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    This version is inactive. It it however being continued by Graindcafe --> here <--

    ZombieSurvival - Kill as many waves as possible.

    I'm mainly creating this thread to see if there's any interest/demand for such a thing.
    Also this plugin doesn't play nicely with normal gameplay, however shouldn't be a problem with simpler plugins. This plugin is designed to change a server into zombie survival only mode.

    Creating a level is rather tricky so I'll go over all the commands now:
    /level commands:
    These are for managing levels.
    • /level new <name> creates a new level, but doesn't save it.
    • /level save saves the current level. The level will also autosave when a new game starts or another level is loaded.
    • /level load <name> attempts to load the particular level.
    • /level list lists all saved levels.
    /zspawn commands:
    These are for managing zombie spawns
    • /zspawn set <name> sets a zombie spawn at your current location.
    • /zspawn remove <name> removes the appropriate zombie spawn.
    • /zspawn jump <name> teleports you to that zombie spawn.
    /ispawn commands:
    These are for setting your initial spawn. You are teleported to it when a new game starts, or you are "dead" and a new wave starts
    • /ispawn sets the initial spawn to your current location.
    • /ispawn jump teleports you to the initial spawn.
    /dspawn commands:
    These are for setting the death spawn, you are teleported here when you die. The idea is to make a room which overlooks the map so that dead players cannot interfere with the game in progress. The simplest death spawn would be a glass roof above the entire map.
    • /dspawn sets the death spawn to your current location.
    • /dspawn jump teleports you to the death spawn.
    /zombiemode command:
    This command enables/disables the zombie survival mode. To enable it a level must be loaded.
    /zombiemode enable enables the mode, and /zombiemode disable disables it.

    How the zombie survival mode functions:
    When the mode is enabled the first wave of the current level is scheduled to start. This gives players time to prepare. The zombies them spawn randomly from any of the defined spawn points until all have been spawned. There is a maximum cap set for the number of spawned zombies at any one time, which increases every few waves, along with the zombies' health and total spawned.
    If at least one player is still alive after that wave then the next wave starts. Any "dead" players are respawned so they can rejoin the action, however they will have lost some points.
    If all players die before the end of the wave then the current game ends and the wave reached is shown.

    If there is more than one map on the server then a map vote starts which will pick 2 random maps to play. Typing /vote 1 will vote for the first map and /vote 2 will vote for the second. At the end of the vote the chosen map is loaded and the game starts after a delay.
    If only one map exists then that map will start automatically.

    The reason I'm showing this in possibly a premature stage is I'm after ideas for improvements, and possibly someone to host a test server where we can test with more than one player (please contact before you do). I will mention again that this plugin isn't designed to play nicely with the normal gameplay since it changes the server into a zombie survival only mode. Think of it as a modded server.


    Current improvement ideas:
    • zombie only doors to help with nicer/safer spawns(so they can't spawn at your location).
    • invisible walls to allow zombies to walk in from outside the map without them wandering off(i.e. falling from a 2 block high map boundary).
    • a use for money, e.g. buying items and unlocking areas
    • iconomy support?
    • permissions support?
    Version 1.0:
    • Initial release
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    this is an awesome idea. then a person could just use something like multiverse to /mcreate zombieland skylands or whatever they wanted, go there and enter a command in your plugin like/zombienightmare to turn that world into a zombie survival area (with tons of rpg potential, like one portal out and they are stuck/have to survive till they find it etc etc). following this one closely...

    edit -aww man i got all excited about the idea and failed to read further/notice the inactive tag =(
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    Uhm wondering a thing. Do they just spawns in theese locations that i have set, or does it spawn just zombies in the whole world, and is it kind of a little game, so people can join and play. And how do they get armor, ? Its this like Mobarena but just with zombies.. ?
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    Is it a possibility to have more then three zombies spawn at a time. Because only spawning three zombies at a time make the game really easy.
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    i have a question samp20. why when i say zombiemode enable it says error even though my level is enabled plz help me with this!! :)
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    After doing every think to go, when I write "/zombiemode enable", I have this message : " An internal error occurred while attempting to perform this command".
    I don't know why I have this message ... ? I need your help !
    Please in an easy English, i'm french ;)

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    Can I post here an update of this plugin, should I ask the author for that ?
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    The answer is very simple. This plugin is inactive and it hasn't been updated so it will not work for 1.7.x updates. it will only work with 1.6.x (Build 860)
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    I'm working on a new version
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    Glad to hear someone is continuing the plugin!
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    I've approved of it too, I really don't want to let a cool possibility go unimplemented
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