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    Make creature spawners tradable
    Now with Wolves, Monsters, Slimes and Giants!

    Download version 0.7.3 for CraftBukkit 602, 617, 670, 684
    Downloads for old (unsupported) versions (open)

    • Have you ever thought "I'd love to be able to dig this dungeon out, and move it somewhere more useful."?
    • Have you ever thought "I'd really like to be able to /give myself a spawner, and make it produce something other than pigs."?
    • Have you ever thought "I'd really like to be able to turn this spawner on and off with a switch?"
    If you answered "yes" to any of these, then creaturebox is the plugin for you.

    creaturebox fixes several issues with creature spawners, so that they can be altered, and traded between players.

    • When a creature spawner is broken, it is dropped as an item.
    • When a creature spawner is placed, it retains its original creature type.
    • The creature type which is created by a creature spawner can be changed using the /creaturebox set command. To alter a mob spawner, look directly at it (through glass is fine), then type /creaturebox set {creaturename}, where {creaturename} is the name of a creature. Valid creature names are: pig, chicken, cow, sheep, squid, creeper, ghast, pig_zombie, skeleton, spider, zombie, slime, monster, giant and wolf.
    • The frequency at which a creature spawner generates creatures can be changed using the /creaturebox period {period} command, where {period} is the number of seconds between spawns. A period of -1 gives a random period between 10 and 20 seconds. A period of zero puts the creature spawner into "pulsed redstone" mode, where creatures are generated only when the redstone power of the spawner switches from high to low.
    • The number of creatures generated at a time can be changed using the /creaturebox count {count} command, where {count} is the number of creatures to generate. A count of -1 generates a random number of creatures (from 1 to 4), while a count of 0 disables the spawner.
    • The maximum number of live mobs that a spawner will maintain can be changed using the /creaturebox limit {limit} command, where {limit} is the desired maximum. A limit of -1 sets the default, which is 10 for a managed spawner, and unknown for a natural spawner.
    • The requirements for spawning a creature can be adjusted using the /creaturebox requires {requirements} command, where {requirements} is a space separated list any number of:
      • player - require a player to be within 20 blocks of the spawner.
      • surface - require grass for critters.
      • light - require light for critters, dark for monsters.
    • A creature spawner's settings can be displayed using the /creaturebox info command.
    • A creature spawner can be given to a player using the /creaturebox give {player} {creaturename} {count} command.
    • Supports the Permissions API. If Permissions (or GroupManager/FakePermissions) is not available, uses the player's Op status to determine its behavior.
    • A creature spawner can be turned off by powering it with redstone. Note: this will not affect the spawning of invincible "Ghost pigs".
    • creaturebox.set - Allows use of the /creaturebox set command.
    • creaturebox.give - Allows use of the /creaturebox give command.
    • creaturebox.creature.{creaturename} - Allows the player to set or give {creaturename} spawners, where {creaturename} is a valid creature name (pig, cow, etc...).
    • creaturebox.period - Allows use of the /creaturebox period command.
    • creaturebox.count - Allows use of the /creaturebox count command.
    • creaturebox.limit - Allows use of the /creaturebox limit command.
    • creaturebox.requires - Allows use of the /creaturebox requires command.
    • creaturebox.dropspawner - When a creature spawner is broken, it is dropped as an item.
    • creaturebox.placespawner - When a creature spawner is placed, it retains its original creature type.
    • creaturebox now creates a config.yml file in .../Plugins/creaturebox.
    • debugPriority: {integer range 0-3, default 2} - Sets the "noise level" for debugging messages - lower numbers = less noise. In general, you can ignore this because you have to set yourself as a debugger to see debugging messages.
    • messagePriority: {integer range 0-3, default 3 } - Sets the "noise level" for messages which are displayed when a player types a command.
    • enableRedstone: {boolean, default true} - Enables or disables redstone control of creature spawners.
    • operatorPermissions: {boolean, default true} - Enables separate operator permissions. If set to false, players are given the same permissions as operators. This setting will do nothing if a permissions plugin is installed.
    • creaturebox runs spawners in two different modes. "Natural" mode, where the spawner is run entirely by minecraft (and thus won't stop working, or change behavior when the map is loaded on a vanilla server), and "Managed" mode, where the spawner is run entirely by creaturebox. A spawner is switched to managed mode if any of its settings are changed from default. Squid, Slime, Monster and Giant spawners are always run in managed mode.
    • It is now possible to defeat the invincible "Ghost Pigs". Change the grass in a 9x9 area under the spawner to something else (green wool would work nicely) which would stop pigs from spawning entirely. Then, look at the spawner, and type /creaturebox requires player light to allow the pigs to spawn on the wool.
    Latest Revisions:

