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    Blueprint-Revisited - Design out of Minecraft and then bring it into Minecraft!
    Version: v0.5

    This is a fork of a plugin that got started then the developer kinda went missing.
    I had a strong interest in it so I decided to fork it and make my own version :)
    Here is the link to the other one:

    The idea behind this plugin is to allow people to use a external application to design their
    buildings and anything else you can imagine without the worry of mobs, or server lag, or
    just to save the time it would take to build it by hand and fix any issues you might find.
    This takes all that away and makes it nice and easy to design then import your blueprint into
    Minecraft. This works in 3D (one of the larger advancements over the original), you can build
    as high as you want! The editor is a basic 2D editor that you can go up in layers. Currently
    you can not see the below layers but that is a feature I am looking to add.

    • Design a building, or whatever you want with a basic editor (in 3D!)
    • Import your design into Minecraft as glass, once you are happy with the placement convert it to the actual blocks!
    • Left click to place the block. Right click to remove it.
    • Save/load blueprints so you can come back an work on them later!
    • Uses the .schematic file so the files are compatible with WorldEdit, MCEdit, Minecraft Structure Planner, and anything else that uses that file standard
    • Save a layer and reuse that layer in any other blueprint or even the same on!
    • Pain the blocks by holding down the mouse button!
    Download: https://github.com/downloads/bob3695/Blueprint-Revisited/Blueprint-Revisited.zip
    Source: https://github.com/bob3695/Blueprint-Revisited

    There are two JAR files in the zip file. The first one we will worry about it Blueprint.jar. That is the plugin that you just need to simply drop into the plugins folder of your server! Simple as that. The other is called BlueprintEditor.jar, now this one is the brains of the operation. You will also take note of the res file, that needs to stay with BlueprintEditor.jar if you want it to work! Now, to design our first blueprint!

    details (open)

    Step 1: Load up BlueprintEditor.jar
    Upon load you should get a window like this:

    You then need to decide what blocks you want from this menu:

    Once you decide which blocks you want to place, start placing them by right clicking. If you make a mistake right click on it to remove it! You can go up layers to make each level of the building/design you are working on. You will need to place the Player block at the end of the list. The reason for this block is it decides how to import it relative to your location. So if you put the player block in the middle of the design, when you import it, you will be surrounded by your design.

    Now that you have a layout that you like (or one that you just want to test) goto the file menu and save the blueprint. Now you need to take that blueprint file and put it into the /plugins/Blueprint folder on your server. That folder will be created on first run of the plugin or you can manually create it. Once you have all that done it is time to head into Minecraft. Once you go scouting for where you what your blueprint to be and find the perfect location enter the load command (below). Where filename is put the name of the blueprint (you can add the .blueprint or just leave it off, it doesn't matter). This will bring your blueprint in as Glass blocks. With this you can look at the location and decide if that is where you really want it, if it isn't enter the cancel command (below) and it will clear out the glass. If it is enter the build command (below) and it will replace all the glass with the actual blocks you used in the blueprint editor. With version 0.3 you can import/export layers too. You are not able to bring the layers into Minecraft but you can use this to design a basic layout of a tall building (as an example) and import that on every layer and just make the minor modifications needed to each floor.

    Video (open)

    Thanks to godgodgodgo for the video!

    Editor Basics:

    Showing off the import/save layer feature:

    • /blueprint load <filename> - blueprint can be replaced with "/bp" anywhere.
    • /blueprint build - Build the loaded blueprint
    • /blueprint cancel - Cancel the blueprint if you don't like the position.
    • /blueprint help - A very crude help command. Will be cleaning this up sometime.
    • [v?.?] Make it so you actually need the materials to build the blueprint in world (configurable)
    • [v?.?] Make it so you have to pay a fee to import buildings (configurable)
    • [v?.?] Add Permissions support
    • [v?.?] Make the editor better (all around)
    • [v?.?] Add a method to save creations you made in world as blueprints so you can re-import them later or open them up in the editor and make modifications!
    • [v0.6] Display the layer you are currently on
    • [v0.6] Draw a straight line of a block by clicking the start block, then holding a key (most likely shift) then clicking a block in a straight line from the first block, fill the line with the block type being place (easy long lines!)
    • [v?.?] Add an air block so you can clear out areas that won't have blocks
    • [v?.?] Add special blocks (different wool colors, different wood types, etc)
    • [v?.?] Add ability to choose which layer is displayed below the current layer (make it a option, if it is not set it defaults to showing two layers down as it does now)
    • [v?.?] Make it so the blueprint list persists through server restarts
    • [v?.?] Update the help command!
    • [v?.?] Add in more messages to give players feedback if they did something incorrectly
    Known Bugs:
    • Some blocks don't place correctly when importing to Minecraft
    • If Java is not the default program for opening .jar files the blocks menu seems to mess up and not show blocks. Setting Java as the default program seems to be a good temp fix for now.
    • Found another bug? Post it here!

