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    NetherBan V0.6.8
    Condemn your users to an eternity of suffering!
    Note: I am not stealing this plugin! Go to original thread, I'm picking it up during Walker's 7 week leave. All credit goes to @Walker Crouse! This thread was only made to make it easier for my to post updates. When Walker Crouse gets back posting will return to original thread.
    During @Walker Crouse 7 week leave he has asked me to maintain his netherban plugin for him. Original thread can be found here for more details.
    Download: [Jar] [Zip]
    What is NetherBan?
    • NetherBan is an alternitive method to banning/kicking a user, don't you ever wish there was something in the middle? when the user could not just come back in, but also not have to be banned for a possibly smaller action? This is the middle.
    • NetherBan allows you to banish players to, well, the netherworld of your choice, of course you can use any other world than the nether.
    • You can kick or ban to the netherworld, while banished you can not:
      • Build(If Configured!)
      • Destroy Blocks
      • Chat
      • Use Commands
      • Use Portals
    • Ban players to the Nether
    • Kick players to the Nether
    • White-list
    • Configurable
    • Blacklist items
    • Permissions support (not required)
    • Lightning strikes on banish (configurable)

    Click Me! :) (open)

    #NetherBan Config​
    #Sat Jun 25 12:45:38 EDT 2011​

    Permissions and Commands:
    Click Me Too! :) (open)

    netherban.nbban - Allow /nbban <player>
    netherban.nbkick - Allow /nbkick <player>
    netherban.nbunban - Allow /nbunban <player>
    netherban.whitelist - Allow /nbwl <player> || /nbwhitelist <player>
    /netherban <player> | Ban a player to the Nether!
    /nbunban <player> | Unban a player from the Nether!
    /nbwhitelist <player> | Whitelists a player and makes them safe from banishment!
    /nbhelp | Displays help menu
    /nbversion | Displays NetherBan version you have.

    • Players that are unbanned may not teleport back up to normal world. Trying to fix.
    • Private chat channels for the banned
    • Any suggestions?

    Version 0.6.8
    • Fixed bug where plugin could not retrieve the main path (85% guarantee)

    Version 0.6.3
    • Used the full path of the craftbukkit.jar to define base path to hopefullly finaly fix some Linux compatibility issues

    Show Spoiler
    Version 0.5.8
    • major bugfix - Fixed some compatibility issues with Linux systems. Thanks @CainFoool

    Version 0.5.72
    • Found source of IOException with file creation.
    Version 0.5.7
    • Bugfix - used @Juze recommendation to use .ymal for banished and whitelist, hopefully fixes bug.
    • Feature - World differentiation, seperate banished/yml for each world, meaning change the world name in the config file and then change it back later to have the same banned people. Same with inventories.
    Version 0.5.2
    • Bugfix - Finally got a hint on fixing the banished.txt only storing one player.
    • Bugfix - Removed bug cause by folder not being created before file
    Version 0.5.2
    • Bugfix (could not reproduce the bug, so hopefully) - Fixed banished.txt clearing automatically
    • Feature - Added "Banished-Have-no-Inventory" option in NetherBan.prop (Clear inventory on banish)
    • Feature - Added "Save-Inventory" option in NetherBan.prop (Save inventory on banish and load it again on un-banish)
    • Added saving and loading inventory
    • Added auto-updating config, no need to delete old one like previous updates
    Version 0.5.1

    • Bugfix - Fixed stupid bug where plugin had to be reloaded again after loading it (Thanks @tips48 )
    Version 0.5

    • Bugfix - Players can now be banished while offline
    • Bugfix - Checks on player login to see if a player is banned and makes sure they are in the Nether
    • Bugfix - Players can now be unbanished while offline
    • Feature - Added "Banish-on-Death" option in the NetherBan.prop
    • Feature - Added "Kick-on-Death" option in the NetherBan.prop
    • Added "Entities-Target-Banished" option in the NetherBan.prop
    Version 0.4.1

    • Bugfix - Made fallback for error when you don't configure the plugin correctly.
    Version 0.4

    • Bugfix - Whitelist command is back
    • Bugfix - Improved consistency
    • Feature - Lightning on banish (configurable)
    • Restructured code
    Version 0.3.1

    • Bugfix - Removed players can be banished while offline
    • Bugfix - Removed players can be whitelist while offline
    • Bugfix - Removed whitelist command
    Version 0.3

    • Feature - Added version command (/nbversion)
    • Feature - Added help menu (/nbhelp)
    • Bugfix - Players can now be banished while offline
    • Bugfix - Players can now be whitelisted while offline
    • Bugfix - Fixed adding yourself whitelist bans you
    Version 0.2

