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Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Jonbas, Mar 1, 2011.

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    LocalShops has moved to a new thread. Please go here.

    Thank you for all of your support and feedback.

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    That's a minecraft bug, but there may be a way around it. Post it on the issue tracker and we'll look into it for some later release.
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    Just had a look through your tutorial and tried setting the owner to a character that isn't on the server, but I'm still the admin, so that doesn't seem to matter and it'll still let me do everything.

    Basically, I want to be in charge of the shop, but don't want an unfair advantage above everyone else on the server, so not having to pay for items and taking all profits from the store kind of ruins that. Any advice would be appreciated!
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    Yeah, admins override all settings because of their - '*' permission node.

    Try adding the following node below your - '*' node (no idea if this will work or not, but worth a go):
    - '-localshops.admin'
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    Ah, never used permissions before. Is that another plugin? Sorry for being awful :(
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    If you're not and owner or a manager of a shop you should be charged for adding or removing items from a shop. Even if you have the localshops.admin permission or you're and OP and can still control the shop's prices and items.
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    Does this also prevent shop owners from adding damaged items to the shop as well?
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    hey i have a little problem iin your first ppst you say i have ton use it with the /shop [options]

    i dotn know but on my server i have to use it like this /lshop how can i make that that thwe command is /shop
    i see this plugins at other server and there is the command /shop too but not on my???
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    There are two different download links at the top of the post. One for /shop and one for /lshop. Grab the other .jar file and it will work the way you want.

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    Hey, this is working great! Its great, but im having one problem. When someone buys something from my stock, I dont get any money. Also, on a side note, I have $500, but it says I have $5.0... uh.. help? Thanks!
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    Right, here's a status update based on a reply to a PM I received recently:

    We're currently rewriting the way the shop handles items to try and fix a couple of bugs, on top of adding various usability tweaks and fixes. Basically trying to make it a bit more user-friendly.

    We're pretty much at the point of internal testing, but I'm not doing the coding legwork so I'm hesitant to give any indication of a release date.

    We had a chat with Jonbas and agreed that an entirely chest-based system wouldn't be viable. There are just too many issues that can't be addressed without the addition of a client mod, which we're not willing to make.

    Instead, we've got a few features in the works for a future release that will incorporate sign-based trading (in the sense that signs are linked to a shop and provide users an interface in which to purchase/sell items). Also got chest linking in mind, allowing shop managers to add items to their shop en massé and possibly allow players to sell to the shop in the same manner. This will not be for v3.

    This is all stuff on the drawing board for the time being, but it should give you an indication of some of what we've got planned for the future.

    Keep in mind that we'll be retaining the old functionality no matter what new methods we add - players will still be able to use commands if they wish.
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    Hey Jonbas I have my shop all set up and the stock is unlimited and when players do /shop buy Glass 40 it tells them they bought 0 Glass for 0 coins... Why?
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    do they have any money?
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    HAY Jonhas!
    i do know ur not updated for 1.5_02 CB#709+ but it would be nice :D
    and can you PLEASE add permisson nodes for the unlimted money and the
    unlimted items? it would be nice
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    The devs just released RB733 in the last couple hours... That's the one you want for 1.5_02. Check MineralMC's post 3 above yours, it gives the status of development. Also, I have it on good authority that Cereal just finished portal 2, so he may be focused on this now.
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    What do you mean if I have money? Like in me I got 100 billion Coins XD Or the store you mean?
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    Hey, when you make the selection for a custom size shop using /shop select, how do i accept the changes?
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    Create the shop. You're supposed to select before creation.
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    your users are trying to buy from the shop but they are buying 0 for 0 coins. 3 things are either happening: 1, they don't have any money to buy things with; 2, they are trying to buy less items than the bundle size; or 3, they don't have enough room in their inventory to hold what they are buying.
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    I added this comment to the issue on the github, but I'll ask again here, just in case. If I happen to have the bug of the shop coordinates being 1 off because of the -x or -z, is it possible to manually edit the coordinate back to where they need to be? I haven't actually installed this plugin yet, but I do plan to.
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    andrew pearson

    Is there anyway to set the infinite money and supply to permanent off in the config?
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    yes. read the wiki.

    yes, you could just offset your shop one space expecting the bug. But it'll be fixed in one of the next versions.

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    Would I have to go 1 to the east or 1 to the west to offset the offset? :) x is postive, z is negative
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    I don't know. You'll have to test it. (I think it's shifting 1 towards zero)
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    Will you break the .shops format with the "coming" update, because I'm making a generator with PHP for it. It works like a charm now, but it still needs to check if the file exists etc. Actually, I can send you a link to it if you want.
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    ok, I feeling like a noob here. Is the 2.2.1 version at the top the latest one or is there a .jar build on github that I'm just not seeing?
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    Ok so im abit unsure with something, love the plugin though.

    Is i do /shop set buy blah blah Does that Mean thats how much it cost to buy the item from the shop or how much it cost to buy the item from a player?
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    /shop set buy
    set the price the shop sells it

    /shop set sell
    set the price the shop buys it
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    I always remember this: those commands are from the Customer perspective, the customer wants to buy X for $Y, the customer wants to sell K for $L.

    I know we are not supposed to complain about the 'the shop selection thing', but I'm not sure what that is.
    I do know my players cannot select shops, while I can.
    They have use, create and manage permissions.

    I just hope 3.0 will come out soon.
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    I think its a number 2... The Bundle size is 64... Should I lower it to 1? or something?????

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