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    This version is inactive. It it however being continued by Graindcafe --> here <--

    ZombieSurvival - Kill as many waves as possible.

    I'm mainly creating this thread to see if there's any interest/demand for such a thing.
    Also this plugin doesn't play nicely with normal gameplay, however shouldn't be a problem with simpler plugins. This plugin is designed to change a server into zombie survival only mode.

    Creating a level is rather tricky so I'll go over all the commands now:
    /level commands:
    These are for managing levels.
    • /level new <name> creates a new level, but doesn't save it.
    • /level save saves the current level. The level will also autosave when a new game starts or another level is loaded.
    • /level load <name> attempts to load the particular level.
    • /level list lists all saved levels.
    /zspawn commands:
    These are for managing zombie spawns
    • /zspawn set <name> sets a zombie spawn at your current location.
    • /zspawn remove <name> removes the appropriate zombie spawn.
    • /zspawn jump <name> teleports you to that zombie spawn.
    /ispawn commands:
    These are for setting your initial spawn. You are teleported to it when a new game starts, or you are "dead" and a new wave starts
    • /ispawn sets the initial spawn to your current location.
    • /ispawn jump teleports you to the initial spawn.
    /dspawn commands:
    These are for setting the death spawn, you are teleported here when you die. The idea is to make a room which overlooks the map so that dead players cannot interfere with the game in progress. The simplest death spawn would be a glass roof above the entire map.
    • /dspawn sets the death spawn to your current location.
    • /dspawn jump teleports you to the death spawn.
    /zombiemode command:
    This command enables/disables the zombie survival mode. To enable it a level must be loaded.
    /zombiemode enable enables the mode, and /zombiemode disable disables it.

    How the zombie survival mode functions:
    When the mode is enabled the first wave of the current level is scheduled to start. This gives players time to prepare. The zombies them spawn randomly from any of the defined spawn points until all have been spawned. There is a maximum cap set for the number of spawned zombies at any one time, which increases every few waves, along with the zombies' health and total spawned.
    If at least one player is still alive after that wave then the next wave starts. Any "dead" players are respawned so they can rejoin the action, however they will have lost some points.
    If all players die before the end of the wave then the current game ends and the wave reached is shown.

    If there is more than one map on the server then a map vote starts which will pick 2 random maps to play. Typing /vote 1 will vote for the first map and /vote 2 will vote for the second. At the end of the vote the chosen map is loaded and the game starts after a delay.
    If only one map exists then that map will start automatically.

    The reason I'm showing this in possibly a premature stage is I'm after ideas for improvements, and possibly someone to host a test server where we can test with more than one player (please contact before you do). I will mention again that this plugin isn't designed to play nicely with the normal gameplay since it changes the server into a zombie survival only mode. Think of it as a modded server.


    Current improvement ideas:
    • zombie only doors to help with nicer/safer spawns(so they can't spawn at your location).
    • invisible walls to allow zombies to walk in from outside the map without them wandering off(i.e. falling from a 2 block high map boundary).
    • a use for money, e.g. buying items and unlocking areas
    • iconomy support?
    • permissions support?
    Version 1.0:
    • Initial release
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    Could you make it so that you can make this on specified locations?
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    can u realize this?

    simple fantastic, dev can u read my latest post in this 3d?http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/fun-zombieapocalypse-v0-0-2-start-the-zombie-apocalypse-907.22551/#post-404938

    is possibile for u realize this modality?

    Can u integrate this plugin with WAR plugin http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/mech-fun-war-v1-5-1-macarthur-minecraft-tdm-ctf-740-798.250/ and make a modality "zombie apocalypse"

    Admin can create a large "warzone arena" for event.
    10/20 players join in arena
    at start the round 1
    9/19 rest humans
    1 become infected

    no items allowed. Infected and normal skins needed
    this is nice [​IMG]

    now, the player infected must do infect another pple, everytime touch one he become infected and must take another, last human than escape win the round.

    Can u make a board with name player in arena, player infected, player score ecc and system for a tot time server ask the event.

    I have played too much time ago in a server with some mod, simple fantastic and funny.

    I hope can make it *-*
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    Sounds like an interesting idea, however that sounds like it would be more suited to a new plugin rather than combining it in this one. There are essentially two ways to play zombie games:
    1. Kill wave after wave of normal zombies which is how the current plugin is implemented.
    2. Start of with one person as a zombie and let them infect others until one player remains.
    I can't promise #2 just yet, however it may be a possibility in the future once I've finished on a game manager plugin which will provide an API to assist with developing new game modes and incorporating them into a mc server.

    It will be a while yet thought before you see another update since the code changes are quite a lot and I'm still changing my mind about how the plugin should work since I want to get it right first time :D
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    Any update on that multiworld support? That would really come in handy.

    Great plugin by the way.
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    I liek this alot... :} Few things though, I dont think dead players register, As in the rounds keep going even if all players die...But I THIS IS SO AWESOME! YOU NEED A BANNER! :D
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    (in responce to all the people who want iConomy support) You should make this work for people who don't want to implement iConomy. Just make it so it resets all their money before the next game. (for non-iConomy users).
    Also, I have 2 suggestions for a store.
    Commands: Make the users use "/store whatever whatever" to use the store.
    Sign Shop: Make it so that there is a new command like "/sspawn" for store spawn that ports them to a place after each wave for about 30 seconds before the next wave that allows them to buy stuff by right clicking on signs that have all the items on it. You should also make it so taht the signs are laid out like this: top row = "Store" (this is where the plugin detects the store.) 2nd row = "Item Name" 3rd row = "quantity that they get" 4th row = "$amount of money" (but a $ is needed in front.)
    Heres my suggestion. I am going to host a server that is dedicated to this plugin if you keep working on it. It's great. Had a ton of people playing it earlier and they loved it.
    EDIT: You should also make it so that there are 4 maps to vote on if the server has 4 or more maps.
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    The main problem I see with iConomy is that if I reset a player's money before the game then they would have lost all their hard earned cash. If however I chose not to reset their money then they could possibly end up with an unfair advantage since they could buy everything instantly. I think If I were to use iConomy I would have to reset their money at the start, then restore it all at the end. If iConomy isn't enabled then it's simply a matter of resetting their money each game, no need to worry about restoring anything at the end.

