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Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by desmin88, Mar 11, 2011.

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    Custom commands that fores backup/save would be really really useful

    Something like /forcesave /forcebackup
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    Drei Gyuu

    I'm sure I've taken necessary steps before I posted here.

    Apparently in my case the problem was because I lock the time, so the liquids in the game wont flow. It does make perfect sense. Just sharing the solution for those who had the same issue

    PS: I like your ethic, good luck with that.
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    I agree 100%.
    I actually made a plugin myself to force save... I have it overwrite save-all and add /s and /save as well.
    Super handy, since the default /save-all doesn't save player data.
    Would be great to have something similar added into here.

    I hadn't added a backup command though.
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    For those who wonder, Simple Save still works ok with bukkit 766. I have it running on my server now and no problem.
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    @Drei Gyuu
    Impossible for my plugin to cause this. It's most likely other plugins.
    2.2.2, already confirmed to be added.
    See above
    I'll update the first post
    I'll update first post. These are the colors supported by bukkit, >here<
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    I wasn't rushing you to update friend, just letting others know that the mod had not been broken with the new bukkit release.
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    I know, all I did was update 740 to 766 :p
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    A couple questions:

    Is there a manual command to force a backup?
    Do the saves and backups only happen when players are online?
    Will it run one more round of backups/saves one interval of time after the last player leaves?

    Thanks for the great plugin, in any case!
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    Thanks awesome Plugin :)
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    Would it be possible to make backup.history.length be the number of backups of each world rather than the total number of zip files in the directory? Didnt realise it was a total number of zips in the directory until just now (thought it was the total of zips per world).

    Going to change from the default 5 to 15 (3 worlds). Hopefully this would then keep 5 copies of the worlds.

    [@ backups]$ ls
    Antares12052011-035113.zip nether11052011-220427.zip nether12052011-035156.zip Survival11052011-220414.zip Survival12052011-035144.zip
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    I see that you have missed the boat.

    What is wrong with the folder structure i mentioned?
    And why is it formatted at DDMMYYYY? You got it backwards...
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    In the zip files created as backups, the worlds seem to have the first letter chopped off. Not a big deal, really, but it's happening.
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    there is nothing "wrong" with it nor is it backwards. Simply a matter of preference. I voted for having yearmonthdate as it makes file sorting easier.

    did you mean in 2.2.2? or did you update the current version 2.2.1 because nothing about the format is shown in changelog. I will assume its a typo =]
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    Since I downloaded new update. Everything seems fine. No errors. However something is troubling me.

    I get the Red Update [Simple Save]Starting World Save. But, no Craftplayer update. So I am wondering if it is truly saving at all. Part of new update, or did I break it!?
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    Really odd,
    I for one thank the plugin for the backups, then don't for the thread errors.

    I know it says thread safe here - on my win2008 server, i got thread errors after backing up.
    Having to use the backup files helped the issue, but restarting the server after it backs up gave thread errors.

    RB 766 - just curious why it's doing that, it may be Windows - no idea.
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    Got a prob it doesnt backup when no player is online.

    #SimpleSave Config File
    #Thu May 12 13:16:27 CEST 2011
    backup.message.ending= Das Backup wurde erfolgreich erstellt.
    backup.message.starting= Es wird ein Backup erstellt.
    save.message.starting= Die Welt wird nun zwischengespeichert.
    save.message.ending= Die Welt wurde erfolgreich zwischengespeichert.
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    Why would there be a CraftPlayer update?
    This plugin doesn't execute a console command, it uses Bukkit Functions.
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    It was console commander, sorry. It seems like it must be saving getting the same lag whenever it starts the save.
    Console commander does kick in when backing up however. Its just different then I remember.
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    Console commander kicks in when it's backing up because it uses the save-off and save-on console command to execute the enable and disable level saving.
    It doesn't show that when it saves because it doesn't save via save-all, it saves via the Bukkit functions.

    Which, are better than save-all.
    The vanilla save-all only saves the world data, same with shutdowns.
    The two bukkit functions are better, and used together save both world data and player data.
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    Ah I see, that makes perfect sense. Thanks for clarification.
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    Love this plugin. Only thing I've noticed recently is using this with MultiVerse causes the server to crash. I am unsure what exactly is going on. Using RB 766 and SimpleSave 2.2.1
    Seems to crash 5 minutes after a save.
    Anyone have any ideas?
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    Small non-critical bug: The directory name inside the zipped backup is missing the first character of the directory of the backed up world. ('netherworld' will be backed up as 'etherworld'). The filename of the zip itself is fine.
    This is with plugin version 2.2.1 and bukkit 766.

    Also, I disabled all messages, but ingame it still gives me a single line of 'ConsoleCommandSender: Disabling level saving..' everytime a backup is made.

    My config is as follows:
    #SimpleSave Config File
    #Wed May 04 03:47:27 CEST 2011
    backup.message.ending=Ending world backup
    backup.message.starting=Beginning world backup
    save.message.starting=Beginning world save
    save.message.ending=Ending world save
    As you can see I make a backup every 5 minutes and keep them for 24h before overwriting. Call me paranoid, but it works for me. I don't use the normal save feature because it generates a lot of exception spam in the console if used together with backups.
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    Drei Gyuu

    Makes the server hiccup tho, makes it lag for like 30 sec. Not that it bothers me much.
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    About the backups,.....
    on my test server it created ZIP file looks like this:
    |-- orld
    ....|-- players
    ....|-- regions
    ....|-- etc.

    Notice the missing "W" in folder name. Could you make it so it would zip only the world files without world folder, so it could be used with WorldEdit as Snapshot,....? So it would look like this:
    |-- players
    |-- regions
    |-- etc.
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    In 2.2.2, a manual backup command will be added.
    It doesn't save or backup with no players online.
    The first letter being chopped off, I just can't solve. I've had people look at my code, dissected it bit by bit. Nothing I can see causes it.
    Show me these 'thread errors'
    That's built in functionality so it's not redundantly making backups or saves.
    No idea why. I haven't tested MultiVerse, but other multiworld plugins work.
    Any errors logs?
    See above for proJohnRH. If you want, you can decompile my code and try to solve it yourself.
    The commandconsole is only sent ingame to OP's, and AFAIK can't be disabled.
    @Drei Gyuu
    It's not my plugins fault. It's the fact your unzipping and copying a huge folder.
    The truncation error has already been addressed.
    However, I'm not going to integrate with WorldEdit.
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    Hey, just a quick question. I'm running a fairly small sized server with apparently too many plugins so my server crashes once or twice a day causing a rollback (very annoying) So I was wondering how heavy this plugin was, would it be worth installing for me if I wanted to prevent rollbacks? (lol too many plugins, yet I want to install more... :( )
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    This plugin is very light and robust. It is perfect for you needs. The auto save function is what you want to use. However, you may want to disable the backup function as it may cause some lag depending on size of world.
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    He didnt ask for worldedit integration... he only suggested removing the world folder and zip only the contents of that so that it could be used in worldedit as a snapshot.
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    @kaasinees Really? It seems like he did to me. Because he clearly says so it can be used with WorldEdit Either way, I'm not going to support that at the current time being.

    Update to users of SimpleSave:
    The next release will be 3.0
    I'm doing a complete rewrite of it, with great new features including
    • In new updates, config file is regenerated for you to include new settings
    • Manual backup command
    • Custom date formats
    • Somehow fix the truncation of world folder names
    • Option to not or do save/backup with players online
    If I've missed your requested feature, reply in the thread.
    Safer backing up as well.

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    Mighty Mackinac

    Awesome! Thanks for your hard work, dude! Me and my clients thank you!

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