[INACTIVE][ADMN/SEC/WEB] DataLog - replaced by HawkEye [1000]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by oliverw92, Apr 15, 2011.

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    Well idk what I did, but it's working now in-game :)

    ...now I gotta try getting it to work web-side again lol.

    Either way, this is an EXCELLENT plugin and I can't wait for v1.1 as running this and LogBlock really lagged my server I think haha.

    Keep up the great work man! And if I knew any other language besides English, I'd help translate.
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    What if u can't edit your bukkit.yml? I tried editing it and it messed up some of my plugins such as lwc, locker and rtriggers...i'm on RB 860 btw
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    Are those plugins using MySQL or do you have them using FlatFile/SQLite?
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    @Drageer If you are currently using bukkit.yml in SQLite mode, you will either have to import all your data into MySQL (which i would advise anyway), or wait for v1.1.0 - I am dropping Bukkit Persistence for v1.1.0 so you won't need to edit Bukkit.yml
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    Doubleslash // WorldEdit-Commands will still doesn't log?
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    What is Double Splash? As far as world-edit commands - that isn't really anything i can sort out - WE has a weird custom command handler or something. I'll look into it further if you like?
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    New version is good some things I noticed that aren't in.

    Ability to change the default format so newest is at top than the bottom.
    Ability to sort the columns in the results list preferable by multiple columns like column 1 then column 3 sort etc.
    Ability also to have all chat shown in the box instead of mouse over for those that want it.

    I am thinking of using a htaccess password instead of the inbuilt password box I don't want players accidentally stumbling on the datalog page and seeing what we can log etc even if they cant access the information so you might want to implement a proper login system and have the page hidden behind that as having the page public even with no dataaccess gives that you have that ability away to users.

    Also a option for filter not to hide when searching a toggle option in the config I think would work.

    Would also like sign text to show on there own lines like the signs ingame as it makes signs easier to read.

    Ability to filter out of commands and searches as I said we use admin chat so all out commands are /a for talk I would like the ability not to show /a commands when searching for who tried commands it we have allot of private talk that is shown when looking for commands.

    So a don't show option with multiple inputs like /a, /pw, etc

    I see you have a keywords which is a filter but a exclusion filter also as a addition not a filter or exclude as I would like both options.
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    Reverse order is already in the next version
    Sorting columns is not going to happen any time soon, sorry
    Guess i could have that as a config option. Won't be an in-browser option though

    I was planning on implementing sessions to get around this.

    I can that no-hide config

    I like the sign text idea

    You can already do this, just do it in-game. Check config.yml
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    The exclude filter would be perfect for the browser as I find that soo easy to use and theirs time you don't want something to show like for us /a for commands with the long list in game I haven't worked it out yet.

    But thanks for the reply and good to hear stuff is coming.
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    You don't understand, the exclude filter in-game stops the command from even being logged.
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    Oh sorry miss communication both sides, I'm not talking about excluding the data being logged I'm talking about excluding viewing that data when needed.

    Like you may want to log all /home commands also but when you want to see all commands in the browser you may not want to show /home but you want to see everything else that time.

    So you use the filter at search time so any /home isn't shown on the list but everything else is.

    That's what I'm talking about.

    Sorry if I wasn't clear on it.
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    Ok i'll see what i can do
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    No problem.
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    Does this support SQLite? Because most of my other plugins are SQlite, wanted to make sure before I mess something up on this one.
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    No because SQLite wouldn't work well with a web interface

    Rollbacks are here!

    Version: v1.1.0 [860]
    • NEW! Added rollbacks the /dl rollback and /dl undo command
    • NEW! Added an in-game tool block with /dl tool
    • NEW! Added the /dl tpto command
    • NEW! Added the /dl here command
    • NEW! Implemented language packs into the web interface and added option to list in reverse
    • NEW! Database cleanesing - delete logs older than a certain amount of time
    • Completely refactored the database schema
    • Changed from Bukkit Persistence to well managed, very efficient connection manager
    • Fixed tons of bugs
    • Added support for block data (wool colour etc)
    • MASSIVELY optimised searching. Words cannot describe how fast searches are now. I spent a week completely redesigning and researching ways to have the most efficient yet powerful database structure and how to query millions of results super fast. I would go as far to say this is now the fastest plugin when it comes to searching logs.
    • Made displaying results look nicer
    • Added player sesions system

    Enjoy! I have been bug testing for at least a day now, all bugs should now be ironed out. Please let me know on here or ingame at play.minecraftcc.com if you have any issues

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    Nice! About to test this out now :)
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    Geoff Winans

    /me will take a look at this plugin :)

    Recommendations off the bat:

    Split your x,y,z values into fields of their own.