    Same thing will probably go for inventories, at the start of a game save their inventory, then at the end restore it. Alternatively however I could just add support for MultiInv which allows different inventories per world, then when a game starts I clear the inventory, but rely on the player moving back to the main world to restore their inventory.
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    Hey Man, i wanted to make my surver so that all the mindless zombiekilling wasent for nothing so is there a way that you could first drop your stuff when you die insted of it just dispearing and also keeping the stuff when you swith levels. if you could help that would be great man ty.
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    You should also make this self-sustaining because I plan on making a server that will host this 24/7 if you keep support for this plugin. Right now if the games are going on, and if nobody is online and somebody connects the plugin will continue to think that there are people still alive. Make it detect when there are no games going on and someone new connects. That would be great.
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    I will also be Hosting a 24/7 server, but iConomy is my main source at the moment, so with the iConomy Support, I will be able to start hosting, besides the New Arena being built :D .
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    I just set up a 24/7 server just for playing zombie survival :)
    I would LOVE iConomy support because it'll work great with SignShop.
    Right now I'm using Jobs plugin to get you money from killing the zombies and I also installed the MysteryBox plugin. I'm trying to make the server very similar to Nazi Zombies. Thank you so much for making this plugin!

    HELP, I made a building and I got the a plugin that lets zombies break blocks BUT some of the zombies are idle or just wandering off! Can you make it so we can make a pathway for the zombies? Like /zpath 1 1, /zpath 1 2, /zpath 1 3, /zpath 2 1, /zpath 2 2, etc. or make the zombies follow block paths. that would help a lot! Thank you for listening!
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    Don't you think it would be better if zombies would go for players instead of blocks ? Maybe if it's impossible for zombies to find a path themselves to players, your idea could be a good solution :)
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    Does this support multiple worlds?
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    It sort of does, but probably not the way you're thinking. The game will force all players to play no matter what world they're in, however it is possible to have several levels in different worlds, and warp between then when a new game starts.

    I'm afraid I have some bad news too. This project is now inactive since I've had an offer from another plugin maker to join their coding team, which will be a good experience at least, and hopefully I can contribute something worthwhile. I can't release any details as of yet, but it's pretty darn cool!
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    But not as pretty darn cool as a Horde Mode mod... Mind if I use your source code and take up this project?
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    Yea sure go ahead, just give me a little mention as the original creator ;)
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    uhhh, sorry buy when you make a new world does it delete you old 1?
    (plz tellme how it works)
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    If you make a new world it doesn't delete the old one. If you want to make a level in a new world firstly teleport to the world, then type /level new <name> to create the level. Then set any spawns etc you want. Finally type /level save to save it. When you enable zombie mode you will be teleported to the spawn of the currently loaded level (which in this case will be the one you created), and the game will begin. When all players die, the game ends and a level vote starts for the next level.

    Hope that helps :D
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    Well, the zombies will follow the path but when they get near a player near the path, the zombie will chase the player instead of following the path, if the player escapes the zombie, the zombie should follow the nearest path that'll possibly lead the zombie to the player.

    Darn... Can't you work on multiple plugins like other people who makes plugins for bukkit? lol
    I made a 24/7 Nazi Zombies Survival server with this great plugin and I needed more features from your plugin. :(
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    I would have to agree with this too. While I am willing to take this up if you are not going to be doing it anymore but there is only one problem... I know C# fluently, but I still need to learn java so it would be a long time before I am capable of taking this up. Are you by any chance so bogged with other things that you still cannot do support for what I think is currently the most interesting plugin on bukkit? If I don't have to learn java *wink, wink* I may be willing to donate a bit.
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    I'll have a think about it. Currently I'm still taking exams so they're priority at the moment, however when they finish I may have extra time to work on the plugin.

    If I am to carry on with the plugin then the main extra features will be the ability to join/leave a game, allow multiple games to run at any one time, and iConomy + Permissions support for people who have those plugins installed.
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    or wolves with glowing red eyes
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    I'm going to put this plugin on hold for a while. The new project I'm working on will be a great learning experience for me since it'll include things like AI and event based scripting. Once I've got more experience I may come back to this project and add some of the new things I've learnt :D
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    Some suggestions:
    -Zombie spawn areas, where they would spawn at random points.
    -Option to desactivate health regen between rounds (Good if it can be toggleable per-level and not for all levels)
    -Percent based health regen ? (Configurable per-level ? :p)
    -Interactive signs, with like the level name and the max wave achieved (And the name of the last survivor ? :D), and maybe if a palyer right-clicks it, it starts a vote to play on this map

    Also, the games does not stop when everyone is dead, which in kind of annoying.
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    This plugin is CRAZY AWESOME!
    Thank you for making it! :D
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    Love this. You have full permission to test this on my server. We have a 1Gbit connection and 4gb RAM. If you need any server to test this on please just send me a message.
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    Does it work for the newest version on Bukkit, because if it does i'll get it, Please Reply
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    a video would be really nice plz
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    Could you make it so when you kill a zombie you ear money, the you could integrate into other plugins like mistery box and so on. Thanks :D
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    I haven't tested it on the new version of bukkit, and don't intend to at the moment.
    If you look through previous comments I think somebody already posted one ;)
    I hope you read the title...
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