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    Make creature spawners tradable
    Now with Wolves, Monsters, Slimes and Giants!

    Download version 0.7.3 for CraftBukkit 602, 617, 670, 684
    Downloads for old (unsupported) versions (open)

    • Have you ever thought "I'd love to be able to dig this dungeon out, and move it somewhere more useful."?
    • Have you ever thought "I'd really like to be able to /give myself a spawner, and make it produce something other than pigs."?
    • Have you ever thought "I'd really like to be able to turn this spawner on and off with a switch?"
    If you answered "yes" to any of these, then creaturebox is the plugin for you.

    creaturebox fixes several issues with creature spawners, so that they can be altered, and traded between players.

    • When a creature spawner is broken, it is dropped as an item.
    • When a creature spawner is placed, it retains its original creature type.
    • The creature type which is created by a creature spawner can be changed using the /creaturebox set command. To alter a mob spawner, look directly at it (through glass is fine), then type /creaturebox set {creaturename}, where {creaturename} is the name of a creature. Valid creature names are: pig, chicken, cow, sheep, squid, creeper, ghast, pig_zombie, skeleton, spider, zombie, slime, monster, giant and wolf.
    • The frequency at which a creature spawner generates creatures can be changed using the /creaturebox period {period} command, where {period} is the number of seconds between spawns. A period of -1 gives a random period between 10 and 20 seconds. A period of zero puts the creature spawner into "pulsed redstone" mode, where creatures are generated only when the redstone power of the spawner switches from high to low.
    • The number of creatures generated at a time can be changed using the /creaturebox count {count} command, where {count} is the number of creatures to generate. A count of -1 generates a random number of creatures (from 1 to 4), while a count of 0 disables the spawner.
    • The maximum number of live mobs that a spawner will maintain can be changed using the /creaturebox limit {limit} command, where {limit} is the desired maximum. A limit of -1 sets the default, which is 10 for a managed spawner, and unknown for a natural spawner.
    • The requirements for spawning a creature can be adjusted using the /creaturebox requires {requirements} command, where {requirements} is a space separated list any number of:
      • player - require a player to be within 20 blocks of the spawner.
      • surface - require grass for critters.
      • light - require light for critters, dark for monsters.
    • A creature spawner's settings can be displayed using the /creaturebox info command.
    • A creature spawner can be given to a player using the /creaturebox give {player} {creaturename} {count} command.
    • Supports the Permissions API. If Permissions (or GroupManager/FakePermissions) is not available, uses the player's Op status to determine its behavior.
    • A creature spawner can be turned off by powering it with redstone. Note: this will not affect the spawning of invincible "Ghost pigs".
    • creaturebox.set - Allows use of the /creaturebox set command.
    • creaturebox.give - Allows use of the /creaturebox give command.
    • creaturebox.creature.{creaturename} - Allows the player to set or give {creaturename} spawners, where {creaturename} is a valid creature name (pig, cow, etc...).
    • creaturebox.period - Allows use of the /creaturebox period command.
    • creaturebox.count - Allows use of the /creaturebox count command.
    • creaturebox.limit - Allows use of the /creaturebox limit command.
    • creaturebox.requires - Allows use of the /creaturebox requires command.
    • creaturebox.dropspawner - When a creature spawner is broken, it is dropped as an item.
    • creaturebox.placespawner - When a creature spawner is placed, it retains its original creature type.
    • creaturebox now creates a config.yml file in .../Plugins/creaturebox.
    • debugPriority: {integer range 0-3, default 2} - Sets the "noise level" for debugging messages - lower numbers = less noise. In general, you can ignore this because you have to set yourself as a debugger to see debugging messages.
    • messagePriority: {integer range 0-3, default 3 } - Sets the "noise level" for messages which are displayed when a player types a command.
    • enableRedstone: {boolean, default true} - Enables or disables redstone control of creature spawners.
    • operatorPermissions: {boolean, default true} - Enables separate operator permissions. If set to false, players are given the same permissions as operators. This setting will do nothing if a permissions plugin is installed.
    • creaturebox runs spawners in two different modes. "Natural" mode, where the spawner is run entirely by minecraft (and thus won't stop working, or change behavior when the map is loaded on a vanilla server), and "Managed" mode, where the spawner is run entirely by creaturebox. A spawner is switched to managed mode if any of its settings are changed from default. Squid, Slime, Monster and Giant spawners are always run in managed mode.
    • It is now possible to defeat the invincible "Ghost Pigs". Change the grass in a 9x9 area under the spawner to something else (green wool would work nicely) which would stop pigs from spawning entirely. Then, look at the spawner, and type /creaturebox requires player light to allow the pigs to spawn on the wool.
    Latest Revisions:

