[INACTIVE] BasicHerobrine v1.2.1 - Herobrine for Your Server [1000]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by user_43347, Jul 22, 2011.

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    Lol, <3 you very minor release but it'l do to shit some people up xD
    Oh and you'll need to use an external link like dropbox
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    Thanks, I'm trying to find someone that could help with the Thread.Sleep issues to really make this plugin work nice. I'm also added some functions like random spawn (where he spawns in front of you, disappears) but it's timing function seems to be failing.
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    I wanted to point out you said "shit". :D

    And hm could you add more useful configurable stuff like talking, and attacking maybe?
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    I love how you use the font you used lol. Makes it seem creepy.
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    I hope you're going to fix this before it's been moved to plugin release.
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    If you need any help just feel free to pm me, i can probably help you with most things... Just put the source code in pastebin or something and just PM me.

    Yep i know i did, its a British thing...
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    finally a Herobrine plugin!
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    Can you make him destroy blocks to get you? (example: Herobrine finds you, you get to home then he break 2 glass blocks and kill you =)
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    I'm planning to, I just need help with some of the code.
    I'm working on what he says right now in the config options.

    I'm fairly new to Java, and therefor have absolutely no clue how to make him do that, although I would love to add that as a config option, I'll definitely look into it.

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    Well I certainly have the source but to be polite its a mess right now. Dosen't build when I recompile it.
    Does the old version still work for you then?
    Any details will help.
    Open to suggestions as well.
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    I posted this in another thread but if you have an instance of your NPCEntity you can do this :
    npcentity.itemInWorldManager.c(block.getX(), block.getY(), block.getZ());
    That's the same as breaking it normally. (It drops the block and calls blockbreakevent)
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    The old version works for me, I don't change any settings and it runs fine on Bukkit 1000, with GroupManager and Permissions in use, although it does through some exceptions, it works just fine.
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    If that qualifies as works fine sure. Instead of releasing this as an update I believe it will be part of a larger "Infected" plugin. hehehe killer zombies who will stop at nothing to kill you
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    You should look at inetgrating something like CursedLand into this, also make it reversible lol, heres my ideas (imma big zombie fan, night of the living dead 1978 FTW lol)
    1. Random zombie apocalypses (or on command)
    2. Auto turns to night (of course)
    3. Zombies continuously spawn
    4. They can break through anything to get to you
    5. Integrate something like CursedLand
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    I have a suggestion! can you make him hide in the world?
    ps: I dont use bukkit 1000. can you make him compatible for earlier versions? if you cant im gonna update
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    add permissions??? i would get this if it had permissions and im not sure about the summoning with netherrack :/
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    Hmmm looks interesting!
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    Everybody please update to version 1.1, it fixes millions of bugs, and adds some new features. Check the post for more information.

    It now supports back to RB935, make sure to upgrade to 1.1 though.

    I'll look into permissions. The netherrack is because his "throne"'s top is netherrack.

    I did :)

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    Thanks for the cool plugin. Could you make a config option or just add were you light the netherrack it pretty much is the same thing as typing /herobrine? That would be amazing...
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    I thought about that, the only issue would be that the server would lag because your scanning the whole world to find his "throne".
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    Right. I also found a small bug. When I spawn him, no matter were I look at the netherrack he seems to always spawn in the corner of it.
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    Yes, thats under the known bugs, he always faces north and spawns in a wierd location of the netherrack.
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    Ah ok, looks nice though. I've been waiting for a long time for something like this. Good luck to you. PM me if you want. I found a piece of code that finds a altar with the redstone torch formations and etc. I think it would come in handy so PM me :)
  27. are you f***ing kidding me.ragequit
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    ? It's not yours lol...

    **BTW I thought you were on vacation with no internet lol.
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    I guess you found this plugin from my comment on your thread. I hope you still continue with yours because as the title suggests this Herobrine is just basic.

    Thats Techguard that is on vacation for 3 weeks with no internet not tips48.
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    Are there some screens ?

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