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  1. PhysicalShop - sign and chest shops
    Version: 7


    • Server owned sign shops (infinite supply)
    • Player owned sign+chest (money and items are stored in a chest)
    • Everything is usable by left/right clicking
    • Supports material durability (i.e. colored wool and stuff)
    • Optional break, explosion and usage protection
    • Optional permissions
    This plugin provides support for trading without the need for databases, chat commands or virtual currency.

    The sign format was mostly inspired by the excellent TradeCraft plugin.

    Examples (open)

    Example: Server Shop

    Put a sign anywhere (wall or ground) with the following text:
    This will make a shop from which players can buy 8 dirt for 1 money and sell 10 dirt for 1 money.

    Example: Player Shop

    Put a sign on a wall where a chest fits underneath with the following text:
    [Orange Wool]
    Buy 48 for 2g
    Sell 64 for 2g
    Next put a chest directly under the sign. (Note that the sign has to be there before the chest.)
    Open the chest and put some money and orange wool in it.

    Now you have created a chest from which players can buy 48 orange wool for 2 money and sell 64 orange wool for 2 money.

    • Left click sign for status
    • Right click sign with money to buy
    • Right click sign with item to sell
    Sign Format
    [material:data] or [data material]
    X Y (defines a buy price X items for Y money, can be empty)
    X Y (same as above but for selling, can be empty)
    [Server] or empty (automatically filled for player shops)
    Specifying the material and data can be done either by ID numbers or names.

    The exchange rate format is by default very lenient and supports formats such as "buy 64 for 1" and "12 for 2 gold".

    • PhysicalShop.admin: allows creation of server shops and destruction of any shop
    • PhysicalShop.build: allows creation of normal player owned shops
    • PhysicalShop.use: allows buying and selling from shops
    If the Permissions plugin is not found the fallback is to give ops everything and non-ops build and use.

    Configuration (open)

    Create the file plugins/PhysicalShop/config.yml if you need to change anything.
    • currency: the material ID of currency (default: 266 which is gold ingot)
    • currency-data: the durability data of the currency (default: 0)
    • material-pattern: the regex for matching the material on the first line (default: "\[(.+)\]")
    • rate-pattern: the regex for matching the exchange rates (default: "\D*(\d+)\D+(\d+)\D*")
    • server-owner: the name used for server shops, case insensitive (default: "[Server]")
    • auto-fill-name: if the player name should be automatically filled in (default: true)
    • protect-break: if block breaking protection should be used (default: true)
    • protect-chest-use: if chest use protection should be used (default: true)
    • protect-explode: if explosion protection should be used (default: true)

    Version 1.0
    • Released
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    Don Redhorse

    well either you didn't configure the permissions right or you have the same problem than me.. permissions not working.
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    permissions work very vell
    Me permissions

    default: true
    prefix: ''
    suffix: ''
    build: true
    - 'residence.create.*'
    - 'residence.pset'
    - 'residence.set.monsters'
    - 'lockette.create.*'
    - 'essentials.help'
    - 'essentials.me'
    - 'myhome.*'
    - 'PhysicalShop.*'
    default: false
    prefix: ''
    suffix: ''
    build: true
    - Default
    - 'residence.create.*'
    - 'residence.pset'
    - 'residence.set.monsters'
    - 'lockette.create.*'
    - 'essentials.help'
    - 'essentials.me'
    - 'myhome.home.basic.*'
    - 'PhysicalShop.*'
    default: false
    prefix: ''
    suffix: ''
    build: true
    - '*'
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    Don Redhorse

    please try PhysicalShop.use

    I will try yours, but I don't like to give players the ability to create server shops.
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    But Admin have
    - '*'
    And Not WORK!!!
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    I am new but do we just spawn money to get it or do i need anouther plugin
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    Help. i`m very need this plugin ^(
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    Could you try to post any problems you are having? "It not work" is not something anyone can help you with. Can you make your admin people into OP's? Post your console startup and permissions .yml files and we can try to help. I am running CBB# 803 and it works great for me.

