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  1. PhysicalShop - sign and chest shops
    Version: 7


    • Server owned sign shops (infinite supply)
    • Player owned sign+chest (money and items are stored in a chest)
    • Everything is usable by left/right clicking
    • Supports material durability (i.e. colored wool and stuff)
    • Optional break, explosion and usage protection
    • Optional permissions
    This plugin provides support for trading without the need for databases, chat commands or virtual currency.

    The sign format was mostly inspired by the excellent TradeCraft plugin.

    Examples (open)

    Example: Server Shop

    Put a sign anywhere (wall or ground) with the following text:
    This will make a shop from which players can buy 8 dirt for 1 money and sell 10 dirt for 1 money.

    Example: Player Shop

    Put a sign on a wall where a chest fits underneath with the following text:
    [Orange Wool]
    Buy 48 for 2g
    Sell 64 for 2g
    Next put a chest directly under the sign. (Note that the sign has to be there before the chest.)
    Open the chest and put some money and orange wool in it.

    Now you have created a chest from which players can buy 48 orange wool for 2 money and sell 64 orange wool for 2 money.

    • Left click sign for status
    • Right click sign with money to buy
    • Right click sign with item to sell
    Sign Format
    [material:data] or [data material]
    X Y (defines a buy price X items for Y money, can be empty)
    X Y (same as above but for selling, can be empty)
    [Server] or empty (automatically filled for player shops)
    Specifying the material and data can be done either by ID numbers or names.

    The exchange rate format is by default very lenient and supports formats such as "buy 64 for 1" and "12 for 2 gold".

    • PhysicalShop.admin: allows creation of server shops and destruction of any shop
    • PhysicalShop.build: allows creation of normal player owned shops
    • PhysicalShop.use: allows buying and selling from shops
    If the Permissions plugin is not found the fallback is to give ops everything and non-ops build and use.

    Configuration (open)

    Create the file plugins/PhysicalShop/config.yml if you need to change anything.
    • currency: the material ID of currency (default: 266 which is gold ingot)
    • currency-data: the durability data of the currency (default: 0)
    • material-pattern: the regex for matching the material on the first line (default: "\[(.+)\]")
    • rate-pattern: the regex for matching the exchange rates (default: "\D*(\d+)\D+(\d+)\D*")
    • server-owner: the name used for server shops, case insensitive (default: "[Server]")
    • auto-fill-name: if the player name should be automatically filled in (default: true)
    • protect-break: if block breaking protection should be used (default: true)
    • protect-chest-use: if chest use protection should be used (default: true)
    • protect-explode: if explosion protection should be used (default: true)

    Version 1.0
    • Released
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    Well, im the bastard that always ask for obvious things that people will ask at some point, so Ill be faster here and ask first:

    iconomy support?
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    Doesn't look like it.
  4. I'll look into it.
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    I'd be interested in seeing iConomy support as well. I've been using Essentials and I really like the sign shops that plugin offers but it uses it's own economy system. Since most other plugins favor iConomy I haven't been able to setup all the features I want on my server. Your sign shop plugin might be just what I need should you implement iConomy support. *crosses fingers*
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    Thanks for this I will test this later.
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    Nice Plugin but buying/selling Shovel doesnt seem to work at all
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    Tfs Halo

    This is literly all i want in shop plugin i saw a video like this for iconomy but it didn't work.
    i want this and iconomy support and possibly stock then i will be eternally greatful!!!!(that is not how you spell it i think..)
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    If BOSeconomy ws supported too it would be appreciated :)
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    You say " Put a sign anywhere (wall or ground) with the following text:" but i am new; what do i save that text as or where do i input it?
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    I will be testing this out on my server as soon as I get time. My server uses slimeballs for money and I don't want any need for /commands. Going to set up a server shop that sells Super rare blocks/items this should take some of slime out of the game and give players access to more blocks. Only thing I would like to see added is some kinda of ingame help support. With the help plugin or the best thing for me would be setup like lockette the sign is "ON" the chest and it outputs help hints in the chat. This way I don't have to teach each player how to make a shop. And please keep it free of any dependencies on other econ systems!!
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    Awesome! I'm using this. But I can't do any of the 351:* it keeps going to wool.