    Version 0.5
    • You can now move and rotate you're blueprint around with "/blueprint move (north/northeast/northwest/west/east/southeast/southwest/south)" and "/blueprint rotate (90/180/270/360)" NOTE: You need to re-open you schematic file and save it again in the edit due to the save improvements. This only works while the structure is glass
    • Save Improvements. This actually fixes it so the schematic files now open in Minecraft Structure Planner and they are needed before you can correctly use the new rotate feature.
    • Changed the "/bp" command to "/bpr" due to conflicts with http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/edit-fun-blastpick-clear-your-path-617.7007/page-2#post-197323
    • Started laying ground work to find how many materials are in the build. This will be used when users are going to be required to have the building materials (This will be configurable)
    • PLEASE NOTE! The folder where you need to store you're blueprints has been renamed! It went from "Blueprint" to "Blueprint-Revisited". This is to reflect the actual plugin name.
    details (open)

    Version 0.4
    • Now works with schematic files! (Blueprint is getting phased out...you must open them in the editor and save it as a schematic to import it now) - Thanks to WorldEdit!
    • A few other minor things.
    Version 0.3
    • Can now save and import layers!
    • Scroll through different layers with the mouse wheel and the 'w' and 's' keys!
    Version 0.2
    • You can now see the layer below the one you are working on in the editor!
    Version 0.1b
    • Fixed the bug that didn't allow you to select blocks in the same row as the currently selected block.
    Version 0.1
    • First release of this plugin outside of the original.
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    1.You're right, but it shouldn't be limited to lower layers. In this example layer 3 should be shown even if i'm on layer 2 or 1.
    2. I've not noticed that i can use the mouse wheel, way better than the numericupdowns :)
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    I have a new issue. Everything else loads, but there is no Player block in the menu...
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    Please read the release notes. The player block is no longer needed so ive removed it.
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    Ah. Was in the spoiler tab. My apologies.
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    No problem
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    i dont know whats wrong dude i really want this to work cause i think its a great idea but whenever i open it than the choose block thing has only air, i am on windows 7 home premium i have a special folder for the blueprint mod and the res folder is there with the blocks.txt and all the items i am running 64 bit system and have talked to you earlier but still cant figure it out

    i really want this to work its a great idea and it looks really cool but it just wont
    thanks for posting im happy for the people it works for it must be really cool :)
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    This is truly fantastic, I just built my first maze :) is there a repository set up for sharing of schematics? If not, someone should definitely get on that :p
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    Is Java the default application for .jar files? (meaning do you just double click it and it opens?) If not set it to the default and see if it works then

    That is a very good idea...I'll have to look into something for this!
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    Great :D I'd love to share my maze, it's nothing too difficult (2 mins tops without looking, and I designed it). I only made the start of the walls in this editor though, the second two levels of walls and the floor were done legitimately by hand in the game (took maybe an hour).

    Perhaps you could start a wiki and allow people to link their sendspace or mediafire links to it (or any other sharing links!)
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    Might be able to set that up on github
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    Version 0.6 is going to be up most likely this weekend! A little preview of the features:
    • Show the current layer in the editor
    • A few favorites for layers to quickly copy and paste layers
    • Can draw a straight line by clicking on a block then shift clicking (can be left or right) in a straight line on the same layer.
    • (Possible) Have the players need the materials needed for a build in their inventory. This might get pushed again depending on how much work I am able to get done on it.
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    Thanks for the hard work bob.
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    Hey no problem! I am just happy people enjoy my plugins!

    On a side note: I now have two plugins up, and am open to requests if they are within limits. PLEASE PM them to me (I don't want to flood this topic with plugin requests)
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    charlie k-j

    When i got to blocks I have none.....
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    Have you read through the posts? Is Java the default application for .jar files?
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    Hey mate, stumbled across this yesterday and i have to say ... i love it :D

    Just some questions.
    Would it be possible to shorten the commands even further ?
    Like /bpr m [n,s,w,e] or /bpr r [90,180,270]
    Maybe you could also add the option to move Up/Down ?
    And also, can you maybe add a distance for the move command ?
    Like /bpr move east 10 which would move the building 10 fields into the eastern direction instead of just one.
    //edit just noticed this one already works <3

    Was trying to create a wall piece which i could add to another to create a large wall ingame, but since i
    made the template not on the edge of the blueprint, it keeps appearing some fields away from my location so i
    have to spam the move/rotate commands till its finally at the location it want it to be at.

    Would be soo much easier, if i could move it several fields at once or just have shorter commands to do so :)
    Thanks in advance and keep up the great work :)
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    I could add in shorter commands.

    Up/Down is already complete - in the next release.

    As you found you can already enter a distance on the move command ;)
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    I was just wondering which update do you think special blocks(different color wool) will be added.
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    I am currently on vacation and have some other projects so I dont know for sure yet.
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    I hope you had a great time.
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    Don Redhorse

    hehe... I know how that works... but I normally don't have access to the server so I have to send the files to the admin first.. but that is something totally unrelated from your plugin.
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    Hey I am just wondering if this will be updated for 740, thanks
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    I have one suggestion have a layer number visible on the tool bar to tell u s what layer we are on.
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    considered inactive
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    Just Wondering is this plugin going to be updated few of my players enjoy this plugin. :)
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    Excellent plugin. I've been using it for quite some time now, it's excellent for making mazes.
    I wouldn't be surprised if you already thought of them before, but I have some suggestions.
    A fill tool, to separate the "Layer" menu in two buttons, a zoom in/zoom out function, and the possibility of changing the size of the blueprint.
    Thanks for everything! :)
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    New version up. Didn't update the post yet and I am in a hurry. Most of the changes were done a while ago so I don't quite remember what I added/changed. I will try and make up a list of changes soon

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