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    ScheduledAnnouncer [Version 1.8.1]

    Scheduled Announcer is a very simple tool, which only does what's its name told us. It automatically sends a broadcast out of a list controlled by a schedule.


    • Sends Scheduled Broadcast to all Players
    • Easy to configure by 'config.yml' or ingame with the '/announce' command.
    • Supports colors (&1, &2... &9, &a, &b... &f) and newlines with &n.
    • Supports executing commands inside Announcements. (Like "Now it will get day!&n/time day")
    • Supports newest Bukkit permissions system!

    How To Setup (open)

    1. Download the latest Release
    2. Drag&Drop the JAR file to your 'plugin/' directory
    3. Restart or reload your server

    There's a video tutorial on how to setup and configure that plugin on YouTube too. Thanks to BrandonHopkins!

    Configuration (open)
    # ScheduledAnnouncer Configuration File
    # =====================================
    # Don't use tabs in *.yml file!
        # Use this flag to temporary disable the announcements.
        # enabled: false, means that there wouldn't be any announcements.
        enabled: true
        # Set this to true will announce in random order.
        # 'false' will announce in sequential (one after another) order.
        random: false
        # Defines the prefix for the announcement. Use & + hex char 
        # for color codes.
        prefix: '&c[Announcement] '
        # The time of one interval in seconds.
        interval: 100
        # List of messages to announce. You could use color codes by
        # using & + hex chars too. &n will produce a new line.
        - 'This is the first default announcement!'
        - 'Use /announce help to get info how to config this plugin.'
        - 'You can also configure this plugin with its config.yml too!'

    Commands (open)
    /announce add <message>
    Needed Permission: announcer.add
    Adds a new announcement with the Message: <message>
    /announce broadcast [<index>]
    Needed Permissions: announcer.broadcast
    Broadcast an existing announcement NOW.
    /announce delete <index>
    Needed Permissions: announcer.delete
    Removes the announcement with the passed index.
    /announce enable [true|false]
    Needed Permissions: announcer.moderate
    Enables or disables the announcer.
    /announce interval <seconds>
    Needed Permissions: announcer.moderate
    Sets the seconds between the announcements.
    Calling it without an interval to set will return the current interval.
    /announce list
    Needed Permissions: announcer.moderate
    Lists all announcements.
    /announce random [true|false]
    Needed Permissions: announcer.moderate
    Enables or disables the random announcing mode.
    Only calling /announce random without true or false, will return current mode.
    /announce reload
    Needed Permissions: announcer.admin
    Reloads the config.yml.

    Changelog (Version 1.8.1):

    • Fixed problem with announcing randomly.

    Changelog (Version 1.8):

    • Made Prefix fully customizable. (Changed the configuration a bit...)
    • Added '/announce prefix <text>' command.
    • Default configuration file is now created if there isn't any. (No more ZIP-downloads necessary, simply drag&drop the JAR-file)
    Older Changelogs (open)
    Version 1.7.1:
    • Fix problems with executing commands
    • Works with 1.1-R5-SNAPSHOT
    Version 1.7.0:
    • Implemented support for new bukkit permissions system
    • Supports /announce now as alias for /announce broadcast
    Version 1.6.3:
    • Fixed 'sendToAll' bug, caused by invalid attaching process to Permissions.
    Version 1.6.2:
    • Fixed 'sendToAll' color codes bug.
    Version 1.6.1:
    • Do not show empty tag brackets. (When setting tag to '' or null)
    Version 1.6:
    • Added pages in /announce list command.
    • Fixed saving after deleting a Announcement.
    Version 1.5:
    • Added multiline support (with &n you could produce a new line inside one Announcement).
    • Added a support for executing Announcements as commands, if they start with a backslash.
    Version 1.4:
    • Added color support (with &1, &2, ... &f in Messages)
    • Added a seperated color setting for tag and message (See Config Spoiler this Thread)
    Version 1.3:
    • Added the feature to only send Announcement with the Permission "announcer.receiver". Need to set the flag: "announcement.sendToAll" in the ScheduledAnnouncer 'config.yml'.
    Version 1.2.2:
    • Changed the example config file, cause of a mistake in it.
    Version 1.2.1:
    • Bugfix for /announce interval bug.
    Version 1.2:
    • Added many new commands to configure it ingame. (/announce reload, /announce enable, /announce broadcast and /announce random)
    • Ability to choose between Random Mode and Sequential Mode.
    • Use different Permissions for different kind of tasks.
    Version 1.1:
    • Enables to change the color of the Broadcast in config.yml
    • Calling '/announce interval' without any paramater now returns the current interval.
    • Changed the name of the JAR to "ScheduledAnnouncer.jar" (Please delete the old one before update!)
    Version 1.0.2:
    • Support for CraftBukkit 670...
    Version 1.0.1:
    • Small bug fix...
    Version 1.0:
    • First Release!
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    you have to write the color names like "WHITE"
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    ^^ Strange thing is it worked on 1.8.1 with 1337 with that setup. But as soon as we updated to 1.0.0 and dev builds of bukkit (we're nwo on 1550 or something) the permission-announce function broke. :/
    There are no errors in the server.log. Not sure what it could be, do you get the same problem if you try with PEX and 1.0.0?
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    Great plugin! But I have a suggestion :)

    It would be nice if you made tips wrap nicely, ex:

    "Hello there, this is a tip" would wrap like
    Hello there,
    this is a tip
    instead of
    Hello there, thi
    s is a tip
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    The interval is not right, please look into it.
    I can set the interval to "5oo" and the messegaes apears every 5 minute.
    I can set the interval to "120" and the messages apears every minute.