    What if I want to search within a range? This will also let you more efficiently store it as an UNSIGNGED INT value rather than a CHAR/VARCHAR.

    You can also then add a covering index on it.

    ALTER TABLE table ADD index x_y_z_idx(x,y,z);

    If you'd like to chat about your schema, let me know. Other than that, I'll toy with this plugin on my test server.
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    @oliverw92 your plugin is epic !:cool:! please continue in this way ;)
    I look forward to test all the new features (especially rollback).
    I made a few corrections on french.php. If anyone is interested...

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    Let me know how it goes!

    Think you are mis-reading something - x,y,z have always been separate integer fields. And in v1.1.0 i put an index across the 3 of them and then another across player, world and action:

    `data_id` int(11) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT,
    `date` varchar(255) NOT NULL,
    `player_id` int(11) NOT NULL,
    `action` int(11) NOT NULL,
    `world_id` varchar(255) NOT NULL,
    `x` double NOT NULL, `y` double NOT NULL, `z` double NOT NULL,
    `data` varchar(255) DEFAULT NULL,
    `plugin` varchar(255) DEFAULT 'DataLog',
    PRIMARY KEY (`data_id`), KEY `player_action_world` (`player_id`,`action`,`world_id`), KEY `x_y_z` (`x`,`y`,`z` )
    CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS `dl_worlds` (
    `world_id` int(11) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT,
    `world` varchar(255) NOT NULL,
    PRIMARY KEY (`world_id`), KEY `world` (`world`) ) ENGINE=MyISAM;
    CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS `dl_players` (
    `player_id` int(11) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT,
    `player` varchar(255) NOT NULL,
    PRIMARY KEY (`player_id`), KEY `player` (`player`) ) ENGINE=MyISAM;
    Ooo thankyou very much! I'll put the french.php in the next release :p I just used google translate and my rubbish knowledge of french lol :p
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    You have a bug in the latest webpage script.

    I put a players name into the filter click search it shows everyone the previous script worked fine filtering out players by there name.

    I have it set to filter by 1000 for testing and it shows the earliest 1000 entries. I think that should be the latest 1000 entries recorded to the logs as that's what you want to see not what occurred when you started logging with datalog.
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    I can't seem to replicate your player search issue. Please do the following:
    - Delete the entire interface folder
    - Download it again
    - Paste it in again

    I think you mean max-results intead of filter? I know how to fix that
  23. I think 1.10 has a major SQL issue.

    I just did a restart, and the only SQL change I made was new Datalog version.

    Within a few minutes, massive SQL error spam "too many connections".

    Testing now with Datalog disabled.

    Issue is gone, was indeed DataLog's bug.

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    If I type /dl rollbackhelp it doesnt give me anymore infe. It just brings back the datalog help.
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    Is this BigBrother replacement worthy yet? I do love the web layout though, much easier that navigating thru PhpMyAdmin :) High five for that! Also, does this, or will it eventually - be able to record chest item transfers? i.e. player X removed 2 iron ingots from chest. And when player X is rolled back, would restore 2 iron ingots to mentioned chest? :eek: This would win the game. Just sayin'

    Anyways, keep up the good work and keep us posted! :)
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    No SQLite support? :(
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    Can i see the exact errors please? And what do you mean the only SQL change you made was the new DataLog version?

    Lol my bad, forgot to put that in.

    Yup this can replace BigBrother entirely now! I am planning to add chest item transfer at some point, but it will require BukkitContrib to do that.

    Nope, SQLite isn't compatible with the web interface and is definitely not a suitable storage mechanism for millions of rows of data.
  28. This is 100% certain a DataLog issue, after I updated DL, I was getting spammed with SQL errors: "too many connections". This issue was immediately gone after removing DL.

    The only plugin I changed was DL. You made changes to your SQL layer, and are no longer closing the connections properly. Have seen this on plugins before...until fixed that is :p
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    I'm not doubting this is my issue, but I can't fix this until I can se what i asked for :)
  30. There's no trace to post. Any plugin that uses SQL, will start spamming random errors, when any plugin using SQL, does not close its connections properly.

    Just look what you changed from 1.0.2, SQL wise...there's the issue :/
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    'Spamming random errors'. Please post these errors.

    And sorry but 'just look at what you changed from 1.02' - yeah it's not as simple as that. I completely refactored the entire database connection system, it's completely different now.
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