[INACTIVE][FUN/MECH] MonsterTamer v1.0 - Personal monster pets [1060]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by fullwall, Feb 20, 2011.

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    i dont get where the instructions are in the file waht do i have to fill in the properties ? pls help im a nerd :)
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    Lol @D4RKN355 This plugin is inactive. I will soon be recovering it :)
    Just gimme some time, im going through gcse's atm!
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    that would be real great thx :D
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    Really? Everything despawns for me :(
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    Strange I was testing it on lik 818 at the time it was staying.
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    I tested it on 860 and it works. Are you going to update it? Cool plugin though.
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    Whats your config look like? I wonder if there is some other setting affecting it as well.
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    I actually don't have it installed anymore due the fact it played up after 1.6.6 reco but all I did has add some food items added couple missing mob names and changed perstance to true.
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    Dude, you do that, i cook you a delicious cake.
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    Where is the fork?
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    what fork I never said anything about me forking it. ?????
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    I'm not talking to you... >.>
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    how do you configer this pluign?
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    Could you make a video for this? thanks!
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    how do i put the monster name in the config? i tryed in chicken and it wont let me do anything still.
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    my monsters despawn even though on the options it says they shouldnt, also can i captur mor than one animal at a time with snowballs?
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    guys do i right click or left click?
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    Left click on them, with the item in hand. :p

    Go for it Fluff!
    I'd hate to see one of the greatest plugins ever created, die :(
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    So, I am considering restarting this (and only this, since I liked it the most). To this end, I have rewritten the code of MonsterTamer to make it much more easily maintainable (frankly, it was quite horrible before).

    However, I want to expand it in order to continue. So far, I have kept much of the existing featureset that MonsterTamer had (albeit slightly tweaked). But, I am looking for suggestions on new features and a new direction to take with this plugin.

    I have already had the suggestion of configurable item consumption/cooldown while catching, but I am also looking for other, meatier features, such as perhaps skills per-monster etc. Please, if you want to submit an idea, make sure to think it over and present it nicely.

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    Ha... this is a bit outlandish, but... maybe have a (toggleable) option to select which (tamed) monsters can spit fireballs :p or maybe have a command, like /targfire [player] [monster]
    just like the /target command.
    that might be a bit excessive though.

    Very excited to hear of your return btw! This is one of the best plugins out there :D
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    Well, I was thinking more of a complete focus/direction change, rather than specific commands :p. Thanks anyway. Hopefully I get some more replies soon - keep 'em coming!
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    Giving a RPG element to Beastmasters would be a great thing to do.
    What if instead of just making them fight, also give them a passive element for having them out as your main monster for example? Give more melee/shielding power to the man using the skeletons, so he can tank the damage whilst the skeletons to the damage.

    Anyway Fullwall, did you do the citizens saving fix on this plugin already? Otherwise I'll upload the one I have here.
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    I haven't uploaded the reworked version because 1) it still needs a little work and 2) I still need some ideas... So you're free to upload if you wish.
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    (english, englais)
    Hi fullwall,
    first congratulations for the creation of this plugin
    Monster is one of the best things that could happen to us for our minecraft server because using it as a plugin of Guild this agrémentai role play unfortunately part I eagerly awaited version 1000 of this masterpiece with impatience because since I ais close my Guild until an update of the above I ais understood that ideas about this plugins was rare and there as I often say that the capture was system a good things, but that the control of the monster was still delicate then me I propose you why not combine the actions of the monster objects? activity that clicking left with an object and the monster execute (and possibly the right click to stop) the associated action is this last eviterais difficult command was type in the chat during battle between Guild I know that the baton is used already, but I penssais is more rare objects follow the monster with his dropé object
    the zombie with the pen
    the skelette with bone
    and so on
    to attack with the mob why not associate the action attack a glowstone powder or even add the use of the book

    Here I hope that this plugin will not be in closed topic because it's really one of the pillar with some other of the games if attractive waiting for a response I wish you a good day


    PS: sorry for my bad English I'm French

    salut fullwall,
    tout d'abord félicitation pour la creation de ce plugin
    le contrôle de monstre est une des meilleurs choses qui pouvais nous arriver pour notre serveur minecraft car l'utilisant comme plugin de guilde cela agrémentai la partie rôle play malheureusement j'attend avec impatience la version 1000 de ce chef d'oeuvre avec impatience car depuis j'ais du fermer ma guilde jusqu'a une mise a jour de celui ci j'ais cru comprendre que les idées sur ce plugins se faisais rare et on m'as souvent dis que le systeme de capture etais une bonne choses mais que le controle des monstre restais encore delicat alors moi je te propose pourquoi ne pas associer les actions du monstre a des objets? de sorte a ce qu'on clique gauche avec un objet et le monstre execute (et eventuellement le clique droit pour faire cesser)l'action associée a ce dernier cela eviterais les commande difficile a taper dans le tchat lors de bataille entre guilde je sais que le baton est deja employé mais je penssais a des objets plus rare comme faire suivre le monstre avec son objet dropé
    le zombie avec la plume
    le skelette avec l'os
    et ainsi de suite
    pour attaquer avec le mob pourquoi ne pas associer l'action attaquer a de la poudre de glowstone ou meme y ajouter l'utilisation du livre

    voila j'espere que ce plugin ne se mettra pas en topic clos car c'est vraiment un des pilier avec certains autres de ce jeux si attractif dans l'attente d'une reponse je te souhaite une bonne journée

    ps: desolé pour mon mauvais englais je suis francophone
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    Adding a feature so that the mobs dont despawn?
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    @DEATH_LORD_77 - they shouldn't despawn as a result of chunk unloading, however, they might as a result of an unalterable death countdown built into them once players move a certain distance away.
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    Hey FullWall!
    Have a suggestion. I'm an avid user of Heroes, and I think if you can integrate their API into MonsterTamer, it'd be amazing! For example, once you catch a mob, it has levels. At a certain level, that mob gets better skills or perks. Some of these can be:

    - Running faster on a certain block (With Fluff's MobRider)

    - SuperJump

    - Integrating Spout, and having Animal names above their heads

    - Self destruct. When a mob is about to die, it destructs it's surrounding area.

    I don't know how many of those are possible, or if you intend to ever add those in, but I figured it's worth a try to see if you can expand the value of MonsterTamer. I think this would totally do that. I'm sure it'd all take quite some time to code, but nevertheless, hope you consider it!
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    @||Gold|| - I *might* integrate Spout. I was thinking about a skill/leveling system, with monster-specific skills as well. If I get the chance, I will start coding these kinds of skills (suggestions on this are of course appreciated).
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    Adding behavior modes to pets would be nice too, have them be passive, aggressive, defensive, fully-aggressive to anyone and everything, agro range setting, perhaps pathing for patrolling pets?, breeding to make more creatures, possibility of them gaining an ability when they breed successfully? transfering ownership? perhaps find a way to make creatures not depsawn despite owner being in another map/world/too far away?
    perhaps custom skins for different breeds of a monster if spout/spoutcraft would allow? just tossing out some ideas.
    Have yet to try this plugin, but I definately would if it still works with the latest CB builds w/spout.
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    @toxycated it works with the latest CB builds (may have some bugs).

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