[INACTIVE][ADMN/MECH/FUN/MISC] DropEdit v1.0 - Modify a block's drop when it's destroyed! [1337]

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    With this plugin, made by myself, you can receive a block as a drop from a destroyed one that isn't normally received, such as glass, leaves, stone, and glowstone, each being an individual jar file. There are will be configuration files, commands, but currently has just permissions nodes!

    Download Here:
    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
    **NOTICE: I apologize for the download being invalid, but I'm in the process of; a) moving all of my projects to DropBox, and b) currently in the development phase of expounding upon my original ideas. Please be patient! Thank you! :)

    Change Log:
    v 1.0 - Initial release

    - Receive a glowstone block in return for every glowstone block destroyed instead of glowstone dust
    - Receive a glass block in return for every glass block destroyed instead of nothing
    - Receive a leaf block in return for every leaf block destroyed instead of nothing
    - Compatible w/ my Spawnblock plugin collection!
    - Permissions nodes for all of them (op by default; ex. for a node: glowstone.drop)!

    Known Issues/Bugs:
    - When Stone Mode is enabled, whenever a player destroys a stone block, a cobblestone and stone block are returned
    - Leaf blocks look awkward, but that may just be Minecraft! :)
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    Everything looks good except
    • you're missing a valid version number in your title (ie. "[ADMIN/MECH/FUN/MISC] Undroppable Droppables v0.1 - Modify a block's drop when it's destroyed! [1337]"
    • MediaFire is discouraged
    • I recommend you create a page on dev.bukkit.org because plugins on plugins.bukkit.org will only show BukkitDev pages eventually
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    What would be a recommended file host for downloads other than MediaFire or MegaUpload?
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    Github or Dropbox is usually good

    EDIT: also ADMIN should be ADMN
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    Ok, I'll try DropBox!
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    When they break the block, do this:
    It will stop it from dropping the cobblestone because it sets the block to air (instead of breaking it) and drops the alternative block (because the original block was never actually broken.)
    public void onBlockBreak(BlockBreakEvent event) {
       Block b = event.getBlock();
       World w = event.getBlock().getWorld();
       if (b.getType() == Material.STONE) {
          w.dropItemNaturally(b.getLocation(), new ItemStack(Material.STONE, 1));
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    Thanks man! This really helps! Now I should be able to modify all of the blocks that had "buggy" drops! *I noticed that you simplified the Block and World statements; an efficient way of quick coding!
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    Are you gonna update this? Because I would totally use it. Thanks!
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    Me too, this is EXACTLY what I've been looking for! Would fix massive issues in my server. I especially love the permissions based system.
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    Ok! I'll try and have an official release available shortly!
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    Yay! Great :) This would definatly replace WorldGuard's block blacklist for me. I assume inputting a 0 would cause no drop?

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