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    Thomas Bucher

    AimCannon - Aim with your TNT Cannon (This is gonna blow you away):

    Version: v0.5
    You Build a Cannon..
    You Load it with Gunpowder and TNT...
    You Ignite the TNT..
    You Trigger the Cannon..
    You Aim at the Target.. (1.5 sec time)
    You have a lot of Fun!!
    And now, turn it around !!

    See a Demovideo here

    Howto Video:

    Sponsored by MadMonkeyCo



    • Build Cannons (2 - ironblock, 1 dispenser, 1 button on the side of the dispenser
    • Load with TNT and Gunpowder (click the dispenser)
    • Aim the Target (45 degrees in front of the Cannone to each side..)
    • Turn the Cannon around with a Lever / Left Right turn by Left Right Click
    • Configurable TNT Speed
    • Having Fun..
    Download The Plugin 0.5 [766] (1.5)

    Download The Plugin 0.4 [733-766] (1.5)

    Download The Plugin 0.3 [-684] (1.4)

    Download The Plugin 0.2
    Source Code is in the Jar

    • Add Permissions
    • Fix Lag at Fire
    • Left and Right klick turns
    • Blockbased Sizes
    • Groupmanager
    • Multiworld Problem
    • Redstone WireFire ;-)
    • Config for Blocks used
    Version 0.5
    • Left / Right Turnable
    • Added Config Var to allow Shooting "down" (take care with that ;-) )
    Version 0.4
    • Made it 1.5 Compatible [733]
    Version 0.3
    • Config for Speed ( Low Speed = Low Range )
    Version 0.2
    • Now turnable with a Lever..
    Version 0.1
    • Releasing this Funky Plugin
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    Thomas Bucher

    You can shot straith forward, but if you aim under the horizont, it will failsave to 20 degrees. I helps people not to shoot themself.

    I can make a version, without this restriction (configurable).

    Greetings Thomas
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    This is awesome!
    But I have a problem:

    I dont have to load any TNT or Gunpowder, it just says Cannon charged.

    If not, it doesnt detect bundles of TNT or Gunpowder, I have to load one after one.

    Ill try it today with 1.5, maybe my server is causing this error...

    (I hope you understand my 'denglish' :D)

    BTW: Your Videos are great!
    Whats the name of the music in the background?
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    Thomas Bucher

    It takes a tnt and gunpowder out of your innvetory if you klick it. no need to fill the dispenser :)
    Greetings Thomas
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    Thats surprising...
    Awesome, just awesome...

    With Movecraft, I made a huge bomber...
    ... and with Aimcannon, its the best bomber in the world of blocks...

    Thank you!
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    Will configurable Block/Turnarea be added in v0.5?
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    Thomas Bucher

    Its in Queue, i have to make some improvments on other plugins first..
    Sorry, but i promise i add it as soon i find the time to do so.

    Sincerely Thomas
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    Hi there really nice plugin me and my friends muck around with this a lot. btw what texture pack do you use?
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    Its Misa's HD.
    Nice Pack, really nice.
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    It's strange that both me (made the how-to-use video) and Thomas had the same Texture pack....

    EDIT: Forgot to mention. Everything is working perfectly but... if the server main thread lags then you'll blow yourself up before the cannon shoots the shot. Also if a custom delay and blast radius were possible it would be AWESOME!
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    CB #733, Aimcannon 0.4.

    In a non-main server world (nether or others) the cannon gets stuck at "TNT ignited, press again to fire" phase. No explosion/firing takes place even on multiple button hits.
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    Because of this plugin I have made pirates ships and have downloaded MoveCraft onto my server.
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    Thomas Bucher

    I will investiagte this problem, as soon my MultiVerse is up again.

    Thnx Thomas
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    Oh, idea... When turning the cannon, would it be possible to assign left click to make it rotate left, and right to rotate right? it only appears to want to turn one direction. :p

    And a quick thought... Could you add options for different types of cannons? maybe different blocktypes under the lever/button... semi auto at least, rather than breach loading :p
    just an idea.. what do you think? :)

    and as i mentioned before, being able to aim lower than 18-20 degrees... i can't quite hit anything like that...
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    I have a simple permission request.. Perhaps Aimcannon.fire relating to who can fire the cannon..I would like to restrict it to a group for tnt based pvp.

    I wouldn't think it would be to hard to add into the code, then again, I don't know java.
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    It's not difficult to hook into Permissions or GroupManager.
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    Thomas Bucher

    I add this to my TODO List.

    Thnx for the Feedback
    Sincerely Thomas
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    As long as GroupManager still works can you make support for it as well?
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    Along this vein, would it be possible to have the speed variable set dependent on like say barrel length or materials used?
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    Definitely needs groupmanager support, i can't set permissions for it... :(
    Anyways, just wanted to let you know, after thorough testing, it works wonderfully on b740. :)
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    I know I already suggested it but no permissions is holding me back from using this..I'll give you like 4 free internets if you can.
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    This plugin is incredible. You deserve a medal. This goes amazingly with MoveCraft.

    Also, this plugin is up and running perfectly on my server if anyone wants to try it. Link is in my signature.

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    how to install this plugin ? pleas
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    Good job :)


    what's the texture pack? :O
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    Is it normal, that when I I arm and what I pull the tnt remain spot and explode on the spot? sorry for my bad speaking english :/
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    The texture pack is Misu's HD and you need to click the button twice, first to ignite it, then fire it.
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    ok thx guy :D
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    push the button again. You have to push it twice.

    is there anyway to make it so this cannon shoots diagonally? If so it would be perfect for a wall defense.

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    You can aim 45 degrees left or right, I guess I should have shown that in the video, you just press the button twice and then you aim at the location you want to shoot.
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    Add to the config, what the "barrel" is made of. Iron blocks look great yeah, but I prefer the sturdiness of obsidian. One bit of lag and your second press doesn't register and BOOM those iron blocks are gone.. Obsidian doesn't get that problem :p
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    ähhm can i/you increase the precision??? i hate to shoot 20 times without hitting the target(but all around it^^)

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