    I think something is wrong with the scheduler.
    Using Craftbukkit 1597 & ScheduledAnnouncer 1.7.
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    Please update this awesome plugin to 1.0.1-R1:D
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    Hey, can you update the the latest CB (1.0.1-R1) Please, My server is spamming my iPhone with SEVERE errors about the version
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    Aaa yeah, plugin working again kinda with CB 1.1 Build 1796 :D Sweet
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    Thank you for the plugin, just a quick question, is there any way to announce more than one message but at certain different times?:confused: I know it can do this, but I do not know how to set this up. Any help? Thanks in advance.
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    You should add MultiWorld Support to make this plugin even better!
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    When I use the default config it works fine, but with this code, it throws out errors. Any ideas?
    # ScheduledAnnouncer Configuration File
    # =====================================
    # Don't use tabs in *.yml file!
        # Use this flag to temporary disable the annoucements.
        # enabled: false, means that there wouldn't be any announcements.
        enabled: true
        # Set this to true will announce in random order.
        # False will announce in sequential (one after another) order.
        random: true
        # Defines the color and the tag used for the broadcasts
        broadcast-tag-color: RED
        broadcast-tag: HELP
        # Defines the color of the message
        broadcast-color: WHITE
        # The time of one interval in seconds.
        interval: 100
        # List of Announcements
        - 'Use /help for a list of commands. Not all of them are enabled.'
        - 'Please post on the tinyurl.com\protoss33 forum post. This brings more members to the server'
        - 'Gain access to build by asking for /promote player gatekeeper'
        - 'Please donate. It costs $100 a month to run the server. Check out the perks of donating on the forum post'
        - 'Factions are live /f join xxx to join. /f list to see the list. /f home to go to the faction base'
        - 'Earth is a Faction/Pvp/Grief allowed world. If you don't like it. go to Atlantis. The Stargate is below the spawn'
        - 'You must be a gatekeeper, and have a lockette door built in Atlantis by a mod to build in Atlantis'
        - 'Check out the website at 8byteGaming.com, DynMap at 8byteGaming.com\8123, Teamspeak3 at 8byteGaming.com port 9987'
        - 'Twitter Tassox33 if the server is having issues @ 8bytegaming. Facebook at EightbyteGaming. Youtube channel at Tassox33.'
        # If you set 'sendToAll' to false, only players with the permission:
        # - announcer.receiver
        # will receive the Announcements. If you are using no Permissions
        # plugin this flag doesn't have any use for you.
        sendToAll: true
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    You should use \\ instead of \ (not "tinyurl.com\abc" => "tinyurl.com\\abc")
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    Aww, i thought you updated it, not just change the title. Well yeah it works but not all features work. Like the tag colors are glitchy. And maybe add new features?
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    Ah alright It wouldn't work when I copy and pasted so I re-wrote it line for line, and it worked. Without the //, but I will change that.
    I was also messing around with the default example on this first post about using ingame commands. I was thinking i could use it to /save-all.
    I tried "Now it will get day!&n/time day"
    Now it will get day!&n/time day
    and &n/time day
    without any luck.
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    Please exactly reread my last post, I never told you to replace /. You have to replace the \ in the url!
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    Right, I accidentally wrote / instead of \.
    Either way I was done with that issue. What about:
    I was also messing around with the default example on this first post about using ingame commands. I was thinking i could use it to /save-all.
    I tried "Now it will get day!&n/time day"
    Now it will get day!&n/time day
    and &n/time day
    without any luck.
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    // doesn't work for me. any backslash either single or double crashes the plugin when it tries to load the config file.
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    Ah, there seems to be a problem with changes in latest bukkit build. Download ScheduledAnnouncer 1.7.1 to fix your problem.
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    it is possible to scheduele to execute commands?
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    That's right. Have a look at the description of the Plugin.
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    Please make sure your plugin is ready for R5 - Thank you! :)
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    Already done today. 1.7.1 should work fine with R5. Please tell me, if I am wrong.
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    You are correct! Thank you very much :)
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    i cannot get the plugin to announce, i can set announcements without errors but it never anounces anything
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    Does this work with PermissionsEx anymore?
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    Do you have set 'sendToAll' to true (default) or otherwise you need to have the 'announcer.receiver' permission.

    It works with PermissionsEx, like any other SuperPerms plugin.

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    12:19:14 [SEVERE] Config file plugins/ScheduledAnnouncer/config.yml isn't valid! unacceptable character '?' (0xFFFD) special characters are not allowed
    in "<string>", position 0
    12:19:14 [INFO] Configuration reloaded.
    Hi, I took the default config and tried to translate it into UTF-8... Here is the problem, it doesn't work.
    I'm admin of a french server, and messages without é, à, ê... Is a bit unreadable and ugly ^^

    Can you help me ? I don't understand how to fix it.
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    Did you tried to add these special characters in game? The plugin should handle the characters then correct.
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    Hum, weird, but it works better now ^^
    The config file has changed, and now he replace special characters to "?".
    The file is still in ANSI, hope that it doesn't affect the announcements.

    thanks for the help

    Edit : Because the file is encoded (is it english ?) in ANSI, the special characters are replaced by ?, even in the announcements. If I encode the config file in UTF-8, it send me an error message (same as above)
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    Ya it was all configured, i evan reset server. than at mid night it started to work!!!! i dont know how but it did lol so it works fine now thx!! :p

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