    Version 0.7.3
    • Added creaturebox.period, creaturebox.count, creaturebox.limit and creaturebox.requires permissions.
    • The source code for creaturebox is now included within the .jar.
    Revision History (open)
    Version 0.7.2
    • Managed spawner settings for multiple worlds (spawners.yml) are now loaded correctly.
    • A new configuration setting (operatorPermissions:) has been added to config.yml.
    Version 0.7.1
    • spawners.yml is now written whenever a spawner is modified.
    • Added exception handling to the code that reads spawners.yml.
    • Spawners are now removed from the managed spawners list when their block is broken (or otherwise changed).
    • Added (experimental) code to stop spawners from being run if their chunk is unloaded. This code needs more testing, as it appears that checking to see if a chunk is unloaded may be causing it to load.
    Version 0.7.0
    • Enabled all of my "experimental" features.
    • The frequency at which mobs are generated can be changed (see /creaturebox period).
    • Spawners can now be "pulsed" with redstone, to generate 1 or more mobs each time a button is pressed (see /creaturebox period).
    • The number of mobs generated each time can be changed (see /creaturebox count).
    • The total number of mobs that a spawner will create at a time can be changed (see /creaturebox limit).
    • Some of the requirements for spawning a mob can be relaxed (see /creaturebox requires).
    Version 0.6.3
    • Fixed default permissions for wolf spawners.
    • Fixed spawning for squid spawners.
    Version 0.6.2
    • Worked around a bug in bukkit which was causing all spawners to be placed as pig spawners.
    • Added support for wolf spawners.
    • Enabled experimental code which improves the spawning requirements for sqiud spawners (Note: to activate this code you have to use the /creaturebox set squid command on the spawner. Existing spawners and those placed from inventory still use the old code).
    Version 0.6.1
    • Updated to support CraftBukkit build 602. Note: creaturebox is not compatible with CraftBukkit build 600.
    Version 0.6.0
    • Rewrote the plugin from scratch, to make way for new features.
    • Replaced right-click selection of mob spawners with "where I'm looking" selection.
    • Added /creaturebox info command, which tells the player a creature spawner's settings.
    Version 0.5.1
    • Added /creaturebox access command, which tells the player what access they have.
    • Updated to support craftbukkit 522/bukkit 450
    • Removed the Slime creature type - slime spawners don't work as is.
    Version 0.5
    • Added the ability to turn spawners on and off with redstone.
    Version 0.4
    • Altered creaturebox.attachPermissions in an attempt to gain compatibility with Permissions version 2.1.
    Version 0.3
    • pig_zombie spawners now break correctly.
    Version 0.2
    • Changed /creaturebox {creaturename} command to /creaturebox set {creaturename}.
    • Changed creaturebox.changespawner permission to creaturebox.set.
    • Added /creaturebox give {player} {creaturename} {count} command.
    • Added per-creature permissions.
    Version 0.1
    • First Release
    To Do:
    • Adjust event priorities (Destroying a spawner in a protected area copies the spawner).
    • Looking for suggestions
    Features I'm considering:
    • Mobs riding mobs.
    • Per-server or per-world spawn limits.
    • Angry Wolves.
    • Rainbow sheep.
    Things I can't do anything about:
    • As of MineCraft 1.4, Spawners don't show damage when they're in your inventory. Sorry, Notch "Fixed" this.
    • As of MineCraft 1.4, if you pick up a pig spawner, and follow it up by picking up a wolf spawner, you'll end up with two pig spawners. This is caused by the above "damage" fix, and until bukkit adds inventory hooks, nothing can be done about it.
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    operatorPermissions: {boolean, default true} - Enables separate operator permissions. If set to false, players are given the same permissions as operators. This setting will do nothing if a permissions plugin is installed.

    I setted it to false
    doesn't work. "you are not an operator"
    and please, in future add in options max count, max seconds, types of monsters you can change.
    in my server, admins doesn't exist, and this plugin it's good, but must added and restrictions for each command, as it will use every player.
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    Oh sure you make it multi world after i copy paste 3,000,000 blocks 100k at a time, over and over, to get my creature boxes in my main world with the dungeon so it will work, god am i dissapointed...
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    o.o Yikes!
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    Can anyone post a set up of how a creaturebox works with redstone? I just can't seem to make it stop spawning creatures. I want to be able to switch it on and off with a leaver, but when I place a powered redwire next to it or below it, it doesn't stop spawning mobs.
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    Celtic Minstrel

    Are they invincible pigs that it's spawning?
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    1. Insure that creaturebox is running properly - center your crosshair on a spawner and type /creaturebox info. If the resulting message doesn't come from creaturebox, or you don't see any message, then creaturebox isn't running.
    2. Insure that the you're not seeing invincible "ghost pigs". Read the red sections in the first post.
    3. Place a redstone wire next to the spawner, and power it such that the wire runs directly into the side of the spawner, or place a redstone torch under the spawner.

