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    Version: See thread title for bukkit compatibility (usually RB)
    Test Server:


    Implements everquest style npc spawngroups using the npc library allowing you to make persistent npcs/rare npcs spawn around your map. Npcs will fight back if attacked and even talk on right click. They will sell items and can even have loot assigned and be given factions and paths to walk and npc trading

    Install / Changelog / Commands / README

    All of this has now moved to


    I will be updating NPCX in the future with a rewrite for 1.9 bot functionality
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    The Herosneak plugin simply makes the player "crouch" all the time... A cheeky workaround, but it's worked wonders, as the name disappears when its view is obstructed by a block. We endure the constant crouching for some truly fun little skirmishes, where player hide behind trees and walls, it's great.

    ...Not sure if it's been updated yet, however..
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    Skimmed through the thread but I could of missed it do you have to use whole numbers in merchant buy/sell prices? Trying to set one merchants buy/sell of arrows to 0.25/0.50.
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    My NPCs don't seem to be following their paths. Any suggestions on how to diagnose where I goofed?
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    try /npcx pathgroup inspect pathgroupid

    It will output a list you can see the points you set (s=spot) the pathgroup id and its coordinates

    Its good to try and add spots to any difficult place to guide it where you want to go, like near steps or edges where they might find it difficult to pathfind - they also need a good few blocks height, 3 i think maybe 4 and about 3 wide
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    Any plans to implement? Or at least change the Guard skin, the Halo Spartan armor doesn't fit with the rest of the server.
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    Use a name like Sentinel or Paladin or something

    More immersive would be SentryJenkins or GuardPeter, each guard could have their own story and quests
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    I was under the impression that the spawngroup would then give each of the two NPCs a 50/50 spawn chance.
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    I laughed too hard.
    Anyways, what is stacktrace?
    I can post the errors if you'd like.
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    But surely, by assigning the first NPC to the spawngroup it spawns him right away, once he's spawned... Or do you mean, once he's been killed for the first time?
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    A little complicated at first, But after you get used to it its a GREAT plugin
    Thanks alot for this
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    Way overkill feature request! integrating an AIML processor to the npc chat. the AIML files can be organized into sets, and these sets can be assigned to npcs. Otherwise adding an extensive conversation system would be a pain to do in game.
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    Didn't quite manage to answer the question. is there any plan in the works to utilize separate skins. The spartan armor tells me it is doable, but not sure how it would be handled. Not afraid of digging around and doing some serious tweaking if that is what I need to do, but for the overall theme of my server, it would be pretty awesome if I could set skins by NPC.
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    Haha ok I'll try it out soon. By the way, what is the default triggerword for buying and selling items for merchants? I made a merchant with an npc, but when I try using the words "Buy" or "Sell" it wouldn't respond.
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    >04:06:57 [INFO] ***************************************
    >04:06:57 [INFO] woodzykiler(1410) was missing from the list:
    >04:06:57 [INFO] ***************************************
    >04:06:57 [INFO] Nick0123[Nick0123(65843)], Alextyr[Alextyr(65321)],
    >04:06:57 [INFO] ***************************************
    with the /civ part on the plugin maby you could add in a area selector for exciting buildings to add them to a town or make them there own town? some of my players have REALLY BIG complexes
    if u ban a player that has talked to a npc u cant talk to them...
    and can u make it so you can /reload the server and the plugin dont messup that would be nice :)
    and maby a way to delete spawngroups and npcs?
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    how do you set up paths for the npcs to patrol?
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    started to add research to civ :)
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    ok first time i have sat down and really had a look at this
    some feedback
    first bugs
    1. i added an item the wrong way round assuming the sell price was what the npc sold it for and the buy price was what npc brought it i was wrong so i tried to remove it, ummm had to do it in mysql ...not easy lol
    2. i wanted to make the shop keeper not attempt to hit you if you hit him so i tried /npcx npc triggerword add 5 ATTACK Hay dont make me call the guards. it was accepted but when i hit him he proceded to pound me.
    3. i have a patroling npc, he gets stuck lots and walks very jerkly
    4. oh it keeps telling me its the end of the turn research added, yet were not using civilisation at all
    the bad;
    1. cant give them swords
    2. cant find a way to restock them with out spawning the stuff and selling it
    the good
    1. love the use of [word] makes it very newb friendly
    2. love the fact the guards can patrol
    3. had a static guard in our spawn point run up and kill a spider while i was adding stuff to the merchant...very cool
    4. has a hell of a lot of potential!
    dont know if that feedback helps any
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    if you give them helmets you can give them swords

    fixed the broadcast for you in 0.429
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    I think it was mentioned earlier, it was an optional variable you gave the merchant when you created it,

    ...Ah, here it is:


    ...And, uh... Would it be possible to write a few quick instructions on equipping an NPC, and the one I found above, in the readme? I'm not sure how to do that one. I've noticed a few things in the thread which aren't in the readme, I can't remember them all though.
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    You know if you worked with the dev of uQuest, yous could really make a awesome plugin. Plus, would you be adding permissions?
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    :confused: what will that give us? sounds fun thro
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    Is there a way to set an npc to not react to mobs? My merchants seem to bug out if something spawns outside their house and it dies to like burning in sunlight or if a creeper blows up, the merchants seem to think the mob is still there, trying to path to where it was.
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    This is hard to setup.

    Any videos out?

    I tried to create a cave with bandits, but no sucess.

    I did:

    even know the commands in the readme was not the same as actual commands.

    When i try /npcx npc spawn 1
    after creating a bandit with id 1, nothing happens.

    Anyone have a tip or know alternative plugin?
    Tried 2 days to get help from the channel and server without success so.
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    isn't there any command to delete npcs other than modifying the database by hand? and is it possible to let them face a preset direction after they killed a mob/player? My guards always look at the wall after killing a zombie. D:
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    I really apreciate the CraftBukkitUpToDate support, updating this manually would become a chore. :)
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    Where in the readme does it tell you to type /npcx spawn 1
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    last night i added GuardFred GuardCharlie GuardDavid and errr DodgyMerchant

    on a side note though
    you said that if i can add helms i can add swords, but i have looked through the readme twice and cant find how to add helms?
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    Looks like the readme doesnt tell you how to change weapons or armour but you can find them in the '/npcx npc' menu

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