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Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Jonbas, Mar 1, 2011.

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    LocalShops has moved to a new thread. Please go here.

    Thank you for all of your support and feedback.

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    I love localshops, i don't mind waiting, because i know it will be worth it. Good luck!! :D
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    Are you f**king serious? :/
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    LocalShops was probably the best shop plugin at one point,but I think they really need to beef it up to surpass iConomyChestShop......Hopefully the can!
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    Seems like an odd comparison - I use iConChestShop on my server, and they're nothing alike; chest shop is a per-item shop plugin, whereas LS takes a defined area and turns it into a command-driven shop.

    Still, hopefully everyone will be very happy with version 3!
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    Well yes,I was referring to iConChestShop as my present alternative.I wasn't comparing them in the sense of actual purchasing/selling in-game but rather which one is more popular.
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    Don't think we'll ever be able to run a popularity contest until Bukkit gives us an native method to see who's using what.

    Regardless, use what you're most comfortable with; LocalShops isn't going to be vanishing any time soon!

    On that note, we just hit the second revision of the internal beta. Hurrah for progress!
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    An internal error occured while attempting to perform this command. Pls help ppl i was on minecraft 1.4 and updated to 1.5_01 and it still doesnt work i put the localshops.jar in plugins and it loads and all the help menu appears but shop create doesnt work i have Iconomy the latest version pls help [pig]
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    ***** WARNING *****

    LocalShops 2.2.1 DOES NOT work with iConomy 5!!!!!!! DO NOT USE LocalShops 2.2.1 with iConomy 5, it will NOT work!

    If you want to use iConomy 5, then wait for LocalShops 3.0.0 (it will come, we promise), otherwise stop complaining that it isn't working. It WAS working before your started effin' with stuff. Many servers STILL use 740 and LocalShops 2.2.1. LocalShops 2.2.1 is no longer supported, 3.0.0 is on its way!

    The ONLY working combination for LocalShops right now is:
    • LocalShops 2.2.1
    • iConomy 4
    • CraftBukkit 740
    If your server is DIFFERENT than the above, you CANNOT complain. If your server is IDENTICAL than the above, you CANNOT complain.
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    I've linked this thread long ago. Only after a while I decided to post on the dead matters. (I know I know... its in red; but I thought it was old lol) Anywho.... I stay connected to the community through #bukkit, #bukkit-dev so shush lol. People on #bukkit thought it was dead too.

    Cereal, a fine job you are doing. Funny, my version that I have still works on 1.5_01, I began to tell others to use the shops as much as they can as it might not exist in 1.6 and man.... I never knew how much my players actually liked and used the shops. The entire kingdom over here thanks you.

    We all want Long-Time-Support with out plugins but I think we all have to remember that these are people doing these plugins for next to nothing because they love minecraft too.
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    Zane B.

    K :p
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    Yea, LocalShops 2.2.1 works just fine in Minecraft 1.5_01, its just people upgrading iConomy and then assuming that its LocalShops not working in 1.5_01 which is fud. Either way, substantial progress is being made on 3.0.0!

    Thanks for the vote of confidence, always nice to hear things like that rather than the last few posts!
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    hope you don't have a specific thread for suggestions, but i did not see anything about one in the main post:

    I was wondering if you would be interested in implementing a function that gives shop more than one location but with the same inventory. for instance: our server is going to be branching out from our primary building location to new cities and instead of creation new shops, it would be cool to just extend the ones we already have. thoughts bukkit community?
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    We did the same thing, a temp fix is to go copy and paste the shop data in your folder and rename them so they are ready to be copied to new locations. Our schema was (we itemize the shop type) ItemShop_1, ItemShop_2....... etc
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    May you please include BOSEconomy too, in the next update?
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    can you update to 740 please?
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    Read this!

    Read this!

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    Me <3 this plugin.
    Me <3 ehh... you devs
    Me <3 that pretty face of breakfast
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    If you need another good tester for this then I will kindly oblige on the lpminecraft server. Might be handy since Niji plays with us and might spot something and I'm pretty good with bug reports... (so I've heard haha)
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    Sent you a message! We appreciate all the help we can get.
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    @Jonbas Could you please give us a little post saying reviving Localshops is still going to happen? (soon?)
    If it is, a donation will find its way to your account!
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    Jonbas isn't maintaining this plugin anymore but the person 1 post above yours is and has posted about the update many time.
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    I did read all those, but... missed the 'Cereal & myself' part of Minerals post, and I understood your last post as a confirmation that Jonbas was on the new team... ah nvm, I blame my lack of understanding English....

    I migrated to iConomy from Essentials-eco for this, so I cant help you testing alternate economy systems, I'm not gonna put myself (and my users) trough another swap.

    If you want an iConomy 4 tester, I'm your man :D (if Command iConomy gets updated I'll go for iCo5)

    Guess I'll be making the donation to you then :p
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    I just wanted to say good work to the plug in developers I got to use local shops for a bit the update and its probably my favorite shop plugin. I hope to see continued support on this and cant wait till 3.0 :D
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    it's always comming iconomy not found i have iconomy 5
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    And right there is your problem. It currently only supports iConomy 4.6.

    Edit - Just look 2 posts up, 3 posts up, and even 4 posts up.
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