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    BlockLogs - The extensive logging Plugin:
    Version: v1.2.4



    - Creates a Log file in /plugins/******Log/*****.logs
    - Stores information about the item/chest etc.
    - When it is created, when it is opened and who opened/interacted with it, and who
    destroyed it.

    Download for the plugin is at the bottom of the post.
    Source Code (Soon)

    Version 1.2.4
    • Added the ability to log all blocks in the world.
    • Added the ability to log furnaces and crafting benches.
    Version 1.2.1

    • Released Chestlogs
    Format of Log File -

    [24 Mar 2011, 18:24:07] Diamond Block was destroyed by iPhysX at (x--97, y--24, z--05)

    Breaking a Chest--


    Added --
    Furnace Logs
    Crafting Logs

    Cleaned up some code, it runs faster now.
    Shouldn't scan constantly, only when it needs to.

    Get the new jars attached above!

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    Nice work! :D
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    Thanks alot :D
    I had some help from Edward Hand,
    I've only just started this sort of thing, i just don't have any more ideas.. All the good ones have already been done, and there isn't really much i'm confident with at the moment (in terms of bukkit).
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    If you're looking for a plugin to code....here's a simple request that never got looked at. You'd get a [diamond] if you coded it :p
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    I'm going to look at this, it seems like a challenge!
    I'm not very good at the moment! But i'm up for giving it a go :D

    For the while, you could maybe ask the developer of SuperBow! Fire hits the block the arrow hits, etc. They will probably be able to do this easily.
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    amazing plugins! thanks you so much!
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    "Pointlessy catch people using your workbenches"

    I laughed my a** off for 5 minutes straight.
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    Thanks guys :D
    I will be adding more features, and maybe even a global block logger, which will log Dirt, cobble, wood, log, water and lava into a file.
    If you have any suggestions on how i can improve it, maybe you dont want messages coming up saying that chests are being logged, let me know!
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    Config file ftw maybe? Like...
    logging-msgs: on/off
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    I might just do that,
    I did it in separate .jars
    so you can choose what you want to monitor..
    I might merge into one .jar with a config file selecting what you want to monitor :)
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    Sweet! Maybe in the config have it so you can set it so only certain groups can see certain logs o.o
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    only admins can see the logs :D
    I could add permissions support, so only admins can see the messages
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    Ok guys!
    puyttre messaged me regarding this, and i have added a new 'expansion', to the plugin.
    This will log every block placed, destroyed, and interacted with.. The Location, and who did the action.
    It doesn't autput any annoying messages on the screen, nice and clean!
    So, go download it NOW :D
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    I also think you should add an option for Towny, so that it only logs blocks broken and placed inside of town limits. Seeing as Towny's permissions don't seem to be working at the moment. At least not for me.
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    this might be possible.
    However, i would probably do it in a separate .jar
    I'm not sure if Shade has released anything that would make this easier.
    I'll get to work on something like this tomorrow.
    Thanks for your suggestion!
    However, this should be a feature built into towny, am i wrong?
    If so, this may get fixed soon.
    I'll see.
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    (sry for my english gram.)
    iPhysX , chestlogs,furnacelogs have been created in BigBrother plugin already.
    I think , if i can watch what items they take from chest , plugin will more necessary and popluar.
    That was my opinion.
    Anyway,good job,well done. ^^
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    It's not possible at the moment to log what items have been taken or put into chests. ( i dont think ).
    I know bigbrother does the chests and , but i'm learning java(and bukkit) and this is what i used to learn the basics.
    Thanks for your opinion
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    And not everyone wishes the whole bigbrother package either.
    (I'm really bad in English :p (Obviously))
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    I will Amend These issues as soon as i get back to a computer.

    Amended :D

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    #Minecraft 1.4#
    I will be updating the plugins to work with the latest recommended build as soon as it is released!
    Thanks for your patience

    EDIT : Updated blocklogs for craftbukkit 617
    Grab it below the main post!
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    Can I see I source code for this? I've no idea how to log stuff into a file and I haven't seen a good source code to figure out how yet.
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    Sure ill get it up now :D

    Edit: its in the first post
    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
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    I just realised.
    Did you need .java rather than .class ;/
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    Yes, My 10 free trials of DJ De-complier are up. Have you ever put source code on Github? Makes it easier
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    I havent used github
    ill try it later :D
    For now ill get my REAL source on mediafire.
    Ill trade you for a like :)

    edit: its at the top!
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    Thanks, thats very helpful, I haven't used BufferedWrite or anything before.
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    Does it still say who interacted with an object? Like player opened chest?
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    I have not yet updated the chest logs, i will be getting straight on this in the next couple of hours and will post here when a new version is released :D

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