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    Thomas Bucher

    AimCannon - Aim with your TNT Cannon (This is gonna blow you away):

    Version: v0.5
    You Build a Cannon..
    You Load it with Gunpowder and TNT...
    You Ignite the TNT..
    You Trigger the Cannon..
    You Aim at the Target.. (1.5 sec time)
    You have a lot of Fun!!
    And now, turn it around !!

    See a Demovideo here

    Howto Video:

    Sponsored by MadMonkeyCo



    • Build Cannons (2 - ironblock, 1 dispenser, 1 button on the side of the dispenser
    • Load with TNT and Gunpowder (click the dispenser)
    • Aim the Target (45 degrees in front of the Cannone to each side..)
    • Turn the Cannon around with a Lever / Left Right turn by Left Right Click
    • Configurable TNT Speed
    • Having Fun..
    Download The Plugin 0.5 [766] (1.5)

    Download The Plugin 0.4 [733-766] (1.5)

    Download The Plugin 0.3 [-684] (1.4)

    Download The Plugin 0.2
    Source Code is in the Jar

    • Add Permissions
    • Fix Lag at Fire
    • Left and Right klick turns
    • Blockbased Sizes
    • Groupmanager
    • Multiworld Problem
    • Redstone WireFire ;-)
    • Config for Blocks used
    Version 0.5
    • Left / Right Turnable
    • Added Config Var to allow Shooting "down" (take care with that ;-) )
    Version 0.4
    • Made it 1.5 Compatible [733]
    Version 0.3
    • Config for Speed ( Low Speed = Low Range )
    Version 0.2
    • Now turnable with a Lever..
    Version 0.1
    • Releasing this Funky Plugin
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    wow i cant seem to make this work, i made a cannon exacly as in the video buti cant turn or load the cannon... help?
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    are you doing so in a world other than the default world? Can't get it working on my secondary worlds either.
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    maybe in the config file adjust how much the lever turns it? cause 90 degrease get's kinda annoying with a moving target ;) but still an awesome mod, i have airships and this fit's them perfectly, here, have some [cake]
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    Yes, this has been already reported and is being worked on.
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    Elliot Hargadon

    I have installed the plugin like any other and put the .jar in the plugins file and when i build the cannon how it should be both the lever and button just make the dispenser push the tnt and gunpowder out what should i do?
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    Like explained in the video, the lever is optional, but you need at least 1 button. You do not use the dispenser as a container. Watch the how-to video in the original post.
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    Thomas Bucher

    Added Left/Right Turn.
    Made a Configvar to enable "down Aiming"
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    Awesome thanks.
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    I have a request for this.
    Could you make the shot explode on impact or add ability to change explosion size.
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    steven arenz

    hey u should make it so that instead of just going down u can go up and instead or the turret going 90 degrees put it to like 45 every time u clikc the lever i think that be awesome oh and maybe make it to were u could send it where ever u want it to go long range stuff to a point try that out and try makijng redstones make it work so i can make tanks with movecraft

    heres another idea make it so the cannon can be bigger like 5 blocks long also the cannons can flootin mid air

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    Minecraft is too 'blocky' for 45 degrees unless the cannon is gigantic, cannons can be longer if you want but must at least be 2 iron blocks long.
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    Thomas Bucher

    I add some of those Stuff to my List of Todos, but will take some time. I have Priorities on other Plugins atm.

    Greetzing Thomas
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    is this cannon mod compatible with the mcmmo since it uses iron blocks as anvils?
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    It does work but you can repair your items on cannons...
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    I cannot seem to get the left/right turning down.
    Is it simply 2 levers? Or how exactly does it work?
    I also cannot seem to find an explanation, either on the first post, or the recent posts after the announcement of left/right turning.
    -Also... is something wrong with the download? It brings up files you have to physically put into the bukkit.jar. This will break compatability with the Pheonix Biome Terrain Mod since this also overwrites the META-INF.......
    Is a .jar an option?
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    Thomas Bucher

    - 1Lever -> right click turns one side , left click turns other side
    - There is no turn down. you can now aim down if you enable this. means look at a target lower than you.

