[INACTIVE][ADMN/GEN] Reporter v1.1 - Report rule breakers [803]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Adamki11s, May 13, 2011.

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    Thanks for the credit! :D I can't wait to try it!
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    :) i like this.
    Testing it out tomorrow
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    changelog has to show two last versions with no spoiler
    is the version range really needed?
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    Hmm, my players can't seem to use /report <name> <details>
    Why not? It says they have no permission.
    I have permissions installed.
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    yes what is the permissions node to submit reports.
  7. There is no permissions node to submit reports, everyone can submit reports unless you have banned them, I fixed a little issue that stopped people reporting properly, try now.
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    fregaPT I steal plugins as my own

    Nice plugin,
    I will try it out now :)
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    i tried it it makes my server crash after a short time
  10. How do you know it was my plugin. I'm guessing it was either your server or another plugin.
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    Hey Man no probs anytime. :)
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    fregaPT I steal plugins as my own

    Look at my post ..
    Thank you :)
  14. No problem ;)
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    hm i don't know maybe because it crashes just if this plugin is active
  16. Maybe your users are abusing /report
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    just one user was online and he doesn't know about the plugin
  18. Well I don't know what the cause is but it's not my plugin. I've had 10+ people online on a server with it and no crashes.
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    fregaPT I steal plugins as my own

    Hey there partner :)
    I am a plugin developer now :D
    I need to talk to you by pm's
    Send me one when you see this message :)
  20. Ahh awesome, send me a PM by all means but I need to go do some revision for my exams for about an hour so I'll check your message then :)
  21. in my server it says im banned from writing reports and i havent used the baning note plz help
  22. You've probably been given the reporter.banned node
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    Works <3
  24. i dont use permissions and i havent touched the note and no one knows about the plugin yet
  25. Well sorry you must be doing something wrong, I have tested this with and without permissions and it works perfectly for me.
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    Me too as you can see in my video
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    Freaking loving it.
    It's great!
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    almost every new plugin has this somewhere in the comments xD

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