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    TerrainRenewal - Bringing new content to your existing worlds
    Version: 1.0

    TerrainRenewal keeps track of the last minecraft version your chunks were loaded in. When you update your server, TerrainRenewal will check each chunk in your server and dynamically regenerate them if they don't contain any man-made blocks. You will no longer have to venture miles from home to see new content.

    The list of man-made blocks is editable to include any blocks you could want. There is no dependency on permissions, no commands, and seamless multi-world support.

    materials.list : Comma-separated list of data values that TerrainRenewal should consider man-made

    WARNING: Do not use on older worlds, as this plugin will indiscriminately replace chunks that have not been built on. This plugin uses the same algorithm as WorldEdit's //regen command, if your world was first created in alpha, this plugin is not for you. If you first generated your world in beta, than please test with //regen in an inconspicuous area before installing. Make backups, before installing this plugin until you know that your world was generated using the same algorithm as the current build.
    Download the Jar (source included in jar)

    Licensed under: Creative Commons 3.0: Attribution, Non-commercial, Share-Alike

    Todo list:
    • Add dynamic chunk merge algorithm to smooth out updated/not chunk edges.
    • Updates chest contents in unexplored dungeons.
    Change Log:
    Version 1.0
    • Initial Release
    • Automatic regeneration of untouched chunks
    • Fully configurable definition of "untouched"
    • Multi-world support.
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    Good job finishing the plugin.
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    Will this consider cobblestone to be man made with the exception of blocks near spawners?
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    uh sorry.. can't understand what this for but it looks cool.. can you explain more to me? ^_^"
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    Sounds nice :)
    Will test it as soon as possible. Will this bring tall grass and dry bushes to our world?
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    As far as I can tell it's for regenerating chunks that have no man-made blocks in them. Allowing them to contain new natural content. For example a map that's pre-birch, pine etc would regen chunks that haven't been edited to allow these things to appear.

    Uh I think that's an alright sum-up. Tell me if you don't get it.
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    You can configure what blocks you want to be considered man made
    Yes, it will regenerate the chunk using the new updates algorithm :p
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    sort of.. I'll try it out to see any changes in my world..
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    could alternative/future version of this plugin also delete large groupings of unchanged chunks?

    I had a user venture forth into the great beyond and now the map has some apendages that are completely unused, I would love a automated way to delete them (too big for map editor).
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    I have been waiting for a plugin like this. Nice one!

    Quick question: Is there any way to force a "renewal"? I have a lot of chunks that are still not updated for 1.6 and would like to test it out.
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    I'm just wondering whether this can't use the same thing as @sk89q 's worldedit //regen command, as this regenerates the land perfectly without joins, can't you check whether the current area is the same as the regen'd version (or however you implement it) and reset it accordingly? or does sk89q's one regen it to the new algorithm (new grasses etc.), if so then this will not work, but anyway, I like the idea and what you've done so far.
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    I highly suggest you don't install this if you don't want sliced chunks.
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    By default, it does not consider mossy cobblestone to be man-made, unless you add it to the list.

    It will use the newest algorithm available, sliced chunks will inevitably happen in the event that your world was made before the last algorithm change. I don't consider this a bug unless worldedit's //regen generates something different.

    This plugin uses the same algorithm that worldedit uses, except this will automatically call it whenever a user walks near a chunk. You could theoretically use //regen for everything, but it will take alot longer as something with permissions to use regen would have to go to every chunk and run the command themself. As it stands now, this will auto-run in every chunk without man-made blocks in it that ANY player walks into.

    By default, the first time you run the app, all chunks are considered old and will get updated. After the first time through your world, if you want to force an update you can just delete the updates.dat file and the plugin will assume all chunks are old again.


    This is the first release and the algorithm determining whether or not to update a chunk is primitive at best, and DOES NOT work well with pre-beta worlds. I highly advise checking a small area out of the way using //regen in WorldEdit before you install on your server. As always, backup before making plugin changes.

    Once again if WorldEdit's //regen does not work as expected, neither will this plugin. Both plugins rely on the built-in Minecraft chunk generator, which does change at Notch's whim. Until a version comes out with a better replacement algorithm, confirm that //regen works as intended before installing, and as always, make backups before making major changes like adding regenerative plugins.
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    I like the functionality, but as you are developing a plugin closest to what I'm looking for, I have to ask, is there any way to create an option that can allow you to edit biome data by chunk? For instance change the temperature in a specific chunk so that it will receive snowfall instead of rain? Or setting a chunk to change to a specific biome on renewal?
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    There's no way in Bukkit to change biomes that I know of. I'm pretty sure that the biome update changed the terrain generation algorithm, and would be seriously broken if you ran this plugin as is (see picture above). I'm really not sure where biome data is even stored, it may be a function of the coordinate system at which point you're just out of luck.
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    Alrighty, thanks for the quick reply, I appreciate it. It's become annoying to have one part of a building in snow and the other half in rain. Maybe once Notch gives out the source code we can see something like this appear.
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    I didn't mean mossy cobblestone, just plain cobblestone (which happen naturally only near spawners)
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    At the moment, it does not differentiate, between cobble near spawners or not.

    The spawner placement algorithm hasn't changed since the last major terrain generation algorithm has changed. So even if you did ignore cobblestone, no new dungeons would get generated anyway (Unless you had an old map which would be bad anyway). It would be nice to get updated contents to chests in unexplored dungeons, I'll look into putting that in the next version.
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    Is there anyway to force chunk regeneration checking within ALL existing chunks and not just the ones nearest the players? I have a pre-generated world and would like to regenerate everything that has not been touched. Like leave it running over night and then the next day... viola!, most of your world is regenerated.

    Any chance... ? I would presume it would be a similar process to the Terrain Generator script that I used to create the world in the first place.
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    I haven't looked into it much, but I'll take a look at it, and see what I can do.
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    yes, PLEASE integrate this :) Because with this plugin my server is veeeeeery slow.

    Then I could update all chunks one time and disable the plugin to save CPU.
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    Not to mention getting stuck in trees occasionally or having to mercy kill an animal stuck in a tree. :D
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    I'm going to install it. Nice work.
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    Is this working with b1000?
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    I've decided to no longer continue updating this plugin. Given it's nature, I would need to make updates for every new version that comes out, and every new terrain generator will break all backward compatibility; frankly, I don't have the attention span to deal with that.

    So, if anyone wants to take over the project, just message me and I'll send you the eclipse project, or you can decompile the jar.
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    please dont abandon this!
    we just added it as our seed got changed we use the phoenix generator
    walking arround the world having the corruption change block by block with out replacing human built stuff is very very very very very usefull

    thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

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