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    Current release: 1.1 (477)

    Old versions 1.01 | 1.0

    There were some requests for a simple plugin for coloured nicknames, so here it is!


    - Allows users to set their nickname colour.
    - Stores the colour values for your players to an SQLite database.
    - Ops can set colours of other players.
    - Optionally disallow double colours.
    - Optionally disallow players to set colours (only ops).

    - Download SimpleColours at the top of this page.
    - Create a folder called 'lib' in your craftbukkit directory (so it looks like this) and put this file in it (this is the database driver).
    - Copy the JAR to the plugins directory of your Bukkit server software.
    - And you're done!

    After you start the server it will generate a settings file called SimpleColours.yml

    /colour help - Shows all available colours
    /colour <colourname> - Sets the colour of your name
    /colour reset - Resets the colour of your name to white
    Ops only:
    /colour <player> <colourname> - Sets the colour of a player's name
    /colour <player> reset - Resets the colour of a player's name to white
    SimpleColours.yml can be found in your plugins/SimpleColours directory:
    allow-doubles - whether double colours are allowed (if set to false, this only allows 16 coloured nicknames on the server!)
    users-can-change - whether users can change their name colour
    Known bugs:
    - None yet! :D

    To do:
    - Permissions support


    03/03/11: v1.1 (477)
    • Updated for latest craftbukkit
    • Made the help description of commands a bit less confusing
    26/01/11: v1.01
    Nothing new, fixed dependency for SQLite. No need to patch if it is working for you.

    23/01/11: v1.0
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    Thanks! I missed this when hMod hit the fan.
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    prehapes add a title feature. but very good mod indeed, been lookin for just this
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    What do you mean by title feature?
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    like my name is thedeathlyghost so if i were to set my title to AwesomeSauce the when i said Hello it would read
    <AwesomeSauce>thedeathlyghost: Hello
    i have been looking for a mod like this but havnt found any
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    Ah ok, I think that should be implemented in some kind of group modification, where you can set permissions to set a rank for yourself or a group or whatever. It's a nice idea, but it should probably get its own plugin.
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    Permissions support, and you've got a deal! :D
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    Charles Harvey

    Why do that when Permissions has it's own plugin called iChat that does this?
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    So my admins can quickly change individual user's colours on the fly. :)
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    can you please make like.. an admin only function for Rainbow!??! i really want my server name to be rainbow ;p
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    When I start up my server I get a really long error when I include this plugin, it doesn't seem to work either.
    Am I missing something?
    I attached the error message in a text file.

    EDIT: Nevermind, I didnt have the SQLite dependency file. It's working now.

    Attached Files:

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    Hey man where did you get that dependency file. On bukkit.org or Sqlite.org? helpz meh brotha!
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    Sry, forgot to mention that:

    - Get the new version of SimpleColours here
    - Create a folder called 'lib' in your craftbukkit directory (so it looks like this) and put this file in it (this is the database driver).
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    dude you are tthe mother fckin MAN!! love ya bro! nohomo! :)
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    I also had to rename the file from 'sqlitejdbc-v056.jar' to 'sqlite.jar'.
    It wouldn't work for me untill I renamed it.

    EDIT: Whoops, I see it works with the original filename in v1.01. My bad.
    Thanks for the plugin!
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    "This server isn't recent enough to support /colours"

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    Er, whenever I restart my server the peoples colors do not stay... Why is this?
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    I havent restarted my server yet, but theres no entries in the database for the players i've set colors on, so they probably will disappear (also kinda annoying not knowing if color has been set for a user when you do a /colour user)
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    i thought it detected my version and didn't download and just installed instead.. or did it?
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    how do u do double colours
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    My ops and my already have a red name cause of essentials plugin but i cant change my colour name when i am ops :S do you know how to fix it?
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    Can you add the color orange?
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    I think it's named gold. ;)
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    Gold isn't orange enough for me. :/
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    This is brilliant. iChat kept churning out page long error messages to me. (Funnily enough so does general). Cheers for this, great work.
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    SimpleColours.yml won't show in LIB folder. Please help.
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    This file should be located here: plugins/SimpleColours/SimpleColours.yml
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    How can you set the default color? I dont like everyone being red.

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