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    LavaSurvival: (Tested against Build 677)
    Version: v1.0.2

    LavaSurvival is a plugin that allows the people on a server to play lava survival. It creates an area surrounded with walls, in which lava spawns and "eats" its way through air (can be turned off) and ground. It will spread and multiply until it has taken over everything or until you die or win. There are several game modes to choose from. In these game modes, the players have to run (actually dig) away from the lava while fulfilling another task (such as: surviving over time, reaching a certain destination, collecting things in the ground or pushing other players into the lava).
    LS also supports the Permissions and the iConomy plugin.

    I have stopped with plugin development.
    Feel free to use any of my code ;)

    I'm working on something new and would need your help if you know anything about the Bukkit Creature.setTarget() method: -->Thread

    If you want your inventory back, don't forget to use "/ls leave" before you disconnect from the server.

    If your games lag too much, try making the area smaller and turning Air_To_Lava to false...
    Smaller areas don't have to mean less fun ;)

    • Create an area in which you can play lava survival
    • Choose between different game modes:
      normal, fastest, strongest, agilest, push, spleef (for descriptions, see below)
    • Choose between different characters (game mode: fastest)
    • If your server is running on a good computer, sit and watch how huge areas slowly turn into lava ^^ (Air_To_Lava=false)
    • Find out who of your friends is the best "lava survivor" (game mode: strongest)
    • Who's the best in evading lava and finding special blocks underground? (game mode: agilest)
    • Who's the best in pushing other people around ^^? (game mode: push)
    • Fun :)

    Download Version 1.0.2


    Getting started:
    1. Roughly but completely read this thread
    2. Download the .jar and put it in your plugin folder
    3. Add the permission nodes (see below) to your Permissions plugin or just add all the admins to the server OP list
    4. Optional: Look into the LS Properties (see below) and check if its the way you want
    5. Start the server, make an area and get started ;)
    LavaSurvival supports the Permissions plugin (tested with 2.5.4) and has the following nodes:
    lavasurvival.play - allows players to use the commands: help, join, leave
    lavasurvival.host - allows player to use the commands: check, remove, refresh, start, stop
    lavasurvival.creator - allows player to use the commands: reset, area, area save

    If you don't use the Permissions plugin, all players have lavasurvival.play and the OP's of a server have lavasurvival.host and lavasurvival.creator

    Admin Commands:
    • /ls area [height] [length] - creates the game area, in which the lava will spread
    • /ls area save - saves your area the way it is right now
    • /ls refresh - restores the inner blocks of the area, so you can play again
    • /ls reset - deletes your game area and restores all blocks to the way they were bevor
    • /ls check - checks your area for existing underground lava
    • /ls remove - deletes the underground lava
    • /ls start [game mode] - starts the game according to the mode
    • Optional in normal : /ls go normal <delay time> - with <delay time> in seconds
    • Optional in strongest : /ls go strongest <delay time> - with <delay time> in minutes
    • /ls stop - stops the game and stops the lava from multiplying, it then behaves like normal lava
    Player Commands:
    • /ls join - if a game area exists, a player gets teleported to its lobby and is added to the 'player list' (inventory and previous location are saved)
    • /ls join here - same as normal join, but you don't get teleported to the lobby and can continue doing something
    • /ls leave - leaves the game or the lobby, teleports you to where you were as you joined and restores your inventory
    • /ls leave spawn - same as normal leave, but get teleported to spawn point
    • /ls [char] - in game mode 'fastest' you can choose from different characters
    • /ls help - the help, for more information
    Game modes:
    In game mode 'normal' there is no goal. Lava just spawns and spreads... You can neither win nor loose.

    In game mode 'fastest' the players have to reach the "golden treasure" and mine as many golden blocks out of it, as there are players in the game. They have to do this, bevor the lava reaches the treasure. The treasure is a layer of golden blocks deep in the ground (Y-Coord. = 10). You can't miss it, if you dig down.
    To make it a little easier, in this game mode, the players can choose from the following characters:
    Waterboy (w), Toolboy (t), Lazuliboy (l), TNTboy (tnt)

    In game mode 'strongest' you compete against other players. The simple question is: "Who can survive longer?". If you are the last living player, you win. But you can also win together, if either 3 or 2 players just survive long enough. All players get the same items in the same time periods, so all players have the same chance of winning.

    In game mode 'agilest' all players have to collect 10 golden blocks together. These special golden blocks are found scattered all around the whole area (randomly). Also randomly scattered around the area, are the lava blocks. The goal of this mode is to evade the lava blocks and gather the golden blocks. After playing this mode for a while, you are going to love underground caves ^^. (Hint: Never dig straight downwards, if there is lava under you, you're doomed)

    In game mode 'push' the players have to push each other into lava. All players start on a cut off pyramid in the middle of the area. The lava slowly starts raising from the bottom of the pyramid. The goal of every player is to push all other players into the lava, while not touching the lava himself. You have one "stick of hope" in your inventory, which when used, teleports you back to the top of the pyramid.

