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Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Michael Rhodes, Jan 18, 2011.

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    Michael Rhodes

    Hey all,

    Due to the minecraft.net outage today I decided to write a plugin to allow my members to login and still play.

    I had to make a small change to Craftbukkit to make this work. I made it so the players name can be changed.

    My compiled version can be downloaded from here http://tigerstudios.net/minecraft/plugins/craftbukkit.jar

    My plugin can be downloaded here:

    Setup a file called "logins.txt" in the folder where craffbukkit is.
    in that file put a line for each player like this
    When players log in to your server, they need to type
    /securelogin <playername> <password>
    Make sure your server is in offline mode, and also backup the player.dat files... Players will not have their inventory items. just restore them when minecraft.net comes back up and get players to login normally.

    Hope this helps you guys with your minecraft fix :)

    let me know if you have any issues or concerns.

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    Hello, don't want to sound rude or anything, since this is my first post here on these forums, and I am quite new to the server development for Minecraft, however I have seen a plugin called Authorize, how much different is this compared to that?

    Authorize forum post: http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/authorize-authcraft-like-plugin.610/

    From the post above I can understand, that this one uses a logins.txt file instead of auths.db, which is in Authorize plugin. as well as store format, where Authorize stores values in it as playername:encriptedpassword, this one stores it as playername=password, is it encrypted? and is there a way for players to change their password in case they want to?

    Edit: And is there a limit for stored passwords, since there were a limit cap for hmod server-side password plugins?
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    Michael Rhodes

    Hey Aeron .... I just put this together quickly to get my server up and running.. The plugin you linked here sounds good, and most likely better then mine.

    Like I said, it was just something to get my server up and running right away. My main plugin focus is on my rpg plugin...

    this does not store anything encrypted, and players cannot set a password yet. I can continue to write this plugin if there is an interest.

    In fact, for my server I will continue to write this... and just keep this post updated.

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    Might not want to make that sort of thing so well known.
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    Let us not resort to piracy to play the game okay. :) This in regards the the suggestion of spoofing the auth servers.
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    Michael Rhodes

    I completely agree with Selbram .... I do not want any talk of "spoofing names" on this topic please.

    To be honest, I am not happy with this plugin and if an admin wants, feel free to close, or delete this post. Just please let me know via message if you do.
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    I believe the method I described doesn't actually work for non-premium logins (or at least, not based on the configuration at the client end) - I think it allowed me to connect because my client uses my paid login, as well as the fact that it had already met the "go online at least once" prerequisite.. I had a non-premium friend unable to login at all (told him "bad login" when he tried) and I believe the cause of it was me messing with the scripts mentioned earlier. :)

    I switched it back to normal and it allowed him to login again.
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    very creative way of dealing with the outage earlier today. i simply changed my server.properties file to include the "verify-names=false" line, then changed it back to true after the site stabilized. unsecure, but it worked.
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    I had a LAN setup at the local university for a minecraft party, however due to their policies we weren't allowed to connect our LAN to theirs (To obtain internet access). So this caused a problem with verifying names and forced everyone to become "Player". Which then lead to only 2 users being able to play on the server at once. Would this plugin fix that issue so that other players can play on our server without us having to connect our lan to the uni's?
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    is there no simple way to say set a select people ip = login. I know it's no safe for shared internet but for me personally to get onto my own server 24/7 without fighting would be wonderful.
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    Martin ff

    link is dead :(
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    Michael Rhodes

    Sorry guys, I am no longer working on this, or supporting it. It was just a quicke hack for one of the times minecraft.net was down.

    It actually wasn't that great, and perhaps looking back "SecureLogin" wasn't a great name.

    I have been putting all my efforts into RPGCraft lately.


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