[INACTIVE][ADMN] mcMMO CleanUp v1.0 - Clear your world folders of mcmmo_data [1.3.2-R2.0]

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    mcMMO CleanUp - Clear your world folders of mcmmo_data
    Version: v1.0
    Download: Click here

    If you use ftp to delete files, deleting your mcmmo_data folder can take days. Not with this plugin! I tested on my server, which had about 2 million files, and it took only 10 seconds to delete the whole folder. Just do /mcmmodelete <worldname>, and the folder is magically gone!

    • Deletes the mcmmo_data folder, in mere seconds
    • supercleanup.deletefolder (this will change soon, I just forgot to update it when I changed the name of this plugin)
    • /mcmmodelete <worldname>
    Version 1.0
    • Release of this sexy plugin
    • Auto detect what world you are in
    • Change the permission node
    • Create a command alias
    • Add plugin metrics
    Please note:
    _Waffles_ gave me a bit of code to make this, so if you like this plugin, give some credit to him :)
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    Works great ;)
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    rm -rf /root/Minecraft/Plugins/McMMO/world/world
    I win
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    Exactly LOL. I guess this plugin is good for those that don't really know how to run their servers. FYI, You can also configure mcmmo so it does not make those folders.
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    Awh, come on guys.. He made a plugin, this plugin WILL in fact help at least some people.. There is no need to comment if you have nothing nice to say :3
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    Sorry I havn't been on to reply, my internet at home can't handle bukkit D:

    Anyways, Darky1126 I'm pretty sure that you can't do that when you are on a hosting provider like BeastNode, TheMinecraftHost, Avante, etc.

    Rytharr I know you can configure it not to, but they are there for a purpose, so I don't turn them off
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    Got any sort of PuTTY access and you can.
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    Why plugins authors can not disbale that ?
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    True. I don't understand it either, but I mean, I don't see the reason to do it if you're going to just use it for you and a few friends. (This is offtopic, but if you run McMMO, you shouldn't be on those hosts anyway, 'cause it's pretty intensive.)
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    What exactly is their purpose?
    I don't mind keeping them around but making back-ups with those are a pain.
    (I usually don't back the files up with the McMMO_data files anyways, just curious)
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    I really don't think that is possible
    Maybe ask the mcMMO dev's?

    I think its to prevent double drop duping
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    Unfortunately some people does not have SSH access to their servers. This plugin could be very handy for them.
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    I don't think running a server under root user is a good idea. Imagine typing rm -rf / and accidentally bumping <Enter> before finishing the path. :rolleyes:
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    I have no problem with it, I don't really care. If you have to, use the on-screen-keyboard. :p
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    md_5 could I get this approved?
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    I tried to use this just now i copied the permission exact and gave it to my self and used the command only to be told i don't have permission :/

    Edit you also need to update the plugin and make it accept the command from console currently it flips out and spits an error....

    Edit 2 You have failed to list the permission node in the plugin.yml....

    This is not the kind of plugin that should even have permissions or work from ingame its plain and simple deleting data files you should not even expose Ingame to the risk of that being miss used by a player should be console only.. and i know you can do that by limiting the command sender.

    Plugin only worked once i was an OP ...
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    1. Forgot to say in the main post that you have to have permission and be OP to use it
    2. You don't need the permission in the plugin.yml
    3. New version has the if (!(sender instanceof Player)){, I've just been to busy working for LCP and managing my own server to release it :/
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    1.4.2 came out , we are currently updating it. This plugin is for users who do not have ssh or putty access. Also for noobs to >_>
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    If no new forums plugin submissions are going to be approved, why not close this section?
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    Thanks for making this, it's very useful for me, and it could be very useful for people who work for hosting providers that don't have full server ssh access.
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    I don't think any more forums submissions are being accepted =/
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    Hey, iforgot290 can i have a copy of the source code? i would like to see if i can continue this plugin since it is so EPIC in what it does, and they had changed their code a bit on the mcmmo side.
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    I'll start updating this on bukkit dev soon, and I'll post sauce
    I've just been a bit busy with bosscraft's upcoming hardcore server
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    Soo... this one died, didnt it?

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