    In game mode 'spleef' LS generates a very simple Spleef arena. Players can play a simple version of Spleef. For more general information about the game "Spleef" itself, go here.

    DM and TDM:
    (will take a while...but coming!)
    The modes Deathmatch and Teamdeathmatch are going to be the ultimate combination of my plugins: BigLife, Weapons (coming soon) and LavaSurvival

    LS Properties:
    When LS ist started for the first time, it creates a folder in the plugin directory. In this folder there is the "LavaSurvival.txt" in which all properties area stored. So far, there are 5 settings available:
    • Air_To_Lava -- set to 'true' or 'false' -> regulates whether the lava also "eats" the air or not
    • Difficulty -- set to 'easy', 'normal' or 'hard' -> I think no explaining is necessary
    • Border_TypID -- set to any block id -> this is the Block ID which your area border is made of
    • Spleef_Ground_ID -- set to any block id -> this is the Block ID which your spleef ground is made of
    • Use_iConomy -- set to 'true' or 'false' -> turns iConomy support on or off
    • iConomy_Reward_Winner -- set to any positiv number -> defines how much iConomy-money a player gets when winning
    Good to know:
    • If you delete your servers world directory, because you want a new world, also delete the "dat" directory from LS (it contains data from the old world and is now useless, the plugin will make a new one by itself)
    • In game mode 'agilest' in LS v1.0.2 it is enough to mine the golden blocks, you do not have to pick them up
    • Clemens recommends Difficulty "normal", because it is the only tested difficulty setting
    • You can also use /ls go [game mode] instead of /ls start [game mode]
    • If you win the round in strongest, push or spleef you get +1 point in the scoreboard system (scores.txt) and additional money if iConomy support is on
    • When creating an area, make sure there is enough space (air) under the lobby (the glass thingy). There should be no big tree or anything in the way between the lobby and the ground, otherwise all players could get teleported into the sky, fall and die
    • In all game modes where lava spreads and multiplies, this plugin is hard for the hardware and uses a lot of RAM (especially when you use big areas). The reason for this is, because the lava spread algorithm is almost like a simulation program. There area many things that have to be calculated and checked.
      Less hard for your hardware however are the game modes push and spleef ;)

    Show Changelog (open)

    Version 1.0.2
    • Fixed (hopefully the last) inventory bug
    • Added possibility to configure iConomy money a player wins in strongest, push or spleef
    Version 1.0.1
    • Started using the GNU versioning system
    • Made the "golden treasure" in fastest a little higher (Y-Coord. = 20)
    • Changed the /ls refresh of spleef and push, so it doesn't lag that much
    Version 1.0
    • Added optional iConomy support
    • Fixed inventory bug
    Version 0.9
    • Added new game mode: "spleef"
    • Added a scoreboard system
    • Fixed many bugs
    Version 0.8
    • Added a optional delay time until the lava starts to spawn in 'normal' and 'strongest'
    • Added new game mode: "push"
    • Bug fix: TNT explosions now don't destroy the area border anymore
    Version 0.7
    • Added new game mode: "agilest"
    • Added simple difficulty settings
    • Added "/ls area save" to save an area the way it is
    • Changed some code for Bukkit build [486]
    Version 0.6
    • Fixed the multiple joining bug
    • Added Permissions plugin support
    • Made lava also spawn from the bottom in game mode 'strongest'
    • Fixed some bugs in 'strongest'
    • Updated ingame Help to v0.5
    Version 0.5
    • Added class "Functions" and moved some code around
    • Fixed some command bugs
    • Added inventory save/load system
    • Added location save/load system
    • Added /ls join here
    • Added /ls leave spawn
    Version 0.4
    • Added color to ingame output text
    • Made it less lagy by changing some scheduler stuff
    • Completed the Help
    • Reduced the number of spawning lava blocks at the beginning
    • Changed the pickaxe type that the Toolboy gets from stone to wood
    • Added a shovel to the start-inventory of 'strongest'
    Version 0.3
    • Initial Release
    Show ToDo List (open)

    • Clean up the whole code
    • Add game modes: DM and TDM
    • Performance: make plugin less laggy
    • Make video
    • More important stuff? You tell me.
    Show Bla (open)

    This is my first plugin and it isn't finished even a bit. It still needs a lot of work. Please let me know if there are any errors and I will try to fix them. If you have any ideas on how this plugin could get better, or if you have any requests on what I should add or remove, please also let me know...
    Especially inform me about numbers (Are there too less of those? Too many of these? Don't get enough blub in xy seconds? ...). I can't test things with numbers very good and don't have enough friends to simulate a LS game with many players. So tell me if things are balanced or imbalanced.

    Also feel free to use my code, just don't forget to mention me if you publish something ;)

    Thanks to Edward Hand who helped me with an essential problem and to all the people who motivate me and make me keep working on my plugins.

