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    BossLevels, a new plugin that lets your players experience MMO!

    Have you ever wished for a cool dungeon, where even after going through all the traps, you have to face a boss to get to the reward at the end? Or (this is more fun) are you a server admin and want to see your players struggle through a dungeon just to be killed by a boss waiting for them at the end? You've come to the right place, you sadistical admin! :p

    This is a new plugin that I put together in 2 hours - please report all glitches along with what went wrong and the error log - Messages that say 'It broke' will be ignored.


    /bl-area <ID> <Creature Type> - Allows you to create a mob-spawning arena (op only)
    /bl-save - Saves all data to the file (op only)
    The creature types are not all added: here are the currently supported creature types:
    All creature types are now supported​

    Drag-drop all the zipped files into your plugins folder, and reload the server (/reload)

    • Create a specific mob-spawning area
    VERSION 1:
    Plugin release
    VERSION 2:
    All mob types supported

    Support more mob types - All mob types supported
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    Jonathan Thorpe

    Not really the sort of thing I had hoped for when you responded to my request, but thanks for looking into it. Not tried the plugin yet, but just by reading your initial post, several things are not clear:

    • How do you define the spawn area? I take it there is some kind of process once "/bl-area 0 ZombieZone" (for example) has been executed.
    • Does the plugin override default spawning behaviours? Otherwise you could have random spawns other than the ones you specified within the area, which isn't good if you want to create a zombie maze or whatever.
    • Are the mobs that spawn in the defined areas the only mobs that spawn in the world at all? This links in to the point above.
    • Is there a config file? If so, is it editable?
    • Why is there a "/bl-save" command? Why doesn't the plugin save changes automatically?
    I appreciate this was done in 2 hours, and I appreciate the time you've put into this, so I hope things become a little clearer with more development.
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    it's really good!
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    @Jonathan Thorpe

    Sorry I couldn't add all those features - I didn't have enough time, but I hope to expand this plugin into something more.
    Q: Why is there a /bl-save command? Doesn't it save automatically?
    A: It does, but not very often - if you want it to override the saving time and save, just use this

    Q: Does it override default mob spawns?
    A: No

    Q: Is there a config file? If so, is it editable?
    A: No

    Oh oh oh! I got this cool new idea with this plugin :D

    Instead of using it like a boss dungeon, you could use it as a zoo! So like when players walk into the mob spawn area, it spawns the mobs so that they can see what they look like (make sure the mobs are under lock and key :p)

    Usually, having a mob zoo is impractical, because mobs despawn after the player leaves a certain area.

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    A bit disapointed since the exact same thing is being created with our dungeons using Creaturebox. The difference is that it is far more configurable. What would be more helpful is if this mod changed the properties of mobs within the 'arena' something so you can customize health, damage, ect.. so that the arena itself is a more high risk - high reward area than the rest of the dungeons.
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    This is a very good idea :) Add that and I will download it aswell :)
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    would it be possible for you to add real boss mobs? and maybe something like a fight stage system where you have like 5 mobs to kill bevor a boss of the same or configured type spawns ??? i realy would like to use this in combination with my quest system ^^
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    Well, I can't update this plugin at the moment, but what you can do as a workaround is
    Create 2 or 3 mob spawn areas in the same area, so when players walk in, it registers all three :p and 3 mobs spawn. I'll let you know when I update this again
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    Just another idea for this. On top of modifying the damage and health of mobs within the area you could even give them new abilities. For example a normal skeleton would fire arrows but you could configure skeletons within the arena region to use fire-arrows. Zombies could have a toxic bite (DoT) and Spiders could capture players in webbing whenever they hit you.

