[INACTIVE][ADMN] WoolGiver v0.1 - Gives you colored wool [860]

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    WoolGiver - Give wool, based on the input given
    Version - 0.1

    WoolGiver gives you colored wool based on command input

    • Give wool based on command input
    • Can give all wool colors based on 1 command
    Download v0.1
    Source Code


    Video by TheGamePlaza

    • /wool .give [COLOR] - Give specified color
    • /wool .giveall - gives all colors (Make sure you have room in your inventory!)
    • /wool .help - issues help command
    • To all of those who helped me along the way, thanks a ton guys, awesome community!
    • TheGamePlaza - Making an awesome video for my plugin! Thanks dude!
    Version - 0.1
    • Release!

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    It work! Thanks is look for something like this. I was hoping that maybe in the next version you make so it spawns more than 1 stack? If you don't that's ok but it would help me a lot :).
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    any permissions? They Would Be Awsome If it did XD
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    Deleted user

    Works great.
    However, I couldn't seem to get the light and dark grey wools to spawn. Not sure what you have the colors set to for them. I don't think I checked the help menu. You should add a color list in it if it's not already there.

    Also, the commands are slightly annoying.The "." isn't an issue, but I never would have guessed it was there. I had to come find this thread again just to see the commands. Maybe just remove the period so it'd be /wool give instead.

    But overall, good plugin. :]
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    Awesome plugin. I want to implement this into a multi-world server with a creative and a survival world on it, so it would be great if you could add permissions support. :)
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    thank you! :D:D:D:D
    i've been looking for something like this :D
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    Deleted user

    Agreed with this. I'm not sure how to add permissions myself.
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    Yes! This needs permissions!
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    very nice indeed...

    It came to my attention that when you give yourself all the wools via the ".giveall" you get every colour EXCEPT white and the new brown.

    Just for your info :D
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    Am New here and I have a big question: What pluggin is at the start of the video Like what is the plugging to say who is online and the pluggint to Post Wecome msg tx
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    Would it be okay if I updated the plugin for practice?
    I know some Java and thought I can make the plugin better, please someone tell me if it is okay!
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    WHen i press download it say page not found
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    Link is dead .... can you update this pleas thx

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