    You want to help support LavaSurvival and help with its development, but don't know how???
    Just make a video of you and your friends having fun with LS on youtube and send me the link or tell me about bugs and imbalances you have discovered or buy me a coffee so I can work harder: coffee for Clemens
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    Is it basically Classic Style Lava?
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    Mhh, a little bit ... but it also takes over solid blocks. Of course you start taking damage if you touch it.
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    Oh come on guys!! There has to be something I can improve or something that I can add to make the plugin better....Where are you pleople?
    Or is this just a bad plugin with an bad idea, that nobody needs and that actually isn't fun at all =( ?
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    Post a video. Cba to download without understanding wtf it is :)
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    Name Goes Here

    Commands that work:
    /ls help
    /ls help [topic]

    Commands That Don't:
    Everything Else

    Good Concept Though
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    Did you follow the steps I put under 'Getting started' ?
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    Name Goes Here

    It works now, and it's amazing. Want to play a game of Lava Survival in my server?
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    Need a video as well. LS is/was quite popular on my classic server
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    LavaSurvival v0.4 is almost done :)
    Sorry, I'm not going to make a video until LS v1.0 is out. It is just to "incomplete" in my eyes to make a video of it yet. If someone makes a video and sends it to me, I'll add it though.
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    Thanks Darkwizard =)
    It makes me happy when I see that people enjoy my plugin. It also motivates me to keep working on it and shows me, that all the work I put into it wasn't for nothing.
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    Me and my players where having fun but the lag ruins it. if you can fix that it will be awesome. this is still a awesome plugin!!!

    hey i think there should be a way to set a delay for the lava to spawn. and at one time when we started a game it teleported all the players underground.

    I made a Video Showing That it works and how to start a game sorta.

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    You mean after the players get teleported to the ground, there should be a delay until the lava starts to spawn?
    Game mode 'fastest' can't have a delay, because it is a kind of race to the treasure and would be unfair if the players had a head start.
    But I can add this feature for 'normal' and make the spawn time for 'strongest' variable...that's a good idea.

    Oh and as you got ported underground, did you get ported into a cave? Or into solid ground and then died? Do you remember how high the border was and was there maybe a tree under the lobby?
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    Yes a delay would help people get ready on Normal. i have a bit of a custom delay of my own its in my video. and we got teleported in to a cave and it was pretty high on that game but not the highest i played it was 45 30 i believe. it has not happened again.
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    Ok, I added the delay thing to my Todo list.
    When someone makes a game and there is a tree directly under the lobby or the height of the border is zero (directly on the ground), the players get teleported to the next deeper spot, where there is air (usually underground caves) ... maybe I should delete this feature.

    Oh and thanks for the video =)
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    Every game I have played of this plugin has been fun many of my players have said that "it's laggy but its REALLY Fun."(that is a Real Quote) Keep up the Great work on this plugin!
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    I already decided and have a name. New game mode should come out in LS v0.7

    On all the people who read this:
    I have an idea for a new game mode I want to add... but no name for it yet!! Please read the description bellow and tell me if you like the idea and what name you would give this game mode.

    In this game mode the objective is to gather special blocks (I don't know what kind yet), which are found scattered around in the ground. The lava will spawn at random locations also scattered around in the ground.
    So you don't know where the lava is and where the special blocks are. But you know: if you waste time, the lava will get larger and take over the whole area and you will lose. So you have to hurry, somehow dig through the ground and find and collect those special blocks. If you have XY of these special blocks, you win.

    Should it be a team game so that all players have to gather XY special blocks together, or should it be a single-player game, so that every player has to find XY special blocks on his own???
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    keep up this work !!
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    To me it sounds like Fastest but you need to be more Fast so maybe "FastestExtreme"
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    Hmm what about the following idea.

    You start on a hill with lava around it. From time to time the lava raises and so the island gets smaller. The people on the island get something like a bow to shoot at each other. Shots do no damage but applie some knockback to the target, so the objectiv is to push each other into the lava.
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    Mhh, that's a good idea, I like it. As soon as I have some extra time, I'll try to add your idea ;)
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    Thanks for the plugin. still awesome waiting for v0.7 will be a hard wait.
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    I had this problem to This happens when Air_To_Lava=true for me sometimes. it maybe your computer or it could also be your server. also remember this plugin has not even got to 1.0 yet i am sure he will make it less laggy in future updates.
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    Happy with the new optional delay time ;) ?

    I used your idea to create the new game mode "Push" ... is it the way you imagined it? Is something missing? Tell me your opinion ;)

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    I don't tested it but it seems really good.
    I will install it tomorrow.
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    i keep getting a error when i try use this:

    an internal error occured while attempting to perform this command

    any help lease?
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    Thank you for adding the Delay

    Edit: I added a Delay of 600 Seconds on Normal but the Lava Started Right away
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    Mhh, ok strange ...I just tested it with 600 sec. (/ls go normal 600) and it worked fine. Did this only happen once? If it happens again tell me about it ;)

    Oh wow, those are big errors ... next time this happens, tell me what it says on the console. There should be a big error message like:

    [SEVERE] blablablublubblablablablublubblablablablublubbla
    at bukkit.Clemens.lavasurvival. blablabla
    at org.bukkit.plugin.java. blbablballbb
    at net.minecraft.server blabalblal

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    Just Tested Again did /ls go normal 600 and started going right at the start.

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