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Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by desmin88, Mar 11, 2011.

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    Oh, okay... and btw, i had a thought as to shed some light on it if you've exhausted all your ideas.. if i may? :)

    umm, could it be related to the way it's trying to access/compress the files? i have winzip 15 installed... i didn't know if it used an external app, or had its own compressor...
    just a random thought. :)

    but otherwise, thanks :)
    i was just afraid it was going to corrupt the backups or something, if the files were handled wrongly, during compression and such.

    Umm, one more thing... like, for multiple worlds, would it be possible to have it label the backup for each world differently? i can't completely tell them apart on the outside, aside from even/odd saves.. i only have two worlds set up. :p
    maybe something like... backup_(worldname)_(date/time/etc.)

    Thanks again for the heads up. super appreciate all your efforts! and the wonderful job on the plugin. :D
    This is also the first backup plugin i've actually gotten to work. though i've been using SS for some time now anyways, once i heard it had backup functionality, i beamed with delight. haha.
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    Java uses its own built zipping. It in no way uses your winzip.
    In 2.2.1, thatll be added.

    I just implemented your request. :cool:
    In 2.2.1, your WorldEdit functions will now work.
    I'm gonna implement this next.

    If anybody want's to check their suggestion progress, look at the original post todo list.
    If I missed your suggestion, drop me a pm or reply in the thread.

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    Oh, alright... that works. :eek:
    i'm guessing it's just a quirk with java, possibly a conflict or something...

    wow, thanks :D

    oh, umm, is it available for download right now? or is it not posted yet?
    sorry, was just curious :)
    and mind me, i tend to get a little annoying at times...
    but once again, amazing job. :D
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    The "Handle is Invalid" error is caused by Java itself, randomly I think.
    But no, its not available to download. yet!
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    and about restoring data?
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    Do you mean
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    Is there a way to save also when no player is online?
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    Please update you plugin to run with the laste bukkit version...
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    It works fine with the latest version (703).

    I take that back... People are complaining about it not saving, which is the main goal of this plugin.
    I hadn't noticed it because I run my server with save-on, and it's been making backups flawlessly.
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    There was no change in API from 677 to 703, so it's impossible for it not to save.

    Are there any errors?
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    Ah okay. I wasn't confirming or denying the fact that it saves, I was simply stating that I don't know. :)

    Also, suggestion:
    Would be cool if there was a feature to kick people who are AFK.
    So the server doesn't get filled with backups.

    Even though the Backup History option prevents it from getting overdone, it'd still be a neat idea.
    So ontop of preventing the server from making backups, that also reduces the load of the server. :-P

    Just a recommendation, not even sure if this is possible.
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    I would love to be able to set this so it would run the backup if there isn't anybody on. I set my backup interval quite high because I run a small server and don't have much need for them, but on occasions (like today when my hosting sight went down) it would be nice to have had a just in case backup from a week ago to use. When I went and looked for backups though there were no recent ones. I assume this was because there were no players on when it was supposed to backup.
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    733 is recommended now (1.5_02)...
    Can't wait for 2.21. Glad to see you worked out the annoying "Enable level Saving" thing. :D
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    I have SimpleSave running and it should backup every 3 hours. But ever since it's been running I haven't seen a single backup running. Where does SimpleSave store backups?

    Also, when the server is saving it lags the server until it's finished saving. Is this normal?
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    Saves to <CraftBukkitJarDirectory>/backups
    It only backs up the files if a player is online.

    And yes, that is normal if the map is big or if the computer hosting the server is insufficient.

    ( @thekris1234 )
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    1.5 woot 1.5 PLEASE
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    It works fine on 1.5...

    Also, another suggestions :p:
    I think it would be cool if there was an option to turn save-on to save-off completely...
    You could just type save-off... but I don't believe it sticks between restarts, having it built in to the plugin would make it much easier.

    Also, it would be awesome if it initiated a /save-all right before it backs up, so it backs up the latest version of he map.
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    Thank you for explaining to the members posting with questions.
    I dont quite understand your first part...
    However, it does automatically save the world before it makes a backup.
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    So on-load it automatically sends /save-off...
    So the world doesn't constantly save...

    Rather than typing it in manually, since I don't believe the setting sticks between restarts.

    Also, ETA on 2.2.1?
    In no means trying to rush you, just curious. Since everything on the TO-DO is marked as done :3
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    So a customizable option to send save-off?
    PM me, I have a proposition for you as well.
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    Basically, yes.

    And PMing you now.
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    @desmin88 Dude, i think i found where that random error is coming from. I believe it was cause by it trying to save data at the same time it was trying to back up. so it's trying to write to files it can't.

    Is there some way that you could make it detect whether it's doing a save, and have it delay until the save is complete?

    I'm not 100% positive if that's it.. but i thought i'd throw it your way to see. :)
    thanks again!

    [EDIT] an obvious temp fix, was as you said before, just adjust the times, so it's saving at a time when it's not backing up.. but occasionally those times will still conflict.
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    I implemented a way to do that in 2.2, however it seems to not be working.
    I'll try and fix it in 2.2.1
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    Yes, I would require some integration with worldedit and so..
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    How does WorldEdit say you can integrate with it.
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    I think he's referring to the snapshot function...
    I thought it would work with it as is though. I haven't had the need to test it in realtime yet, so i can't say if it does or not. I might actually do that... i'll sandbox my server, give it a run, and report back if you want... keeping in mind i'll be running b733. :)
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    i may just be stupid, but what are the color codes that we can use? I was following the minecraft wiki and typed BRIGHTGREEN but it seems that made the plugin stop all together.
  31. Dumb question here: Where does SimpleSave put the backup files? I'm not finding any of the folders, even when forcing /backup.

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