    - The download is a jar file. Dont decompress. put the jar into the plugins dir.
    MEans, dont download it with safari, it auto extracts it, and it should not do that.. that sucks.
    Try download with mozilla or any other browser, which does not decompress it wihtout asking


    PS: In Safari under Settings you can disable the option "open secure downloads.." in the first Tab.
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    @Thomas Bucher
    It could work better with movecraft, what I'm here for :)
    I have 3 suggestions:
    1. Can you make it so the cannon can be triggered by redstone, not just a button? I don't want to have to stand right next to the cannon to fire it, firing from a distance would be awesome (such as the cockpit of a movecraft vehicle)
    2. Could you make it track movement, so if your movecraft vehicle moves you don't have to recreate and load the cannon again to fire? Means we can load it, move, then fire so get better accuracy :D
    3. Finally, could we get the option of adding a chest say, on top of the dispenser, then we could load that with TNT and Gunpowder, to make it "automatically reload"


    You got the zip file? that has been happening recently.. just rename .zip to .jar and it works fine, some sort of downloading error...

    Anyway, you can only turn one way :( it'd be good to left click to turn left, right click for right though :) but the cannon is very easy to make. Place a dispenser, then place two iron blocks going out the back (opposite side to the face of the dispenser) - now put two blocks of your choice, one EACH SIDE of the dispenser (I use obsidian, its TNT-Proof incase of a back fire) - put a button on one, and a lever on the other. Now, click the dispenser (if you have items, it will load it. If not it will still "create" the cannon) and you can just left click the lever to rotate it. To fire, click the button TWICE. (you can cook the TNT and click the button later, but you stand more chance of blowing yourself up...)

    The right click turning doesn't work for me, it simply switches the lever to "On" - or do I have to turn the lever on and left click to turn the other way?

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    He updated with exactly the option on turning that you are asking for just read three posts up.
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    Yes, I have the latest version just installed it after seeing that, it isn't working for me so left my post as it was anyway.
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    Understood. It would probably help the dev if you posted what version of bukkit you are running.
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    Could you explain the config variables speed and timeout please?
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    Thomas Bucher

    Post1:Config for Speed ( Low Speed = Low Range )

    Its the speed of the tnt (velocity)

    Timeout is time to wait between shots
    Do 20000 you need to wait 20 sek beetween shoot
    Message is something like
    You have to wait for the cannon to cool down
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    Updated. Didn't work straight away, then realised its because you'd named it aimcannon.0.5 so it never overwrote the old 0.4 version :) working fine now
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    @Thomas Bucher
    Thanks for the help. Can I add a suggestion?
    Perhaps more iron on the cannon (in addition to the minimum 2) increases the range (by upping the power?)
    Just a thought anyway.
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    I am having problems again in my alternate worlds since upgrading to 766... I don't have access to the server log unfortunately... I'll test vs other plugins and let you know if I find any other plugins causing this issue.
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    Is there a way to set the gunpowder cost? I'd like to make it rather expensive to use, I didn't see such an option in the config.
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    This looks interesting! Is it possible to have a redstone current trigger it instead of someone pushing the button?
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    Would it be possible to allow a multi-barrel cannon? A basic setup would be:
    X [iron][iron][iron] X
    X [iron][iron][iron] X
    (Furnace = dispenser)
    The cannon's button would fire all 3 barrels simultaneously. Maybe have a maximum barrel limit in the config?

    I also second the suggestion for longer barrels making the range longer.

    Also, a small issue: when rotating the cannon multiple times consecutively, the stone button breaks off and needs to be re-attached. It's not always consistent but it does happen a lot to me.
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    Curious if it would be possible for you to make which blocks you use for the front configurable. There's a little glitch using this cannon with the "Fight" plugin that starts a match when you smack an iron block.
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    can i please have a .jar vertion

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