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    Blueprint - An Editor and A Plugin
    Version 1.0

    This plugin gives you the options to draw blueprints of a structure(for example a complete church) and load this into the world of minecraft.

    For the icons of the blueprint editor I've used the images from http://www.minecraftwiki.net/wiki/Data_Value . Thanks to the authors!



    The source:

    Just unzip the editor and start it via the .jar
    Copy it to your plugins dir

    But how it works?

    You use the Editor to draw a blueprint. Draw what ever you want(ok, this is my first release and it only supports 2D, but 3D is the next step) and save it to a .blueprint file. This files stores all information to build the construction in Minecraft.
    With this blueprint you go to your server admin(or is it you, the way is very short) and he have to put it in the Plugin's dir named "Blueprint".
    Now you connect to the server and go to a place, where you want to build the construction. Just tip
    /bp (or the long version /blueprint) load FILENAME
    It will now create a preview of the construction using glass blocks.
    If you dislike the position or the construction, just cancel it by using
    /bp cancel
    Or if it perfect, just use
    /bp build
    The glass constructions converts to the planned construction!




    Version 1.0 : Implemented simple functions to create and save(but not load) a 2D construction with a fixed dimension of 100x100 blocks

    Version 1.0 : Initial release, you can load, build and cancel buildings

    Future plans:
    -2D is booring, add 3D support(you can now have more than one layer)
    -Change the grids size by clicking buttons( the first try was very buggy)
    -Interaction with the blocks(set the Direction of special blocks like a chest)
    -zooming in and out
    -draw a line of blocks, not only oneclicking them

    -The permission support...
    -Add properties:
    • when a blueprint is loaded and "pre-contructed" it checks whether you have space or not and will cancel the build. When this property is set the players have to flatten the ground
    • A feature I want to implement very quickly: Instead of getting instantly the ressources for the blueprint, a chest will spawn in front of the blueprint. Beside the chest there are signs by giving you feedback, how many blocks of a blocktypes totally and currently needed. When you place a ressource in the chest, the plugin checks, whether it is enough to build the next layer and update all signs.
    And of course I will have to fix bugs^^

    Have a nice day
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    .... set the make the editor to english...
    now great the plugin is not working -.-
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    Mmm Octopie

    hey were do i download it on Github cant find the editor or the jar

    I dont think it works none of the commands work
    I still think it is a great plugin and has alot of potential

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    I've updated the source and the project, with this version of the programms it works
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    yay english now to test if it works!

    can you add a air block in the editor? and the new/load blueprint button is not working in editor

    okay working but WHY IS THE building flat
    and everything is glass

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    The glass blocks represents just the preview of your house, when you don't like it, you can cancel the building.
    If you want to build it,
    use /bp build
    Yeah, the buttons are not working, the editor is at the very first beginning :/
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    it works fine with me..
    will be waiting for your 3D release.. Thanks :)
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    This may just be my stupidity, but how do I add a block in the editor? Either I'm missing something obvious or it's not working for me.
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    I don't understand what the command is to add the structure into the map?
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    Meldanor, Your a life saver, you are developing the exact plugin that the server i'm currently developing requires.

    Can you possibly email me, so we can get in contact, I have an offer to make for you.
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    Hey what can I use this for? Cause it's only 2D. Not criticizing :)
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    3D is much needed. I'd love to be able to design structures when I'm away from home on my laptop and then load them into the world later. In the meantime I'll see what I can use the 2d for.

    -k :)
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    pls can anyone help me
    i can load it well but the, when i tipped "/bp" , the server says "Unknown consol command. Type "help" for help."
    what can or shell i do
    pls help me :ยด-(
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    Absolutely LOVE the idea of this, could you please however instead of creating a new file type (.blueprint) use the .schematic file type that WorldEdit Uses, Then we can use the editor with the already excellent ingame editor WorldEdit.
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    Downloading and testing right now!
    Great idea! :)

    Cool, can't wait for a 3D capable version.
    Also, I think this one:
    "-draw a line of blocks, not only oneclicking them"
    should be a major priority.
    Keep up the good work! :D
    One problem, when I use "/bp build" it says it's done, but it leaves everything as glass...
    The server says it "can't keep up".

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    Is it not possible to build it floor by floor? I built the first one block high floor and then i load the different file in, it will show me the preview and when i say build it, it builds the first floor i put on. Am i doing something wrong?
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    can't wait for it to work with b602
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    I hope you make this with 3D, it would make planning a build so much easier! In it's current state it is really useful too, the only bad thing is the player icon you put in since it doesn't really tell you which way you are facing so sometimes the build appears behind you.
    Thanks for this!
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    gah! when is 3D building coming :'(
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    Hey guys,

    I am not trying to step on Meldanor's toes here but I forked his project and made a few modifications to make this work on CB612 (might work for others, but I'm running 612 so I only tested it on that one). I did a few other minor changes (mostly code clean up to get rid of unneeded imports). So if you guys want, here is a version working for CB612:


    @Meldanor I sent you a PM earlier today about possibly helping out this project, if your interested you can use the code I updated in your releases, and if you want I can start contributing straight to your project.

    3D now works. I have made the editor able to go up in levels (and down) with the level you start at being the lowest you can go. There is no limit of how many you can go up. It also imports your creations just fine. Also loading is now possible (although possibly buggy). Keep in mind I never looked at this code till this morning so don't yell too much if it is buggy :D
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    Ahh, I can't wait to give this a shot. Thanks to you both, Meldanor and bob3695!
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    @D2S4L1T2 that is great to hear, hope you like it. If you see any bugs please let me know via PM and as long as @Meldanor doesn't mind you can post them in this thread.

    I have a few features I would still like to do. One of which @Meldanor already talked about adding...having a chest spawn and the user has to place the needed materials into it to build the blueprint. My only thought is instead of signs, send the user a chat message because for extensive buildings, that would be a lot of signs.
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    I keep getting this error:
    2011-04-05 17:47:08 [SEVERE] Nag author: '<NoAuthorGiven>' of 'Blueprint' about the following: onPlayerCommandPreprocess has been replaced with a new signature, (PlayerCommandPreprocessEvent)
    OMG I just looked at your download page and saw that it said 3D now works!!! I'm so excited now! Can you please make a download that is a bit more simple to navigate around. The .zip is full of folders

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    Where you using the version I put up for download? I am fairly certain I got rid of that...Let me look into this.


    Fixed the editor.

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    404 on the new link.

    perhaps this is the proper link?
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    considered inactive

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