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    bColoredChat - Color up Minecraft:
    Version: 2.1.0
    Download bColoredChat

    A simple plugin.
    Allows you to use colors in normal Chat, compatible with all other Chat plugins (including HeroChat, iChat, ...).
    Allows you to use colors on signs.

    • Colors in chat
    • Colors on signs
    • Permissions Support (not required)

    Color Codes:
    Show Spoiler

    Show Spoiler

    No need to use these. You can use color codes in your text without commands.
    If you dont want to type this long commands use bShortcut (works whith all plugins).
    • /useColor [color-code]
      • Example: /useColor &6
    • /setColor [name] [color-code]
      • Example: /useColor beecub &6 (Case sensitive)
    • /clearColor
    • /clearColor [name]
      • Example: /clearColor beecub (Case sensitive)
    • /randomColor [text]
    • /rainbowColor [text]
    • /showColors
      • show available ColorCodes ingame

    Show Spoiler

    Show Spoiler

    Version 2.1.0
    • /showColors - Command
    Version 2.0.0
    • save config after setColor()
    • fix /setColor [color-code]
    • /randomColor - Command
    • /rainbowColor - Command
    • &random - Color Tag
    • &rainbow - Color Tag
    • advanced error handling
    Version 1.9.1
    • fix
    Version 1.9.0
    • setColor - Command
    • Code clean up for 2.0
    Version 1.8.1
    • No permissions - fix
    Version 1.8.0

    • Bukkit 670
    Version 1.7.0
    • OpOnly-Option
    Version 1.6.0
    • Colored Signs
    Version 1.5.0
    • useColor (set colors)
    Version 1.4.0
    • Minecraft 1.4
    Version 1.3.0
    • Color tags
    Version 1.2.0
    • Permissions Support
    Version 1.1.0
    • Better Code (Thanks Drakia)
    Version 1.0.0
    • Chat colors

    Request?, i wanna do it. Give me Feedback. I want to hear your opinion. Thanks a lot :).

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    wow, I feel stupid saying thanks so many times but every problem I post you fix almost instantly :p

    Thank you!
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    Well it is a private whitelist server, and I have already switched plugins. I think I will try your anti-caps plugin, possibly the seperate logging plugin as well.
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    Thanks for trying them :) , but does not help me to find the problem here, a great pity.
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    Not sure if this is even possible but are you able to change the actual color of someones name?
    I am talking about the name you see when you walk near someone. Would be awesome if we could change that as well :p
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    Want to have this since months, would be absolutly great. But its Client side ... Can do nothing ...
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    Anyone knows if it's possible to add the &rainbow as a prefix in permissions and let it show aswell via iChat
    and is it possible to color the name like that.. i mean so the name is shown in rainbow
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    Well it seems to work for everyone else. :D BTW your anti-caps plugin is awesome!
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    /usecolor random
    That would be so kool :)
    Quote me if you do this thanks.
    Great plugin.
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    Make a video on how to use the signs?
    I don't know how to add color on signs...
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    Yes, good idea, but for now:
    write this for example on the first line of your sign:
    &6 test
    And press "Done". Thats all :)
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    Working great as always, just one thing I dislike. I doubt you would easily be able to fix this, but when players use rainbow chat or whatever in other chats like faction chat (part of the Factions plugin), in console all I see is a bunch of &(number)'s and letters. It is impossible for me to read their messages. Because I want to be able to log players' chat (as I have found people have been xray hacking and such using this), I am currently restricting players from using multi-colored chat. Is there any way at all this can be fixed? Thanks, keep up the good work!
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    Not really, its the way bukkit works with the colors,
    but i can create a extra permission for random and rainbow (or an option to deactivate them in config if you want) color.
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    Oh thats okay, thanks anyways though
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    Version 2.1.0
    Added command to show available color codes ingame. Very useful if you dont know alle the colors and you dont want to search them here or somewhere else.

    Version 2.1.0
    • /showColors - Command
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    El linko de downloado esct le broken D:
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    Hi, I've sent you a pull request on github because this plugin breaks Showcase (more explained in the actual Pull Request)
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    Hello, thank you for the excellent mod!

    Unfortunately it seems to be incompatible with FalseBook (specifically just FalseBookIC.jar, the one that uses sign texts). When FalseBookIC.jar is loaded the sign just prints the literal text like &6test in black.

    Just letting you know! Thanks again

    Edit: I noticed that sweetswear4665 said that ColoredSigns mod worked in his (apparent) incompatibility situation, so I have tested that, it is indeed compatible with FalseBookIC.jar where bColoredChat is not :( Luckily I should be able to run all 3 and then just remove ColoredSigns if/when bColoredChat or FalseBook fixes this!
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    Fixed this problem, please redownload.
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    Is it only me who can't download this or something :?
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    George Nico

    Would it be able on the /usecolor and /setcolor for the plugin to save the colors set when the plugin reloads ? :D
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    seems to work fine
    are you using the newest version?, its already working.
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    George Nico

    Omg. You're amazing.
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    hey could u fix this problem i am having? when i download the zip , it unzips everything including the .jar. this doesnt happen to the other plugins i unzip, only this one
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    no seriously
    does nobody else get this when they click the download link
    because that is all that i get
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    Please update for 818, this is cool plugin :D
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    There it is
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    How I can use this all the time? Whats the command?
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    Can you possibly create something like "/colors help" just so that n00bz to my server can find out what it does?
    or better yet... im not sure if anyone can do this but can you make it so when you type in "/help" it shows up in the default help or at least a note in there saying "bColoredChat [version number] help: /colors help"
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    Could you add it so you could set a groups text color? Example, on my server the prefix [Admin] is in red, but then the players text is white. So could you doba command that could change an entire groups text color?

    So it could be something like:
    /setColor [groupname] [colorname]

    This would be very helpful. Thanks.
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    Colored signs aren't fully working with my permissions setup. Colored chat still works, and colored signs I placed before installing Permissions are still colored. But, if I put &btest on a new sign, it just shows "&btest" verbatim.

    I am a member of the "Admins" group which has all permissions for all plugins (*), but I cannot make new colored signs. If I disable the Permissions plugin altogether, I can create colored text on signs once again.

    Plugins I am using: BlastControl, MobRider, Backup, Permissions, bColoredChat, WorldEdit, MyHome, FalseBookCore, FalseBookIC, FalseBookChat, FalseBookExtra, FalseBookBlock, xWarp, MultiVerse, HeroicDeath, dynmap, CommandBook, PermissionsSql, Citizens

    Any insight would be much appreciated.

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