    The other possibility is for the boss mobs to have unique loot drops to compensate for their increased difficulty. Sort of like how some plug-ins alter drop tables per world, this could be done per boss region.
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    i really like this :D nice one!
  11. Can't get this, can you show a sample spawn-areas.txt file
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    would it be possible to change the drops of the mobs that spawn inside the spawnareas? i want the boss mobs to drop special loot ^^
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    you could have them drop iConomy monies also :p
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    i got several problem with cb818

    the bosslevels folder gets deletet
    the commands dont work
    it creates a folder named IRC with the config file inside

    i dont know how to interface withe the plugin at this stage it doesnt react to /bl-area or any command given
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    Daniel Few

    This look interesting :)
    Something i've been wanting to make but don't know enough java is this:

    You can place a mob spawn area and set a radius or cubid area, the mob that spawns and a time. When the mob spawns, they roam around that area as normal but can not leave.
    When the mob is killed, it waits a set time before respawning for someone else to kill.

    I really want something like above on my RPG to have respawning mobs with a delay to place arund the wrld. EG chickens in the farm. Skelingtns in my desert, but you can set them to roam a certain area so players know where to find them.

    If you've played RuneScape, then this idea is similar the mobs on there.
    Is there anyway I can use your plug-in for this? OR can you add some features?
    Really looking forward to this plug-in developing :)
    Also, I love your enthusiasm :D
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    oh yea runescape :p
    love that game, good old days. Im glad they brought free trade + PvP back :D

    i can add that functionality easily. ill let u know when im done
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    Daniel Few

    I know! I played it for years but stopped when I went to college :p still miss it sometimes haha.
    That would be AMAZING if you can add a runescape type mob system thing :p
    So maybe you could set a cuboid area and be able to choose:
    • the type of mob that spawns there
    • how many mobs maximum will spawn
    • how long between each kill does it take for the mob to repspawn
    If you could do that it would be sooo helpful.
    My plan is to set a few of thse areas up around my world with dif mobs spawning there (like on rs so you know where to go for each one)
    If not, don't worry :)

    Just wonering, is it possible that when the mob spawns, they roam around the cuboid area and dont leave? I don't know if this is possible I've only had a quick look at bukkit API and know very, very limited java. If not, how would you be able to do this? I wanna learn! Lol
    Thanks again for this amazing plug-in
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    Sorry about that, Eclipse was being a noob and exported the wrong Jar file :L. I fixed it.
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    Daniel Few

    Heya just wondering how this is going :)
    Hope everythings ok :D
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    I'm just running into a small error, I'm trying to work around it :)
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    Daniel Few

    Oh, well good luck sorting it out.
    Have you managed to implement the Runescape type mob system thing :p
    Really looking forward to this for RPG
    Thanks again
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    eeerm The plugin is moving the "BossLevels" folder to "NoLogOutNoobs" and stops starting cause "BossLevels" is missing....
    theres a file named "BossLevelsspawn-areas.txt" additionally, maybe cause im running linux and u hardcoded the packslash for pathes?

    And this happens if i copy the folder and have both of them in it, so "BossLevels" AND "NoLogOutNoobs"

    2011-06-05 00:16:21 [INFO] While loading NoLogOutNoobs (plugins/BossLevels.jar) found old-data folder: plugins/BossLevels next to the new one: plugins/NoLogOutNoobs
    2011-06-05 00:16:22 [INFO] [BL] BossLevel (reffered to as [BL]) is enabled!
    2011-06-05 00:16:22 [SCHWERWIEGEND] Error occurred while enabling NoLogOutNoobs v0.1 (Is it up to date?): null

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    please update to latest RB
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    Any chance this will be upgraded to build 818 soon. Maybe with some way of making or adding custom bosses?
  25. Hey, really nice plugin. But can i spawn like lets say i use some plugin that gives me some hill giant lets say xD and than can i make a spawn are of hill giants with this? :confused:

    • Why is there a "/bl-save" command? Why doesn't the plugin save changes automatically?
    probably because if you do something wrong it wont save it.

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    Daniel Few

    It was mentioned earlier. Read a few posts above before you post.
  27. :(

    i know that this place might be wrong to ask this but is there a plugin that has runescape armor or somthin? (i mean bronze,iron....... dragon.......

    Oh and also using BossLevels right now. Not working as i hoped but the best there currently is!
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    Daniel Few

    Runescape armour would need a mod :/ You cant make new item's in plugins.
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    or just a texture pack;)
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    Daniel Few

    Good point. But it wouldn't allow and new armours ;)
    Sorry mis-understood your post.

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