[INACTIVE][FUN/MECH] MonsterTamer v1.0 - Personal monster pets [1060]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by fullwall, Feb 20, 2011.

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    I think that's planned for later updates. But I'm not entirely sure.
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    I am really confused because I don't really get Java... so can I have step by step instructions how to use this? I'm not even sure where to put the files and in game commands. This seems really cool and I wouldn't mind being able to use it.
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    Jeremy Butcher

    put the files in your plugins folder, open the config file and set the 'items' you want to use for catching.
    Then just swing that item (left click) at a mob, it will let you know if you catch it or miss it. Then once you catch something you can release it by using Q to throw the item you caught it with.

    /target <player name> <mob> to send it after someone
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    Okay, Plugins Folder do you mean I have to make a folder or the folder with the plugins file already?

    Also do I make the commands names myself? And could you give me an example of how I would use and Item for it.
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    Jeremy Butcher

    the plugins folder should be there if you are running a server with bukkit installed. and you just press 't' for chat and type in the commands. the items are used just like swinging a sword or axe
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    Hmmm I installed bukkit nothing seemed to change. Also I meant do I have to change the file itself for the items?
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    Jeremy Butcher

    ah yes you do, you open the config file inside the plugins folder and it is commented in it as to how to set it up, You will need item ID's which can be found at www.minecraftwiki.net
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    Also, mobs seem to be safe for me after using this, now. Yay!
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    When I capture and release a monster, are they supposed to be friendly to me and not attack?
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    Jeremy Butcher

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    Alright. I had tried this plugin out a couple of days ago, and every time I caught and released a hostile monster, all they did was attack me again. This was using Craftbukkit #450.


    I capture a skeleton. I release it, and it start shooting arrows at me
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    Jeremy Butcher

    Try it with 493 (current recommended build) works find for me, i released zombies creepers spiders and skeletons they make nasty sounds but do not attack me, even when i hit them with a sword they do not attack me back.
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    Ok, I was wrong about what I said earlier about /release [monster]. It is a command. Which leads me to the problem: it doesn't work. It claims i don't have any of that monster. And no console errors.
    --- merged: Mar 5, 2011 3:03 AM ---
    Also, released monsters are non-hostile to me, on what I think is 458.
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    Did you have the permission that means that they don't attack you? Just a guess.
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    Did you redownload?
    --- merged: Mar 5, 2011 9:42 AM ---
    Also - can someone please try monster names again.
    --- merged: Mar 5, 2011 11:22 AM ---
    And - can someone please see if, when you get attacked by a monster, your pets will attack the monster.
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    I don't know how to release them....

    the /release isn't working can U help ?
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    What specifically are you typing to release?
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    Yeah, I'm admin, so I have all the permissions.
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    These things would be awesome:
    1. Training monsters.
    2. Chickens and non-aggressive monsters could hit something...
    3. After u caught a monster, u need a new pokebal. It would be better if I can get the ball again.
    4. Make a command to call them back.
    5. Let the monsters become stronger after training.
    6. When the monster is death, or u'r death, it returns as a pokebal to the owner. (If ur death, it returns after spawning). If ur creeper is death, he'll respawn in his pokebal in ur hand. Then, u can't use them for a minute or something.
    7. Get commands: /follow (monster), /wait (monster) and /guard (monster).
    8. Names, nice if u have more monsters of same spieces.
    9. Don't let them get away, u always hold 'em.
    10. Let them attack other monsters. Like if u do /target (monster) (monster), it will attack the monster that is less far from u.
    11. All things save when u quit...

