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Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Jonbas, Mar 1, 2011.

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    LocalShops has moved to a new thread. Please go here.

    Thank you for all of your support and feedback.

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    The plugin rounds down to the next lowest bundle. So your users may be less confused if you use smaller bundle sizes. (Or leave a sign for them with a quick explanation)
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    Hm. I finished the base of my PHP-based config generator for LocalShops. It detects if a shop exists and only allows adding new items - if no shop with the name given is found, it will make a new one. It needs some design tweaks before making public... though. (I hope you won't mind such a script:D)

    EDIT: added ability to upload .shops files, combine this script with an auth system and bam, an online shop generator. Now to work on those damn coordinates...
  4. Could you please update it to work with the latest build?
    Because i'm having a problem where money gets added when i sell but no money is taken when i buy.
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    Psycho Robot

    Is it possible that you are the owner of the store that you are attempting to buy things from? Because if you are indeed the owner, if you attempt to buy something, you won't be charged - you're the owner after all! It treats it as simply removing stock.
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    Sea Dolphins

    i dont know what im doing wrong i put the plugin in the folder just like every other plugin and it does not make a config file and i have a file that came of github and i tried putting that in there to see if it would work but when i type /shop create or anything of the commands you have set up it says unknown console command it might be the build im on because im on 733 but can i downgrade and have it work or did i just install it wrong cause if i installed it wrong can you make an installation video please.
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    Make sure the .jar file you downloaded is in the "plugins" folder. The current version works with 733... despite the /shop select bugs. *cough* :p

    Also if you don't have it get the permissions plugin, put it in the same place and edit the config to include your ranks and the nodes from this plugin.
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    Ah ok I will do that
  9. You're right, didn't think of that, I saw that it worked now because some of my players used it and they did get charged Thanks for the help!
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    Progress is being made. v3 alpha has just finished the round of internal testing, and is being fixed up before a second. Once it pasts all the alpha tests, we will be doing a closed beta test.

    Contact me (either via private message or IRC if you'd like to be considered for the beta test.

    Keep in mind that there are a few requirements:
    - You need to be able to test it on a reasonably sized (6+ active players) server.
    - You must be available for troubleshooting - idling in the IRC channel and being quick to respond to highlights are major factors in this.
    - Be willing to accept broken features and work through them while we get them fixed!


    Come into IRC; irc.esper.net, channel #localshops and give me a prod. Need to talk about the PHP generator.
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    Sea Dolphins

    so what your saying i should do is get the permissions plugin and put the local shops plugin in there?
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    Permissions Node Feature Request:

    - '-localshops.buysell.exampleshop'

    So in example whatever permissions group i put this under cannot access that specific shop. Uses include VIP & Admin only shops etc. (excluding regular users via the node).
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    G1R Productions

    Anyone know a list of good item prices for shops?
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    Is this still working on CB 740 ?
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    Likely. It was working fine on the last two recommended builds. Not tested it on CB740 - nor am I able to - but we're getting very close to the internal beta of v3, so you guys haven't got a long wait anyway.
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    Alright thanks for the reply.
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    Is this plugin still working on bukkit 740 version?
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    Um wondering if there is a way to set items to infinite. Like have an npc shop and sell infinite amounts of wood that comes in stacks of 64 for $100 per stack. Im sorry if this has been asked already if so just link me? Thanks :)
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    Yeah, it's on the wiki listed at the top of the page
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    I checked but it doesn't seem to tell you how to set items to unlimited
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    Psycho Robot

    Its harder to find than it should be.

    Its "/shop set unlimited stock"
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    Hy! I have a question. When someone buy my product, e.g. a cobblestone, this money where move? i mean i get it automatically, or there are a thing what i have to do to get the money from the shop?
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    Pontus Lantz

    Is there any way to change the range of the shop? It's kinda annoying that it can be accessed from outside the house it's in. And i really don't wanna change the house size.
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    /shop select
    * select the first corner of the cuboid you want the shop to be, then the second corner
    /shop move shopname
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    Pontus Lantz

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    ok um it doesnt seem to work for me CB 733 wont charge players money to buy things everything else is fine tho
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    Your best bet will be to hold out for v3, it's pretty much a complete rewrite of the plugin, with a bunch of bufixes and tweaks. We're almost to the point of an internal beta - if that goes smoothly, a public release will follow.
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    how do I check the prices of a item that in a shop?
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    How far along are you at updating..?
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    Have you not been following the posts made since then? Hell, even the one 2 posts ago should give a good indication. D:
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    Psycho Robot

    Its auutomatically added to your account, assuming that you are the shop owner.

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