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    Awesome mod, only I can't seem to get the config file to work
    currency: 314

    I have something like this now, but the plugin just uses the goldbar.
    How do I set it up properly?
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    This plug in is not working whenever i have a friend right click my sign it says this shop has 0 gold ingot when i open the chest there is 1 gold ingot. And when they try to buy nothing happens. Yes they have the gold or the item in their hand.
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    I would like to know how to set up correctly, too.
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    Oh I figured this out,

    Its really easy, make a map called
    In your craftbukkit server map,
    Then make a file called: config.yml
    Inside the yml file
    Make only one line:
    currency: 341

    Like this its a slimeball.
    You can see the item id's on http://www.minecraftwiki.net/wiki/File:DataValuesBeta.png
    So if you would want an apple to be the currency use currency: 260

    Hope it helps! :)
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    Heads up, any time a player uses a sign shop, it causes the message "Server overloaded, can't keep up". Can you edit your code so it doesnt cause this problem?
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    Thank you. It helped.
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    where do I have to create which file to do all the Permission stuff?



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    Supports LWC?
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    Don Redhorse

    hmm server side signs work for me.. how does your config file look like?
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    have to have a config, i really want to change the currency.
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    A request :
    Would it be possible to "dissociate" the chests with the sold items and the chest where money goes ?
    For example, a player could set a chest with a sign with "[Treasure]" and another with "[Gold]" in the second line.
    Then, he set normally his vendor chest with the sign as you defined.
    When a player would sell an item, the sold item would go to the "[Treasure]" Chest.
    When a player would buy an item, the money would go to the "[Gold]" Chest.
    If the "[Gold]" Chest is not defined, the money would go to the Vendor chest as normally.
    If the "[Treasure]" Chest is not defined, the sold items would go to the Vendor chest as normally.

    Thanks to that, we could disable protections and let thep layers protect/hide their chests as they want (and of course, that would allows thieves to find and still everything). >:D
    I would like this a lot for my server. :)

    EDIT: When a player create a [Treasure] or a [Gold] chest, that would be cool to automatically add his name on the next line. Then, when a player would still something in one of those chest, it should be logged and a message would be broadcasted. For example "MrXXX is a thief and just raid the Sphax's chest full of gold!" or "MrXXX is a thief and just raid the Sphax's Treasure!).
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    Don Redhorse

    well go back one page or so there was a post for that
  21. Allright we just came across an unfortunate limitation :/ If a players name is longer than the amount of characters a sign can hold.. well no shops for him :(

    I sincerly hope a dev will pick up this plugin, and try to work around the limitiations, because it is such a great plugin.
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    This is exactly what I've been looking for a simple shop plugin, thanks guys
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    ok, sorry, didn't see it
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    I d/ld'ed the .jar file it loads fine but says I do not have permission, now I am an Admin with '*' rights, The Jar hasnt created a plugin folder and I have no config file to associate with it, have I missed a step in install?, I may be new to bukkit, minecraft and java coding, but all the other plugins I have are working fine.
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    Don Redhorse

    hmm I have a folder physicial shop and a config.yml in there.. you need to create it manually though, in the OP the Spoiler will tell you what to do.

    One thing I found out that if you change the Server name you also need to change the Name you use for the server signs.

    But as I stated before, my users can't use the normal trading signs :-(

    @yli any idea about the permissions problem?
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    I have a few feature requests.

    We love this plugin, but it's getting to the point where people are hiding their shit inside the shops. Can you add a few config file options. Like a limit for the # of shops per person? I guess that would require some persistence/database.

    Can you possibly make it so players can't stack items inside their shops? I want it so there aren't 6 stacks of unstealable diamonds inside shops. Maybe configurable by item-type.

    Failing all that, can you release the source so I can fork it and make similar changes myself?
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    I am going to ask that if you are going to add Iconomy or BOSEconomy support, please make it optional. I like the plugin the way it is.
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    I Dont Have Config File. give me normal config file plzz
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    here is the default config file:
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    #740 inactive
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    Just tested this with RB928 And as far as I can tell everything is still working. Will update if I find anything broken.

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