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    Version: See thread title for bukkit compatibility (usually RB)
    Test Server:


    Implements everquest style npc spawngroups using the npc library allowing you to make persistent npcs/rare npcs spawn around your map. Npcs will fight back if attacked and even talk on right click. They will sell items and can even have loot assigned and be given factions and paths to walk and npc trading

    Install / Changelog / Commands / README

    All of this has now moved to


    I will be updating NPCX in the future with a rewrite for 1.9 bot functionality
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    I (finally) figured out how to do it after I logged in. I basically logged into MySQL with cygwin, then used the UPDATE command to change the value for the sell value from 40 to 440. Again, took me a while.

    I wouldn't recommend this for the noobs, haha. Though this plugin is amazing.

    Any way to change the distance at which you "lost your target" when you target an NPC?
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    Can Some One Please Make A Video On How To Set This Up. I Don't Really Get How To Do It.
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    Annoying bug of the plugin.

    If you were to wipe the database after all the npcx tables were created, the plugin would be unable to recreate the tables. You have to manually recreate the tables if you can.

    I don't like MySQL Workbench >_> I'm using a different IDE.

    Nevermind, found out why, the property 'update' needs to be set up as 'true'. You figure if the database does not exist, you might try to deduce that it needs to be recreated =/
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    Any mod which adds new content requires a client pack.. CraftBook requires it, FakeBook requires it and so does Mo Creatures. Just check the SMP server mods area and you''l find SMP Mo Creatures.
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    Nvmd. Last Bukkit 556 build for NPCX seems to be .244. Got it.
  7. Command infos no longer printed in chat?

    EDIT : shame on me, i wasnt OP anymore
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    how i can do to put in my merchant list : differents wool (35:* etc) ?
  9. Well the difference is that NPCx has more features, in where Citizens is more user-friendly and easier to use (this is what people tell me, i have never used NPCx myself.)
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    ok im going to say first off that this is brilliant but probably the most confusing thing ive ever tried to work with and its not the scripting for the npc's thats the problem but just setting up the mysql stuff i followed your readme directions and continuously fail with the setup for both the server and the workbench with repeated errors saying "password=yes" when trying to set up the npcx database if you or anyonce could give me a detailed step by step readme or link to the setup/instalation process for this plugin id be eternally grateful

    running windows 7 64bit btw so instructions for said OS preferred :p
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    Any reason why Npc database Id's would disappear on server restarts ?

    I'm using 0.431 and the DB is 1.08
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    Maybe the cache, but the db is usually commited first - got any errors in your server.log? Post it here
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    can someone please export their table creates, maybe if i add the tables via sql it will work for me
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    Nope it no error they just vanish with no trace of them existing in game using the list commands. I have exactly tested a restart yet with latest version but I had a 1.08 database before and it was playing up like this with that.

    Also they don't seem to be chasing mobs anymore in the version I told you I have in I know that Pathing is not working at least last I checked.


    A guide of sorts!
    1. Grab your copy of Mysql 5 and Workbench for your OS version - probably have these !

    2.Run the Mysql Instance Creator and Create a SQL Instance if you not already done so, Don't forget your password at the end step. "Just create the instance with out touching anything else just press next until you reach the password stage". For now until your used to how to work with SQL then re design it to suit server machines environment needs.

    3. Start the MySql Workbench and on the left hand side of the window that will appear you will see inside a small Square frame a button that says "Local Instance MySQL", Click that and input your password you set during step 2.

    4. Assuming you managed to log into the instance in step 2 you should see a nice lovely confusing looking window pop open with tables and buttons all over the place. For now you want to point your mouse on the LEFT hand side of this window and look under the "Actions" List then to locate a button labled "Add Schema" Click this and proceed to Step 5.

    5. Upon completing step 4 you will see a window pop up asking you to name your new Schema the name we will give this is npcx when your done click the "Apply" Button in the lower left and Apply changes if it asks you to do so.

    6. You should now see your database "Schema" called npcx on the left hand side of the open workbench application window. If you do not see this Schema try pressing the Refresh button , it's the second last button on the toolbar up top. If you still do not see the Schema database added repeat steps 3 - 5.

    7. Time for the easiest part go your Bukkits plugin folder and locate the npcx folder, Then Open in your favourite text editor the config called

    8.Now that the config file is open look at the below example config and do replace what is needed as I have marked out for you. Making sure you leave NO SPACES after the "=" symbol and that you use all lower case letters.

    db-user= CHANGE THIS TO ROOT
    9. Double check that your "dp-host=" indeed points to the correct IP of the running MySQL instance you created in step 2 if your MySql instance server is running on the same machine as the server leave this as localhost.

    10. Save your Config file and start up your server make sure NPCX says it has successfully generated a database. Then have fun

    Step 3

    Hope you can follow this also you might need to just make sure you are connecting with workbench from the same PC that is running the MYSQL server as Iv only done it that way. But you can google up on how to remote admin MYSQL if your need to.

