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    Bumping an old thread, I apologize, but I'm working on restoring this project to It's former glory, right now, I have the new SuperPerms system working. HOPEFULLY, I'll have a really buggy dev build available in about 5 days.
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    What us SuperPerms? Is it any different from Bukkit Perms?
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    BukkitPerms IS superperms
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    Hi Everyone,

    I tried to do this proper on github, but my computer with git is out of commission. All I did was add the new 1.8 mob types to the code on Fullwalls github site. Recompiled everything and stuffed the source in the jar.

    Works fine on my server with 1185.... Do your own testing to determine whether or not this works for you.

    I tested catching Endermen and Silverfish, releasing, targeting, and also tested it with MobRider. (I don't know what else I can test, but I can find any errors.)

    Note to self: Don't try to do pull requests in the early morning hours without sleep. If someone knows a good link with UP TO DATE instructions for EGIT in eclipse... I would appreciate the pointer. Everything I find is very outdated.

    This still requires Nijikokun Permissions... But it works fine with a bridge too, like the one in PEX.

    I hope this helps someone. http://mediapassport.com:8088/MonsterTamer.jar

    I'll do the same with 1.9 if fullwall is still tied up with Citizens.

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    It sounds like it works for you. Hmmm, can I have the config file you are using and any other file with relation to MonsterTamer?
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    Sure no prob. I believe all of the files auto generate.... no? I haven't changed my files in a long time so... hmm.

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    Hey RchGrav - I came back to this thread after I realized I promised a working build for 1.8, and found you updated it anyway, to build upon what you have done, I updated this for SuperPerms. I just had to merge what I started a week ago and forgot about :p Anyway guys, for whoever is looking for SuperPerms copy: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/11074320/MonsterTamer.jar - and for anyone looking for the updated Permissions.java: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/11074320/Permission.java

    btw, @RchGrav - Your welcome :)
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    Thanks dude, Now I can only hope this works :)
    And the files do autogenerate, but I only get the text saying that it failed or something, I was running about for over half an hour hitting sheeps with both buttons with the designated item.
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    Hey... Just wondering how you made out.. Did it fix your issues? Having fun with Enderman and Silverfish now?
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    I dont think this works with silverfish and enderman(THINK, I didnt say I know it doesnt work).
    And well, since the 1.9 Prerelease I havent really tried it ^_^"
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    Hmm, they work fine on my system.. since I added all of the API stuff... and all of the new variables and recompiled everything... I guess I was referring to the version I patched up a bit since fullwall is obviously consumed with Citizens. (Which is awesome and fine.)

    I don't believe his intention is to abandon this.. its more a matter of lack of attention than intention.

    So far the patched up version I made seems to be fully functional.. targeting people with Endermen is really fun.
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    So youre saying that this will work for Minecraft 1.9 Prerelease servers, or?
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    Um, yeah.. I don't know about that... I haven't even touched anything but a vanilla PR3 version of that.. nothing related to bukkit api..

    What I am saying is that the code changes for this plugin were very simple 1.73->1.8.1, and it was a super simple thing to fix. It only involved adding the new entities into the permissions portion of the plugin, and recompiling everything against the latest RB of bukkit API.. And to that effect it doesn't seem as though the code itself was broken at all, it just needed someone to take a bit to build a working jar against and make a few additions involving the new monsters, and if 1.9 is the same way, I will do it again and post it if I have time.

    I have always liked this particular plugin, and even "cut my teeth" on a little java coding early in its development cycle. I was honored when Fullwall included my "stumble code" into the plugin to resolve an early timing bug.

    I only asked for confirmation that it was working for people on 1.8.1, I know it works fine for me... and was hoping for some simple confirmation from someone or anyone else that it was working for them also...

    Since it is quiet here... either people are pulling a "grab and run" without reporting back... or no one cares..

    I care.. I have seen a lot of plugins over time & I like this plugin.. its very unique and cool.

    I hope Fullwall has more ideas for it and implements them.

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    It works, !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    How do i exactly setup that config? What does every value mean? What are the commands?
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    The main command is listed in the first post. (/ms or /monsters for help)
    Limit = Number of Monsters a player may connect
    select-tool = Item ID used as a select tool to select a mob
    items = Item ID's which can be used to capture a mob
    monsters = mob names and catch difficulties
    stop-despawning = Stop the mobs from despawning I would guess.
    consume-items = when you press Q to drop an item to release a mob, does the item get used up? ie. lost
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    Oh thanks! Now... is it possible to have custom data values in the items that can be used for catching?
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    Can someone upload the 1.8.1 version compatible with silverfish, endermen, and all that stuff? I just don't know how to code of java or anything and I really want to use this for my server. Please send me the download somehow? Or can i just download from the first post?
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    Thanks for updating this. Ive gone for your config, but whatever I do, I can't tame any monsters. To be clear, I'm right clicking monsters/animals with a stick right? When click on ground elsewhere, it says 'No selected monsters!' and the command /ms tells me i have no monsters yet.

    Any ideas?
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    Sorry I havent been around much.

    You tame monsters usually by hitting them with the items in the config. Here is the Docs I have for my users.

    To catch a mob: Swing your arm while holding a ball like a Snowball, Egg, or Slimeball. Some capture balls are more effective than others, and some monsters are much more difficult to capture. You can type /monsters or /ms to list your personal mob army. You can have up to 20 monsters in your inventory to unleash at your will.
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    I am a little confused by this... I want to use it with the mobRider plugin, but whenever I try to catch a cow with my preconfigured item (a diamond) it always says the cow escaped, even though the chance of catching it is 100% in the config... I would also like to be able to tame an enderdragon if anyone could help me with this :)
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    I'm unable to get the mobs to respond to me and I've tried messing with the cfg file but it appears to be slightly different than the examples given in this thread. Could you please just upload an example cfg file so we can use it and edit off that?
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    i am a bit confused, how do i choose the item i want to use for catching?
    i cant catch anything but the mod is on cuz i can see /ms help
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    can u make the video how to install , catch and use the mod ? please

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