    It might have been easier to just change your server.properties file such that "krazy" was the main world - but hey, you needed a project to kill your Saturday afternoon with, didn't you? ;)

    Really, this was a classic debugging problem. I needed enough information about the problem to reproduce it before I could figure out what was causing it - then I needed an otherwise unused afternoon to fix it. :p

    I'll look into it when I have some spare time, but since creaturebox works very well with Permissions, GroupManager and Essentials, I'm not going to put a high priority on it.
    If you need that kind of control over it, you'll have to use a permissions plugin. That's what they're for.

    For per command restrictions, all of the commands that modify a spawner are grouped under the creaturebox.set permission. I suppose that operations that create a "managed" or non-natural spawner could be given their own permission node.

    For per-creature restrictions, those already exist - again, it requires a permissions plugin.

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    Can this be used to spawn a monster in a light area? I tried placing a zombie spawner and setting it to require light and they don't seem to spawn.
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    Thanks, I got it to work!
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    Celtic Minstrel

    Do you have mobs enabled in server.properties?
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    Bug: Destroying a spawner in a protected area copies the spawner.
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    Actually what you want to do is tell it not to require light - or more accurately, not to take light into account as part of its requirements - i.e. /creaturebox requires player surface.

    Noted - hopefully, adjusting the event priority will fix that.

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    Updated to 0.9.24 an now repair doesn't work anymore. I lose my iron ingot, sometimes there come the message "That fet easy" but the durability is still the same.
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    Wrong thread?
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    yep, a little confused so forget it :p

    great plugin by the way
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    I'm not sure if this request has been posted already, but here goes. Is there any chance you could put in a feature that would regulate the radius in which the mobs spawn relative to the spawner? Not where they go from there, but just where they start off. I keep having mobs spawn outside structures and walls when theres more than enough room right next to the spawner itself.
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    Yes, I do
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    Codex Arcanum

    Question, is there an option to spawn angry wolves, and if not, that option would be nice. Not sure if that's been suggested before.
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    Luke Matusiak

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    Yo, I tried to find the source code for this plugin to add some stuff, but I couldn't find it. You should prolly add a link to that in the first post. Also, would it be possible to add a permission "modify" for the period, count, and limit commands, to prevent someone from setting them so that a server just gets flooded with monsters?
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    Celtic Minstrel

    Considering that the code for an older version is on github, I don't think he would mind if you used JD-GUI or a similar java decompiler to get the source from the jar. I can't be certain though.
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    The creaturebox.set permission is used for period, count and limit - it seems to me that if you can't trust a player to modify those settings, they probably shouldn't be allowed to change the creature type either.

    That said, it wouldn't be too difficult to add another permission to it.
    Actually, I'll probably just dump the source code into the jar for my next release.
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    does anyone know why the spider box I made is spawning pigs? even when I /get info from the box it says it's a spider spawner
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    Celtic Minstrel

    Read the first post. Invincible pigs are a known bug.
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    i'm confused.. I don't see anything in the post about my problem. my pigs are normal pigs, not invincible "ghost" pigs
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    When I make pig spawner, it only spawns 1 ghost pig, and then spawns normal pigs. Any way to fix this?
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    Invincible pigs can be beaten because Lodran is awesome:

    1) Replace the grass with something else.
    2) Do /cb requires player light
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    Celtic Minstrel

    Really? They take damage? I dunno then.
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    1. Monster spawners need darkness to work correctly.
    2. There's a client side bug that makes all spawners generate pigs wherever grass and light are found. These pigs don't exist on the server, and therefore cannot be killed (thus, they're invincible "Ghost pigs").
    If you're seeing pigs from a spider spawner, there's too much light for the spawner to make spiders, and there's grass for the pigs to spawn on. You also won't be able to kill them.
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    Actually, you did a great job sir!
    Because it worked for me
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    Hello, i really need a way to stop people from changing the limit, period and count. I dont mind them setting the type because that wont cause much harm, but using the limit, count etc players can lag the server easily by making it spawn loads of mobs. Its a great plugin but i can't use it at the moment because players just lag the server with it. Thank's for your understanding :)

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