    Version 0.7.3
    • Added creaturebox.period, creaturebox.count, creaturebox.limit and creaturebox.requires permissions.
    • The source code for creaturebox is now included within the .jar.
    Revision History (open)
    Version 0.7.2
    • Managed spawner settings for multiple worlds (spawners.yml) are now loaded correctly.
    • A new configuration setting (operatorPermissions:) has been added to config.yml.
    Version 0.7.1
    • spawners.yml is now written whenever a spawner is modified.
    • Added exception handling to the code that reads spawners.yml.
    • Spawners are now removed from the managed spawners list when their block is broken (or otherwise changed).
    • Added (experimental) code to stop spawners from being run if their chunk is unloaded. This code needs more testing, as it appears that checking to see if a chunk is unloaded may be causing it to load.
    Version 0.7.0
    • Enabled all of my "experimental" features.
    • The frequency at which mobs are generated can be changed (see /creaturebox period).
    • Spawners can now be "pulsed" with redstone, to generate 1 or more mobs each time a button is pressed (see /creaturebox period).
    • The number of mobs generated each time can be changed (see /creaturebox count).
    • The total number of mobs that a spawner will create at a time can be changed (see /creaturebox limit).
    • Some of the requirements for spawning a mob can be relaxed (see /creaturebox requires).
    Version 0.6.3
    • Fixed default permissions for wolf spawners.
    • Fixed spawning for squid spawners.
    Version 0.6.2
    • Worked around a bug in bukkit which was causing all spawners to be placed as pig spawners.
    • Added support for wolf spawners.
    • Enabled experimental code which improves the spawning requirements for sqiud spawners (Note: to activate this code you have to use the /creaturebox set squid command on the spawner. Existing spawners and those placed from inventory still use the old code).
    Version 0.6.1
    • Updated to support CraftBukkit build 602. Note: creaturebox is not compatible with CraftBukkit build 600.
    Version 0.6.0
    • Rewrote the plugin from scratch, to make way for new features.
    • Replaced right-click selection of mob spawners with "where I'm looking" selection.
    • Added /creaturebox info command, which tells the player a creature spawner's settings.
    Version 0.5.1
    • Added /creaturebox access command, which tells the player what access they have.
    • Updated to support craftbukkit 522/bukkit 450
    • Removed the Slime creature type - slime spawners don't work as is.
    Version 0.5
    • Added the ability to turn spawners on and off with redstone.
    Version 0.4
    • Altered creaturebox.attachPermissions in an attempt to gain compatibility with Permissions version 2.1.
    Version 0.3
    • pig_zombie spawners now break correctly.
    Version 0.2
    • Changed /creaturebox {creaturename} command to /creaturebox set {creaturename}.
    • Changed creaturebox.changespawner permission to creaturebox.set.
    • Added /creaturebox give {player} {creaturename} {count} command.
    • Added per-creature permissions.
    Version 0.1
    • First Release
    To Do:
    • Adjust event priorities (Destroying a spawner in a protected area copies the spawner).
    • Looking for suggestions
    Features I'm considering:
    • Mobs riding mobs.
    • Per-server or per-world spawn limits.
    • Angry Wolves.
    • Rainbow sheep.
    Things I can't do anything about:
    • As of MineCraft 1.4, Spawners don't show damage when they're in your inventory. Sorry, Notch "Fixed" this.
    • As of MineCraft 1.4, if you pick up a pig spawner, and follow it up by picking up a wolf spawner, you'll end up with two pig spawners. This is caused by the above "damage" fix, and until bukkit adds inventory hooks, nothing can be done about it.
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    If keep chunks loaded is enabled that is... Also I finished the hard maze in 4 minutes without cheats :D
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    Drei Gyuu

    Has anyone ever had a problem with the liquids in the game not flowing properly while using this mod?

    Any fix for it?

    It starts out fine for me, and then after a while the water will not flow properly anymore. like you put down water and even after you kill the source you still see the water that flow from the source still there sitting on the ground. and they wont go away. Normally water goes away after you kill the source.

    I always have to restart my server to fix this issue but it always comes back.
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    I've never seen that, either on my private server, or on spathizilla's. creaturebox doesn't hook anything that should have anything to do with liquids flowing.

    I have seen water stop flowing as a result of mods that play with the time. I'd also suppose that server lag caused from too many mobs might also mess up water flow.

    If you've got a lot of "managed" spawners (ones with modified requirements, multiple mob types, etc...) that could be causing the problem.
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    the problem is that after restart the spawner not maintain configurations, are spwan million mobs that they drop the server.......

