[INACTIVE][ECON] iMonster v1.7 - Give players iConomy money and drops when killing monsters [292]

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    iMonster - The Monster Money and Drop Plugin for iConomy: Version: 1.7
    This plugin is designed to allow servers using iConomy to reward players with in-game currency.
    Must have iConomy 2.2+
    Must Have Bukkit/Craftbukkit 292+
    edit the /Plugins/iMonster/iMonster.yml file foe configurations.
    • Configure Reward Currency and Items Drops per Monster.
    • Set Max Reward drop for monsters
    • Prevent MobSpawner Camping
    • Permissions Support (iMonster.User)
    • Set Reward for killing the Mob Spawner

    • Death Penelty (waiting for better Bukkit support on the EntityDeath event)
    • Prevent Reward with use of Bow
    • Configurable Messages
    • Max Kills Per Hour (configurable and can be disabled) uses variable coin rewards and % based drop rates for coins to give admins ability to prevent abuse instead of a hard cooldown/
    • Decimal Percentage
    Change Log:


    • Minor update added /imonster command to help troubleshoot problems...it doesnt do anything but send you a message with some settings information to help us better troubleshoot the plugin if a problem arises.

    • Bow Kills now works correctly
      • Slimes and ghasts were not working because they are not considered "monsters" in bukkit so they failed the check to make sure it was a player attacking a monster i have coded the plugin to handle this issue now so they WORK
    v1.5 Release

    • Fixed Creeper Coin Bug (all mobs giving set creeper amount_
    • Added Coin Range for mob kills.
    • Added Coin Percentage for mob kills

    • Added ability to Give rewards for killing a mob spawner.
    v1.0 BETA Release

    • Fixed Error with old Permissions version
    • Added Configurale Messages WITH Chat Color Support
    • Added Bow Camping Settings
    • Added Abolity to use Decimal Percentages for item drop rates.
    v1.5/v1.6 config file changes - ADD These (also included the default config file in the zip for copy/paste)

    or you can always delete/rename your current file and let the plugin make one for you.

    Creeper-Coin-Max: 0
    Creeper-Coin-Percent: 100
    Skeleton-Coin-Max: 1000
    Skeleton-Coin-Percent: 10
    Zombie-Coin-Max: 0
    Zombie-Coin-Percent: 50
    Spider-Coin-Max: 1000
    Spider-Coin-Percent: 50
    PigZombie-Coin-Max: 0
    PigZombie-Coin-Percent: 100
    Ghast-Coin-Max: 0
    Ghast-Coin-Percent: 100
    Slime-Coin-Max: 0
    Slime-Coin-Percent: 100
    Giant-Coin-Max: 0
    Giant-Coin-Percent: 100

    v1.1 config file changes - ADD These

    Mob-Spawner-Coin: 200
    Mob-Spawner-Drops: "264:2:75;354:1:80"
    Reward-Mob-Spawner-Destroy: true
    iConomy-Mob-Spawner-Message: "$5Mob Spawner Killed! You have been awarded %c!"
    iConomy-Mob-Spawner-Message-Enabled: true

    v1.0 BETA CONFIG FILE CHANGES - Either Delete your config and let it create a new one, or add THESE values to your config!

    Reward-Kills-With-Bow: true
    RewardKillsWithBowDisabledMessageEnabled: true
    RewardKillsWithBowDisabledMessage: "$cNo Reward for camping with a bow go out and fight!"

    Mob-Spawner-Camping-Message-Enabled: true
    Mob-Spawner-Camping-Message: "$cNo Reward for %m camping near the spawner."

    iConomy-Kill-Deposit-Message-Enabled: true
    iConomy-Kill-Deposit-Message: "$e%m Killed - %c deposited into your iConomy Account."

    iConomy-Protected-Kill-Message-Enabled: true
    iConomy-Protected-Kill-Message: "$cProtected %m Killed - %c removed from your iConomy Account."

    iConomy-Protected-Kill-No-Money-Message-Enabled: true
    iConomy-Protected-Kill-No-Money-Message: "$4Protected %m, you don't have the money for the fine. %m resurecting >.< "

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    ZeroDPS said he'll get it updated, he's a bit late with it, but he also just got back from a business trip so I'm sure he has other priorities. Give him time :)

    In the mean time, Cookies has very basic monster cash, but it's a flat amount for all monsters.
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    Just your friendly reminder. UPDATE!



    Found this in a post:

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    Did zeroDPS forget about this mod? :(
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    It doesn't works with craftbukkit for minecraft 1.3_0.1.
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    Gosh I wish the last 10 posts had mentioned something about this not working with 1.3_1!!!! And we wonder why dev's get burnt out...
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    Why would the last 10 post need to specifically say it doesn't work with 1.3_1 when its been broken a lot longer than that? If you go back and read, pretty sure you'll see people say it's broken.
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    Thank you for making my point.
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    It's only been a couple of day's since it has not been working peeps. [​IMG]
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    That's why i love open source plugin -_-
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    Just use the temporary version by Plukkerpluck for now, works fine for me on #424
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    I am using Plucker's, but it only gives coin drops, no loot drops, and when people kill mobs it floods the console with errors... This one to be specific:
    2011-02-25 21:20:58 [SEVERE] Could not pass event ENTITY_DAMAGED to iMonster
    java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: org.bukkit.World.dropItemNaturally(Lorg/bukkit/Loca
            at zerodps.iMonster.iMonsterEntityListener.MonsterDeath(iMonsterEntityLi
            at zerodps.iMonster.iMonsterEntityListener.onEntityDamageByEntity(iMonst
            at zerodps.iMonster.iMonsterEntityListener.onEntityDamage(iMonsterEntity
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    I think we need another unofficial update. :(
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    Which version of iConomy are you using?

    It only works with iConomy 2.2b, and doesn't work with Cookies' iConomy wrapper (yet)
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    I'm using 2.2b. Plucker's version works fine for having monsters drop money, but loot isn't working.
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    just a notice to the dev here... iConomy 4 is officially released, recommended to upgrade this plugin ASAP since older versions are officially discontinued
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    ZeroDPS is MIA once more, unfortunately.
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    yeah :\ maybe the guy that ran that quick fix yesterday can patch it again?
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    He's MIA too. :p Hasn't visited the forum since Tuesday.
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    Maybe someone could take over for a sec? =/ I really want this plugin working on my server..
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    patience is a virtue...
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    If I've got the time i'll do an unofficial build, 'cause I really want to use this.
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    I think giving three days after ZeroDPS said he'd have it out the same day is plenty of patience :)
  24. haha... I'm hoping sunday is a big day (with craftbukkit, worldedit, and everything updated for the new iconomy...)
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    would be awesome, no? :)
    have all the devs for them been notified?
  26. i hope... can't wait!
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    lol, I don't use them myself, so I didn't let them know... there's far too many, many which I don't even know about, for me to hunt them down... users need to request it from their favorites :)
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    Does this work with Essentials Eco ?
    'Cause i really would love if it did, or if anyone could manage to fix that for me.

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    will you update this plugin ??
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    I'd like to know this too.
  31. I am alive... I was on holiday over the half term break (for those who have it ... did you enjoy it). I'll look at it tomorrow. If it requires a huge fix I won't be able to help, but if it's only a small bug I'll try update it... that's if ZeroDPS doesn't suddenly come and fix it... it's hard to follow someones elses code though... especially if you've not really used the plugin..

    Very useful information...are item drops default for this plugin? If not can someone post a iMonster.yml for me with some drops to speed everything up. (For now... I sleep)

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