[INACTIVE][FUN]mcdCarpeteer v0.1 - Fly Wherever You Want With A Woollen Carpet [953]

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    mcdCarpeteer [953]

    Version: 0.1

    This plugin allows the user to travel in the air by a carpet made of wool. The users can access this carpet by using the command: /mcdc or /carpeteer.
    This will then create a default woollen carpet of 5X5 and they can move upwards by pressing the space bar or downwards by crouching (pressing shift). The user can also activate a surrounding light around the woollen carpet by typing in /mcdl and the same to deactivate the light.

    The user can make the carpet bigger by using the command: /mcdc 7 or /carpeteer 7
    and can make it smaller by using the command: /mcdc 3 or /carpeteer 3.

    • The ability to fly by carpet.
    • Can use the command: /mcdl to activate a light surrounding the carpet.
    • Permissions support.
    Permissions Nodes:
    • mcd.carpeteer (allows the selected user/usergroup to use the command /mcdc)
    • mcd.carpeteer.mcdl (allows the user/usergroup to use the command /mcdl)
    Plugins downloads
    Source downloads
    • v0.1 - Release!

    - First of all i would like to thank Android for his Magic Carpet source!
    --- Take a look at his awesome plugin(s) here: http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/fun-magiccarpet-v1-5-5-take-yourself-wonder-by-wonder-677.704/

    - Secondly i would like to thank Lolmen for his help with my struggles :)

    - and finally Bukkit for their awesome forums :D
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    Version of the plugin needs to be in the title.
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    Changed the title Red
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    This looks so like MagicCarpet. :)
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    Yes it is basically the source of magic carpet but it is supposed to be similar to a real carpet... you know... being made out of wool ;)
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    um ... no source and VERY familiar features ... smells like a ripoff of magiccarpet, how much did you actually change from the original source? like just "Material.GLASS" to "Material.WOOL" or "20" to "35"?

    also using any other block than glass for the carpet seems kinda useless to me ... so by all means, please tell me why anybody should consider using this instead of MagicCarpet?

    and if this really has only a minimalistic change to MagicCarpet - as in it only changes the blocktype - please delete this thread as I dont think this would be a genuine plugin then
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    /mcdl vs /mc and glass is better just a personal opinion.. its better when you can actually see through the "carpet" im not about to come off hostile or claim you took anything from anyone because you might of just wanted to learn basic java coding and try a small experiment to see if it worked but as previously stated this is basically the same plugin and due to glass being see through and /mc being shorter than /mcdl i just cant foresee this as a alternative
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    Yeh i was just testing out a plugin and submitted it cuz i wanted to see if people would use it as i thought wool would be realistic to a proper flying carpet... and also i changed the blocktype, the commands and my new version i am changing the actual properties of the carpet but i need ideas and also the sizes of the carpet... i am going to make a completely new command which may be /mcdb or /carpetbig for a 20x20 carpet that acts as an original carpet but when u type /mcds or /mcdsave it will save the actual blocks to be there so when this command is entered the wool blocks will be placed there while you will still be on the original carpet...

    so.. yeah just need ideas :L

    and i need some ideas for new commands so yeh if you request a shorter command please post it here
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    please update to latest RB
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    this destroys flowers when you fly over them
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    hmm i will look into that bug, thanks for telling me :)
    And do you like the plugin by the way? :p
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    Yes, but please give an option to change the carpet to glass since that doesnt break the flowers. I use this over MagicCarpet because MagicCarpet has a glitch for me that it leaves trails in some areas.
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    Yeh :) thanks and no problem i will release this option to change the colour of the wool and possibly make it to glass or even obsidian :D
    it will be a new ingame command so u will type some command and it will change the block type :)
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    Please do this soon. This is the only thing preventing me from using this
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    meh, i like magic carpet
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    its ok lol... i made this because i was just testing out how to actually code plugins so yeh :)
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    Hahaha, I understand. Btw, it'd be nice if you included source (wanna see how you did the light lol).
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    lol yeh sure ill include the source with the new release of the ability to change the type of block the carpet is usingg :)
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    just what i wanted :D but could you make an editor where you can chose the materiel? thet would be awsome. oh now i just saw you where talking about it XD but by the way i was trying /mcdc it does not work at all
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    hmm /mcdc? the command works but yes i know it is reeaaallly long.... anyone have any suggestions for the command names? thanks
    here are what they are atm:

    /mcdc or /carpeteer for the carpet
    /mcdc 3/5/7 or /carpeteer 3/5/7 for the size options
    /mcdl for light around the carpet
    /mcds for the down switch (looking down to go down or crouching to go down)

    thanks guys :)

    The new version is nearly done... just fixing a few very minor bugs and we are rolling again with v0.2!!!

    anyways... does anyone seriously have any other shorter versions or commands they would like to use...

    in v0.3 i may add configurable commands so you will be able to change the command to what suits you best :p

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    It seems there is a trail issue with this. For some reason in some areas it leaves a trail.
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    I will look into it ... im am having alot of problems with the integers for the v0.2 so just wait a while... i will try and fix bugs...
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    Yes the trail error should be fixed now, download link is updated... please tell me if there are any more bugs... Thanks guys :)

    Will shortly be adding configurable block types
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    v0.2 will be out VERY shortly so hang tight guys :)
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    Can you make it possible to change the block type? Like if I want a carpet of glass, I just change the block ID
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    yes of course lol... if you read the above post(s) you will see that it will come in v0.2 in hopefully a few days :)
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    Oh, sorry for not reading the other posts ;p
    But anyways, I love your plugin : )
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    Yeh Thanks, atleast quite a few people love this plugin :D

    Thanks guys
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    Sorry to be a pain but I'm new to all this and every time i use the commands i get a message "you say your words but nothing happens"

    I downloaded the plugin and put it in the plugin folder and then restarted the server. I did this with every other plugin i used and they worked fine so i have no idea what I'm doing wrong. :S
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    Umm if you have permissions installed you need permissions or if u got groupmanager you need fake permissions or it wont work... and you have to set either "all_can_fly: true/false" in the config.yml file in the mcdCarpeteer folder generated in your plugins directory

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