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    I tried another bukkit version, didnt help :(
    Oh well, i guess its my Windows that causes the problem.
    Thanks for trying to help though, i can still edit the .txt files i guess
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    Drei Gyuu

    Apparently in my case the problem was because I lock the time, so the liquids in the game wont flow. It does make perfect sense. Just sharing the solution for those who had the same issue. and it has nothing to do with this plugin.
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  9. I am using the latest :eek:

    Major issue if people harvest a mob spawner on protected property where they are not allowed to destroy blocks, they obtain the Mob Spawner, but it does not disappear from the map. So they can just keep harvesting and thus endlessly dupe them.

    Would be great to get a fix for that :D

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    sexy vampire

    question is thins working in newwst rec build 766 ?
  11. Yes.

    Apart from the protection issue, a request: can we get configurable default spawnrate? I want to make spawners spawn less mobs, or well, at a slower rate, than the current rate.
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    There are the /cb period and /cb count commands for that - unfortunately, both of those turn it into a managed spawner, which has its own problems (managed spawners currently lose track of the mobs they spawn when the chunk the mob is in gets unloaded, which ends up with it spawning more mobs than you want).

    Another method, which would avoid the "managed spawner" issue, would be to put a flashing redstone torch directly under the spawner. If the torch was lit half the time, the spawner would create half the normal mobs.
  13. Yea that would not solve my issue :p I want to be able to limit the power of spawners people with authorization can create, without having to ask them to set a limit themselves.

    I am solving it now by limiting mob spawns with Heavenly, the protection issue is a much bigger problem tho :p
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    Drei Gyuu

    Works like a charm ;]
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    I love this. Plus, if you want multicolor sheep, this works with TieDyeSheep. ^_^ VERY AWESOME. <3

    Using this with mcMMO to create a training arena. You go mate!
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    Titler Witze

    This is a really great mod :) good work! but I have a problem with the requirements command... could you make an example of how to let the player be 50 blocks away and the monsters still would spawn?
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    Take out the "Player" requirement.
    I have one with just "Space" and "light" and it spawns skeletons all the time. even when I am not close to it. (It's in a box in the sky and I stand on the ground and watch them fall out.)
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    Can spawners, spawn mobs and be underground?
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    cb 684 - inactive
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    Doesnt work for 766 at all :(
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    That's weird. I have 766 on my server and creaturebox is working fine for me. http://minecraft.flobi.com/ for a list of the plugins and versions I have installed. Nearly all of the ones I have installed are working fine with 766. (Though I am currently having trouble turning instabreak off for creativeplus.)
  22. I've got the bukkit version 798,

    If i place a mobspawner typ the command "/cb set zombie" it will spawn
    unbreakable pigs and zombies (zombies not unbreakable)

    Can anybody tell me why or is it a new bug?
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    That is a bug with the client. The client is spawning pigs because the client does not know it's not supposed to be handling the spawns. Also, the server/client protocol doesn't transfer the info regarding what the spawner actually is. Any spawner, with or without this plugin will experience this effect. You should be able to see in your client that the spinning mob inside is a pig, despite that you've set it to be a zombie. Even if you find a spawner generated by the base game server (without even bukkit), the client will still show it as a pig. You don't usually see immortal pigs because base game only generates spawners well out of the distance of grass...which is what the pigs are being spawned on. It's actually a quite well known issue and is not a bug of this plugin. Maybe Notch will have it fixed in 1.6? He said he's working on a lot of bug fixes, so who knows?
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    Jonathan Thorpe

    Good plugin, comes close to what I need. I'm running it on 798, works fine. I too had the problem of the client showing pigs when I set the spawner to something else, I fixed this by allowing mobs on my server. I have only one question... does this plugin prevent natural spawning in the rest of the world? I only want mobs in certain areas... there seem to be no plugins that can do this. Mobiile claims to, but doesn't work properly and is now inactive too. So if this plugin disables natural spawning while still allowing mobs, it would solve my problem, because I can hide managed spawners in areas.
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    could you please please update to RB i love this plugin and seeing it inactive makes me fear its end is nigh T.T my users need this for their farms/dungeons
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    Lodran is currently away from the game on business. He did ask me to fix any issues which come up so I guess I should make a new thread.
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    @Spathizilla @Lodran
    Hey guys, im looking for alot of inactive plugins that i am very willing to carry on as i have like 3 months free time so yeh :)
    if you want i can carry this plugin on please...
    Thanks guys...

    @Avous i would love to continue this plugin and possibly make it so that it can support multiworld or something :)

    Thanks if i can...
  28. So which of you two is picking it up? :p
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    I guess i will if everyone wants me to @Joy :p
  30. Well, someone, would be nice, this can use some love :p

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