    All things are based on the real pokemon game :p
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    And, I've found a bug... Creepers are still non-friendly...
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    I also suggested this :D
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    Jeremy Butcher

    Noticing a bug now where after i log off and back on again, i have 40+ monsters when i had maybe 5 before, this last time my monster list was empty logged back in with 100+ not sure how or why...lol anything I can do to fix this? Didn't see any server errors in the logs.
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    Added targeting of monsters... I'll look into the bugs soon.
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    Jeremy Butcher

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    Can the person experiencing duplicated monsters redownload and see if the error persists?
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    There is a issue with this at least for me, Its displaying the "you have to wait xx whatever before releasing" msg somtimes even if im throwing out blocks that have nothing caught with them and even some ItemId's that I have not even setup in the config to be used to catch mobs.

    CB 493

    Example I threw away some stacks of sand and that msg appeared.

    # Monster Catch Properties File
    # Author: Fullwall

    # IMPORTANT NOTE: the items and monsters values contained here affect the catch rate formula -
    # they increase or decrease the catch rate for that item or monster.
    # The formula is as follows:

    # |(3 * MaxHealth) - (2 * CurrentHealth) * MONSTERBONUS * ITEMBONUS|
    # |________________________________________________________________|
    # |                  3 * MaxHealth               |  * 100
    # |________________________________________________________________|
    # |                    256                   |

    # Let's break it down. MaxHealth is always 20.
    # Dividing the main fraction by 256 then multiplying by 100 is just to get the percentage.

    # MONSTERBONUS is the value defined per monster under the monsters property.
    # For simplicity's sake, higher values = higher chance.

    # ITEMBONUS is the value defined per item under the items property. As above, higher values = higher chance.

    # If in doubt of correct MONSTER/ITEMBONUS values,
    # get out a calculator and test a few scenarios for what chance you'd have of catching!
    # Tweaking of these default values is usually going to be necessary.

    # This is the official pokemon catch formula - used for authenticity.

    # Take note: MONSTERBONUS must be a value above 3, otherwise percentages go funny.

    # Also take note: MONSTERBONUS can be a pretty high number,
    # but ITEMBONUS values above about 5 give exponentially higher catch chance values.
    # In pokemon, the highest ITEMBONUS value (excluding Master Ball) is only 8x.
    # Good values are anywhere from 1x to 4x.

    # http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Catch_rate - Useful link regarding this formula.

    # Define items that can catch monsters here, in the format itemid:ITEMBONUS - must be separated by ';'.
    # In this default configuration, snowballs are used as a low catch rate, eggs as a medium catch rate and slimeball as the best catcher.
    # Bedrock is a masterball, for those admins out there :P. Feel free to change.

    # Define catchable monsters and their MONSTERBONUS here in the format monstername:MONSTERBONUS, separated by ';'

    #This property defines the max amount of monsters a player can have in storage at any one time.
    --- merged: Mar 6, 2011 12:29 PM ---
    As you can see Id's such as sand,wood ect pickaxes and the like are not even on the list yet its still displaying the msg I wonder if anyone else has this issue, Also I don't fully understand the /release command It does not seem to be release mobs by Id in order as they are shown on list with /monsters command.

    I have 4 catched mobs

    I try /release 3 to release the mob I name that is 3rd in this list it does not release that mob. Pretty sure I'm not following how to use that command correctly.

    I was under impression I could release like 5 mobs at once and then command all 5 to attack lol or follow.

    Speaking of follow I would not mind a feature that allows them to Follow the player like a pet.
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    New version up.
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    I'm using: v1.2 & CB493

    Few things:
    I'm noticing that /target, /release, and /follow don't exactly follow suit with Permissions.

    /target, no matter how it's used, is never influenced by Permissions.
    /release and /follow don't work with Permissions, in a different way though. Only when used as /release [slot] or /follow [mobtype] or /follow cancel do they become affected by Permissions.

    Are you aware of this? Is there anything that can be done to fix it? Need more info?

    Other than that I think I'll keep this badass plugin :3
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    unable to catch giants.. keeps saying it cant, also when ordering skeletons to attack it moon walks and fires arrows upwards. pigzombie spams chat with "NULL" also giants have problems with being orered to move

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