    • Bugfix - Fixed the plugin not liking when you banned people who where in the Nether already.
    • Feature - Added whitelist.
    • Bugfix - Chat errors
    • Feature - Added whitelist command (/nbwl || /nbwhitelist)
    • Feature - Added alias for /nbban (/netherban)
    • Bugfix - Fixed Permissions completely!
    Version 0.1.1

    • Bugfix - Added "Banished-Cant-Use-Commands" option in the NetherBan.prop file
    • Bugfix - Minor chat bug
    Version 0.1

    • Initial release!
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    Must I enable nether for this to work?
    What does kick on death mean? Does it mean if you die in the main world, you get kicked to the nether?
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    yes yes
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    unlike said above, you do NOT need nether enabled, as seeing bukkit has multiworld support, the nether is for allowing the use of obsidian portals, however this will still work with nether off.

    The second question yes, if on death is enabled you will be kicked to nether if you die. Don't ask me, I am just maintaining it, I have no idea why...

    Updated 0.6.8

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    CB 977 - Just thought I'd contribute this.
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    how is that null, the thing it's saying in null is instantly set, so it makes no sense. There is no way the path is null, it's completely impossible. This bug is like never going to be fixed because it shouldn't even exist, there is nothing in the plugin that is wrong that deals with line 64 and 63 it's simple blah = ""

    Ok, I have finally been able to get the same results, and I've fixed the error, now I'm just working on a bug that for some reason does not let you unban a player. Next update should work.

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    I feel that kick on daeth is a very useful thing
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    You say you fix stuff but the primary problem "NOT MAKING ANY FOLDER" is still there!
    Could you let help another plugin developer to fix your problem?

    EDIT: Wasn't supposed to look 'angry' or something, but the main problem should be fixed before thinking about minor stuff... :p
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    It makes the folder now Jensc, the reason it would not make the folder is because the plugin failed to load, not that the folder would not be made. As soon as I got rid of the null pointer exception everything file related worked. I'm still frying to fix a new bug however, which is the fact that when you type "/nb unban player" it shows the help every single time, even when the player is online. Sorry I did not meat your deadline, but I'm trying to get rid of some pretty big bugs before the next release. I say I fixed it, IT HASN'T BEEN RELEASED YET!!!!!, but the nupp pointer and file creation is FIXED, so now it's time to work on the "minor" things, which in this case is half the plugin isn't really minor, so goodness.
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    I'm still trying to fix this bug, I have finally fixed the error, but I'm not going to release it when 50% of the plugin is bugged for some reason.
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    Time you start to work together with another guy maybe? xD
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    unfortunatly yes, at this current time I only can be on for an hour a day, because I'm on my sisters computer, my computer is messed up somehow, it will not turn on most the tie, when it does it's only black creen, and my internet is not working, I have not been able to work for a few days.

    to anyone looking to take over, i'll point out the bug in the script. in the method I use to set the main path I use a non static method that sets a static property, I make a static string and in the onEnable set that string to this.getDataFolder(), then I edit all directories to work with that. That fixed the bug 10%, I will reupload the source code so far if needed.

    Ass for the banlist and whitelist, there are some errors, swich everything to .yml configurations and use the setProperty() and remove() methods to alter the files. hopefully someone else can get this to work, I almost had it before (I think they said my graphics card melted? something melted at least) the problem ocured, they said no information will be erased but my laptop is being shiped accross country to the manufactuer.

    I'm sorry for such the inconvenience. The cource last uploaded can be found at my github, I do have the source files on my sisters computer, but nothing to compile them with and etc, so I will upload the current files tommorow. As right now I'm not at my house and therefore not on my sisters computer.

    @SwearWord you can take over for a few days if you want until my compuer gets back, then i can work more on it again hopefully.
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    Uhmmm I will not be maintaining this.
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    @SwearWord ok, that's fine, I just thought I'd offer since you asked a while ago.
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    how do i get this to work?
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    can you make it so I can set a point for them to spawn in hell when they get Condemned,because i was going to make a prison in hell
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    If you change the spawn point of the Nether that is where the will be banished to.
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    yay, walker's back. my computer is still in the factory, hasn't even started to get shipped back yet.
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    This version doesn't work with [1060].

    But this does

    I will do an in-depth update later :)
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    This has been moved to inactive because the original author has picked up work on this plugin.

    The thread can be found here.
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    Thank you very much :)

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