[INACTIVE][ADMN] SimpleSave v3.25 Simple automatic saving! [000] - Backups!

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by desmin88, Mar 11, 2011.

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    @Kadah use Andys' linked fixed version of 3.25, he found the bug that was doing that and fixed it.
    @Andys thanks for finding & fixing it! works like a charm now!
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    I've moved my server to my workstation so I can monitor it when I'm at work. I'll give Andys's edit a shot but I'd rather have no backups than risk chunk saving being completely hosed.

    plugin.ignore.noplayers is being forced to false, is that normal?
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    Ya desmin88 fix this so that you don't need other people to fix it for you.
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    Can you describe how that chunk loss happens? I am new to MC and don't know a lot of things. Maybe it's related to saveon-off parameter, I didn't quite understand what it is for.
    My tests showed that if I run usual save-off command in console and later stop server, all changes to world are lost.

    About noplayers - no, I didn't make it forced. Like before, it can be set to either true or false. I modified only start time - originally 'true' would start saving only after someone logged on (well, with that players count bug it would never start unless you run /reload when there's someone logged on). In my version it starts ticking right after server start. I guess it's for those who like to make regular backups all the time, even if world wasn't modified.
    I can return it back to original state, but I think it's better this way - on server start you now see that plugin is running and ticking. Whatever, I set it to false on my server and instructed everyone not to quit and re-login too fast (so they wouldn't log in while backup is running)
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    With Andi's version, my config-file will be overwriten on serverstart. :/
    Is there a answer?
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    My thoughts after looking at the code.
    Version. Plugin reads version number from it's own plugin.yml inside jar (3.25a in my case). Compares it to version in config file (3.1). And then regenerates config from scratch since versions aren't the same. In the process of doing so it writes hard-coded 'version=3.1' to config...
    Whatever, I've replaced the version back to 3.1, should be working now.

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    thanks for the quick update @Andys (and I didn't even notice that @Poeschl , good catch :D)

    also, @desmin88 , I still get the 'parts of config are blank' and 'dont post this warning'. the thing is... my config is all filled in, including filtering the nether out, since we don't use it on my server. just a heads up :)
    my config just to make sure I'm not being stupidly blind (which unfortunately I have been before)
    #SimpleSave Config File 
    #Tue Jul 26 01:12:44 EDT 2011
    backup.message.ending=[SimpleSave] Ending world backup
    backup.message.starting=[SimpleSave] Beginning world backup
    save.message.starting=[SimpleSave] Beginning world save
    save.message.ending=[SimpleSave] Ending world save
    backup.date.format=yyyy-MM-dd hh-mm-ss
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    Yeah, that "error" is annoying... I've gone through my config file line by line and can't find what is missing to cause that message to be displayed...
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    This don't work it doesn't save or backup it won't do anything! :(
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    @SieniFani did you try Andys' version a couple of posts up? he fixed it from what I can tell (been using it since he posted it the first time)
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    Log in to your server as a player first, if you got default config then you have "plugin.ignore.noplayers=false" parameter and plugin will start when there are some players on server.
    When plugin starts it's autosave timer, it will write in console something like 'save interval - x minutes, backup interval - y minutes'.

    Error about blank lines in config is basically hard-coded. There are few parameters that are always empty and are not read from config file. Probably reserved for future development.
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    @Andys oh, that would explain it then. Oh well :-\ lol.
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    When SimpleSave stopped doing backups, it stopped do all chuck saving as well. After the last backup in the log, there was never another world save, and when I stopped the server to update Bukkit, it stated it was saving chunks, but didn't and only took about 2 seconds to shut down.

    Your last update seems to fix the config getting reverted very start and reload. Thanks

    I would much rather have it backing up even when nothing changed and no one is on than have any chance of it not saving again >_>
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    @Kadah this is how it's supposed to work according to EvilSeph (see here: http://leaky.bukkit.org/issues/1100 ) when save-off is used and you /stop the server.

    I believe this plugin makes save-off get used, so if it's not doing the back ups and saves for you and you /stop your server without a /save-all, you don't actually save anything, regardless of how long the server was running. Andys' version fixed the not saving/backing up issue, so it's working as normal now (for me atleast)
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    Not sure if this has been posted, but when i have Showcase installed, this plugin stops working. In the console, it loads the plugin but the...

    [INFO] SimpleSave: Current save interval is 10 minute(s)
    [INFO] SimpleSave: Current backup interval is 60 minute(s)

    doesn't load. In the console, Showcase Autosaves every minute. Any suggestions?
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    pls make ingame commands like /saveall or so
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    Not only did this plugin break save-all for me (which I ran before shutting down my server), it fucked up player positions on my server, spawning me in the middle of the ocean above my cave, every time I reconnected.
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    Thank God.
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    shame this plugin use to work so good.. o well....
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    Yaay! It just started working!! THANK U SO MUCH THIS IS AWESOME PLUGIN!!!

    Here, take these [diamond][diamond][diamond][stick][stick][cake][cake][cake][diamondblock][gold][iron][diamondblock] :D
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    Hey could you add some permissions and commands in chat so you like can do it ING maby im blind but i cant find that if it are allready
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    @Arton there's an ingame command to back up manually, it's /ssbackup (or ssbackup if you type it in the console).
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    Plugin works good if you reload (disable\enable) plugin with 1 or more players

    fixed class file can be downloaded from here SSplayerListener.class
    how to fix bug manually:
    you need to recompile plugin manually with change code.
    file: SSplayerListener.java
        public SSplayerListener(SimpleSave instance, int playercount) {
            plugin = instance;
            this.players = playercount;
            if (playercount > 0) {
        public void onPlayerJoin(PlayerJoinEvent event) {
            if (players == 1 && !plugin.backuptimer.isCancelled()) {
        public SSplayerListener(SimpleSave instance, int playercount) {
            plugin = instance;
            this.players = playercount;
            if(players > 0 || plugin.ConfigArray[20].equals("true"))
        public void onPlayerJoin(PlayerJoinEvent event) {
            if (players == 1 && !plugin.backuptimer.isCancelled()) {
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    Why did you discontinue it? I got so used to this plugin that I got rid of all my other auto-saves. Please continue it :[
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    I believe it was because he was failing quite a bit.
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    Nope, I couldn't deal with all the incompetent idiots using my plugin, didn't care much more.
    That doesn't seem like it'll work, lol.
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    I don't blame ya. Worked well here when I used it, didn't even ask support (although I mentioned something about a thread error but never pasted, because it magically went away), but I see the level of intelligence of reading falling quite a bit, even on our own server. :(
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    Minebackup = More simple and works better.
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    not again, every time i find a backup plugin i like it stops working or goes inactive >.<

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