    As long as all of this is done on the SAME COMPUTER that is hosting the SERVER and the MYSQL database this guide should work with out ANY issues.

    Tho cannot guarantee it will for you. BEST OF LUCK WITH IT !
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    First of all, sorry for my bad english.
    I wonder how can I do the following with this plugin:

    I want to make some npcs, each of them in a village. a conquested village. If the users beat the npcs, they won't respawn anymore (dropping that spawngroup columns.. or something...). Is that possible? if not.. can you include it ? I love this plugin :)
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    my server is hosted with, does that mean i can't have this plugin?
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    I forgot to say that the plugin do not work well. commands like /npcx npc chest ID objectnumber do not work properly. It not applys if the npcs aren't spawned. And if a npc dies he respawns with iron equipment... it works worse than i supposed. not usable yet, in my opinion

    EDIT: The plugins actually works just how it want.... :S sometimes the npcs attack me (hostile faction), other not... other spawn well... other spawn with bad inventory... i do not know... console do not show errors in that cases
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    Minimum version for support: 0.440

    You might mean the helmet bug?

    I have plans to include the option to spawn npcs on a pathgroup

    Something like this:
    /npcx npc triggerword add NPCID EVENT_DEATH NPCSPAWNNPC55|70
    /npcx npc triggerword add NPCID EVENT_SPAWN BROADCAST The king is dead!!

    This would mean that the king, during death will spawn npc 55 on pathgroup 70
    When that npc spawns, he will walk the path and say The King is Dead!

    This is how i want to go, this isnt how it is atm

    So you probably wonder, how can I do it now? Well you can make the npcs beat each other up, that's not a problem but making them not spawn any more wont' be possible due to the spawngroup being active

    Thanks for this! Btw, i have been working alot on pathing so you might want to get 440 for your issue with monsters (it's still not perfect though)

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    Any chance for Multiworld support? I created a NPC in the nether and he existed in the default world.
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    -- MySQL dump 10.13  Distrib 5.5.9, for Win32 (x86)
    This is a 1.8 database, you will need your to match that
    if they let you run the rb for this version and give you mysql access and the ability to add the connector

    this feature is coming

    not yet

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    I need help,
    not only can I not understand the commands I also cannot get it to run on the server im using.
    Message when I use /npcx npc create name
    is "An error has occured"
    Help please?
    Thank you
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    i had this running in 556 on the database i have now, when 617 came i wiped my server due to problems with towny.
    i dropped and remade the npcx database, it just won't create the new tables.

    nvm i'm a moron, didn't see the new config file. carry on.

    ok next issue, i set a loot table for one of my npc's. the stuff he drops is fragile.
    like diamondswords can only do one hit and bows can only fire one arrow before disappearing.

    everything i've put in the drops is unusable and unsellable

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    Helmet bug? oh boy, what's that?
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    Just where weapons dont appear without a helmet
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    oh... i guessed that yet... my problem is that npcs just spawn twice, or they spawn with the equipment i've not give them... although the npc config is right..
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    Hello ...

    ic beceom always this error someone can help me ? :(

    Working yet !!
    Thank you mixxit for the Support in the IRC Chat :)
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    If this plugin wasn't so complicated to install, I'd use it in a heartbeat. Renting from, I doubt I can even use MySQL or anything so I don't know what to do...
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    This is awesome, but for people who like me have no idea about SQL is very hard it took me two hours to install and get working. I have a problem, I created a merchant and a merchant list (I added 64 276-diamond swords) and added my Blacksmith too the list I right click him and it says the normal Sorry, can I help you? What do i do now? Also I know the Paths are a WIP but My NPC's move very jittery and normally not at all. I am also trying to figure out how the skins work I made an NPC called Granny_Bacon and she looks like Granny_Bacon from the Yogscast. But my Blacksmith looks default and same with the Gardener. (I assume the skins are from the Skindex? If not that would explain it) Also any way to remove Armour from NPCs? I am also having trouble changing the default text and the text with trigger words, any ideas? Sorry for the huge post. Amazing mod I love it, keep up the good work! Thank you!!
  29. first of all: great job, i love this plugin!
    i got a few ideas for u that would make good additions to NPCX imho...
    1.) masking NPC names. this idea is based on the /nick command in Essentials that allows you to hide your name behind any nickname. It might be possible to do the same for NPCs
    2.) Archers. special npcs that differ in that far: they wont move when attacked (or panic'ed by other npcs), instead they will open fire from their current position. arrows should still obey their normal physics
    3.) NPCs other than human... i.e skelettons, wolfes, pigs....
    4.) NPCs owning wolfes, just like in our case, they attack what we attack.

    just my 2 cents :p

    Edit: plz fix the issue that weapons are not shown as long as they npc doesn't wear a full armor set :p thx
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    Can I remove NPCs with a command?
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    This would be AWESOME if it was a normal plugin. I would have downloaded it if the instructions didn't say all this stuff I need to to that I am clueless of.

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