    Please fix! :)
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    This is really nice, I was actually on my way of upgrading the TradeCraft port, but this is much better done. Thanks :D. I really want to put this on my server but I have one concern. My players are really crafty, currently we don't allow chest protection of any sort so as not to stifle raiding. If I put this on the server, I would have to set these shops to be protected, otherwise they wouldn't last one day, but if I do this, my players will try to use these unbreakable chests to store their own items or their friends' items. I would love some admin tools for this. Maybe an admin command like /shop list. It would give you a paginated list of all the shops, their rates, coords, and owners. So that mods could make sure noone is hiding a shop in their basement for anterior motives.
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    there is a plugin for iConomy called iConomyChestShop.

    this plugin is the exact SAME thing.

    i dont want to be mean but u totally RIPPED OFF iConomyChestShop plugin.

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    I would like to be another on the list to ask for BOSEconomy support. I am really wanting a shop system that doesn't need a database but provides a lot of functionality. Signtrader does not support it yet, so that may give you the edge ;o

    Thanks for your time put into improving minecraft.
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    Hey just realized that no matter the permissions, if people right click on the chest itself it tells them "You have no right to use this Shop". It's kinda confusing, maybe it should have the same effect as right clicking on the sign, and if they dont have the correct item in their hand (gold, or item to sell) it should tell them "You need to have either "+currency+" or "+item+" in your hand in order to use this Shop.

    This way people can use Shops without having to read manuals.
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    I'm just guessing here but I assume the text goes on the sign.....

    I thought Essentials did support iconomy? Using the Essentails /bal command shows me my iConomy balance, if I grant myself more money and check both again they both go up equally. I think its a setting somewhere in the YAML file.
  20. Try "Iron Spade".

    See https://github.com/Bukkit/Bukkit/blob/master/src/main/java/org/bukkit/Material.java for a comprehensive list.

    I'll see what I can do to improve the in-game help.

    I couldn't reproduce your issue. I created a shop with the first line as "[351:10]" which correctly provided me with lime dye.

    There is however a small issue with the how the dye names are handled so I suggest using "[Ink Sack:10]" or "[351:10]".

    Unfortunately, due to the lack of a shop database, a list like this is highly unlikely.

    There are two possible solutions that come to my mind:
    • Set up protected areas (using your plugin of choice) for the players to set up shops in and disable the built-in protection.
    • Use a dedicated logging plugin (BigBrother, LogBlock, etc.) to find out if players are building hidden protected chests.

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    Tfs Halo

    WTF? how come i didn't see this? i searched everything related to it!!!!
    this is exactly what i want but it is missing the stock thing which is accessible by opening the chest if u can.. but still it's cool thanks :).
    if this plugin has a way to put a sign above it and have it automatically update it would be so great and well appreciated
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    Do you mean the mod that I made earlier? lol
    I'm so surprised!!
    I was kind busy to dealing with lots quizzes and homework.
    Thanks a lot to make it keep going. :)

    And here is the least version of code that I have.
    I hope it can help a little bit, instate the messy code for previous version.

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    In Essentials config or iConomy config?
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    You write this on the sign lines 1-4
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    I have a request:
    Is it possible to make a signchest shop without users?
    Like buying and selling will put stuff into the chest, nobody is able to use the chest except for ops.
    Also when there is nothing in the chest it should say: Sorry, we are out of stock!
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    also if u get lockette (or something related) u can protect the chest from those who could steal stuff.
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    ive made a server shop selling noteblocks

    it says

    left clicking it says you can buy 5 note blocks for 1 gold ingot and you can sell 7 note blocks for 1 gold ingot

    but when i right clikc nothing happens

    im on laest recommened craftbukkit...

    ive checked all configs and errorlogs and cant find a thing


    i restarted the server and now im getting cant pass event PLAYER_INTERACT to physicalshop
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    Tfs Halo

    nice but i seem to be having a problem..
    but i will search some videos then if i can't get it i will come to you or if u can't help i'll go to post
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    buying now works for me but not selling

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