In addition, I'm adding a merchant list to an NPC but it's not working. Anyone want to explain how to do it?

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  22. Any reason why when I right click a bot it keeps saying "Target cleared!" ?

    'Cause every time I try to trigger a response nothing happens.
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    How do I set up a database table for this plugin it didn't setup one up on it's own. Please help.
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    I can't quote all the dozens of questions repeating the same problem, but if you'd take a moment to read the README. Most of your questions can be answered there, as it says in the OP.

    Thank you for the continued support mixxit, I wonder if there's a possibility of an NPC being able to change a player's permission group, (i.e. with group manager or the like) in response to a trigger-word? to allow for a more dynamic role based system I'd imagine. I'm not sure of the feasibility of such an endeavor, I merely ask out of curiosity, as I'm planning something which would benefit greatly from such a possibility.
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    Read me doesn't give me the info on how to setup a database TABLE. The plugin is working with the database I just don't know how to setup the TABLE.
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    I like how you can't delete any entries in the tables, or remake tables themselves without errors. Warning: after making an NPC you have it forever >.>
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    Is there a way to create a player faction to which I can make an npc friendly/unfriendly to?
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    Is there a way for ops to configure it to attack all non op players as a crude antigriefing mech? (would be pretty cool, as guards in a xenophobic nation)
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    Is there more info page? I can't seam to find info on weapons, armor and such. I noticed I spawn something I don't want to have armor.
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    steve m

    Hey guys, just a quick question: What would be involved with changing the skins of my spawngroup members? In the video he spawns a wierd blue demon guy and a highwayman. I searched for 'skin' throughout the first 13 pages of this thread but couldnt find an understandable answer :/


    EDIT: Ive done a bit more research and learned about the NPC skins coming from the database. If this is what is happening why dont we start compiling the player names of people with cool skins we can use in our servers?
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    @mixxit Could I request a animal killing flag or setting? Id like patrolling guards to kick the ass of animals lol.

    I made a video of the plugin though might not be the best review lol.

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